Surfing North Side Noosa

Waves were dismal this afternoon at Noosa Main beach, so we decided to head up north side of the break wall to have a go on some banks further up the beach. 

Firstly, we went through some surf safety, so the students could understand and identify a rip, what to do if they get stuck in a rip (swim parallel to shore and not against the rip) and identify different banks and channels. After the surf awareness brief, the students had an introduction on the sand on how to paddle on a board, where to lie when paddling for a wave, and how to get up and stand whilst on a wave. Once we went through the theory session, the eager surfers were keen to hit the water to catch some waves. Image

Although the condition were not ideal, some of the students still managed to catch some waves, while others had some great wipe outs. Daniel even showed us how to do switch stance on the surfboard. 



 All the body boarders did well to catch some waves and are ready to step it up with a surfing lesson next time round. 


Everybody had a great afternoon and worked well as a team helping each other to stand up and surf!!!



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