Meet the lovely Manon!

It is Manon’s last week at Lexis Noosa, so we thought we would have a chat about her time here and see what she is up to next 🙂

“Hello, my name is Manon and I come from Montreux, Switzerland.

I am studying a total of 6 months in Australia, now I am in Lexis Noosa for 3 months and after I will move to Sydney for the remaining 3 months. I am currently in an upper-intermediate class and both of my teachers; Dionne and Eileen are fantastic and have been supportive during my course. I choose to study in Noosa because it seemed to be a really nice place, with a beautiful ocean and lots of nature. At first I thought I would stay in Sydney the entire 6 months, but I am glad I choose to try something different and experience Australian culture in a smaller location first. I first saw Noosa in a brochure at my agencies office and their staff then advised me of the location, as they have personally experienced Noosa and recommended it to me. I am very happy with my course structure and think it is perfect for me and I have really improved my speaking and vocabulary. Sometimes the lessons have been quite easy for me, but it is also good to revise the basics that I already learnt in my home country.

I am living in homestay accommodation and am very happy. My homestay family is approximately a 5 minute walk to the school, which is nice. At first, I was surprised by some cultural differences, but now that my family and I have gotten to know each other, those differences are not so obvious anymore. There are a lot of activities to do in Noosa if you enjoy the outdoors. During my time here I have enjoyed BBQ’s, national park walks, lots of outdoor activities, but especially surfing.  I will take home many wonderful memories and have met a lot of friends both international and Australian, I love the Aussie accent! I think Noosa offers a sunny life and everyone is very open, warm and friendly. People in Australia seem genuinely interested in meeting different cultures, which is nice. After my courses, I hope to travel part of Australia with some friends and maybe hire a van; I would really like to see Alice Springs. My main purpose in achieving an English qualification is so I can travel most places and be able to communicate. I think it is important to be bilingual and with English you can use it mostly everywhere. My goal is to study medicine and I hope to use my English to volunteer in a program, such as Doctors without borders. Thank you to everyone who helped with my Australian journey!”


Thanks Manon and we wish you all the very best….


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