Friendly Soccer Match

It was our last soccer match today with our lovely Saudi boys. They have made the Noosa Lexis Soccer team what it is today and will be sadly missed. I also must say the our new soccer shirts look and feel great!



We did have our last game together along with Antonio, Davide, David and Alessandro where we played half field with five a side. Well done to Antonio, Davide, Alessandro and Ibrahem for winning the friendly match!



I must make mention and award some of the Saudi players, not only their efforts today but their overall contributions to Noosa Lexis Soccer Team. 

Best Player Award- Saad Mohammed

Best and Fairest and the All-Rounder award- Saad Aldosari 

Best new Upcoming Player- Ibrahem Al Tamimi

Most Aggressive- Saleh Sallooh

Thanks guys! You will be missed!! 🙂 🙂


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