Students balance study & work!

Meet Stanislava, who is studying and working in Noosa 🙂

“Hello my name is Stanka and I am from a town called Zilina in Slovakia.

I am studying General English at an Intermediate level and then after 4 weeks holiday, I will start an 11 week Cambridge English course, which makes me happy. I decided to study at Lexis Noosa because it is not such a big city and the school offers a really nice beach side location. I also had a consultation with an agency in Slovakia and they recommended this location. I am happy and think it was definitely the best choice for me. My class is perfect and I have a great teacher named Annette, her explanations are very easy to understand. The school is very nice, has a good, open space and courtyard. I feel very comfortable and happy at this school.

At the moment I am living in a share house, which is ten minutes walking distance to the school. I have also found a job and I am very happy so far. I am working as a waitress and kitchen hand at a very nice country / golf club called ‘Noosa Springs’. I work around 4 days per week and it is close to my accommodation and the school, which is nice. I also like working as I think this is a great opportunity to learn English out of a classroom. Everyone is always speaking English and I need to understand what they are saying and listen to instructions. I have also met an Australian girl who was hired at the same time as me and has invited me to dinner, so I hope to make many friends while I am in Australia.

When I finish my course, my plan is to travel around Australia before I return home. I am sure I will take back many nice memories but also invaluable work experience through my job opportunity and hopefully a Cambridge English qualification.”

Stanka, 1

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