MasterChef Noosa Style

MasterChef is a competitive cooking show that originated in the UK in the 1990. Today, we have brought the MasterChef concept into the Lexis Noosa School. Students were able to form there team of 4-5 individuals to take part in today’s competition. Students had the choice of 7 core ingredients and unlimited herbs and spices, and had 30 minutes to prepare, cook and serve their dished to the judges. 



The three dishes the students created includes; A Spanish rice dish, A veggie patty Asian style sandwich, and a slow cooked chicken and veggies with jus. And the end result look delicious!


The four judges (Teacher David, Nat, Anj and student Abraham) had a chance to taste all the dishes and decide on their favourite.


Then the students had a chance to try all the different dishes and discover the competition they were up against. 


Even though all the dishes were fantastic, in the end there can only be one winner. The runner up prize, who received a free coffee voucher each, was… The Veggie Patty Asian Style Sandwich!


Well done Eunmi, Bora, Mina, and Jeong!!

So the winner of MasterChef Noosa was…… The Spanish Rice Dish!


Well done to Niko, Dani, Carlos and Miquel, I hope you guys enjoy your Christmas hamper 🙂 🙂

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