Students Choice Activity- Blinded tasting

Today the students had the opportunity to choose their own activity with the majority of interest going towards a blinded tasting. The students were given pirate eye patches to eliminate the sight before the smell and tasting of different items.

We started with some spices- cumin, curry powder and nutmeg, all of which were quiet difficult to tell apart. Then we got to the tasting, where some of the items were delicious, while others were not appealing to the French and Swiss students, such as Vegemite. We also included some cheese, nutella, mango frozen yoghurt, and wagon wheels just to name a few.




The second round of blinded tasting had the Saudi Arabian boys and teachers Arlene and Annette join in on the fun. Well done to Arlene for her great scenes and winning a bottle of wine, however we all just look like a bunch of drunken pirates 😉


Great choice of activity students! WE will definitely do this one again!

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