Charlotte shares her story!

When arriving into a new country, at first sometimes students can feel very far from home and experience culture shock. Charlotte went through some of these feelings but never gave up and ended up having  a great time. Read about her experience below…

“I arrived in Australia on Sunday 15 September after a long, long, flight. I took three flights. I was very exhausted, so exhausted that I cried at the airport when I waited for the bus to go to Noosa.

On the Monday I went to Lexis and felt very lost and anxious. I was biting my nails. My homestay mother was with me and showed me the shops and the area. I think having the test the first day is a good idea, also the interview.  After school I walked with a new friend and fell over and had to have crutches and then I got a cold. It was hot outside. It was not a good first week. I was lucky to have a wonderful homestay family. When I fell the mother looked after me.

In the second week and went and saw Becky. My boyfriend wanted me to return to Belguim. My family understood that it was difficult for me to be here because it was the first time that I travelled so far alone. Becky listened to me and told me to think more carefully because it was a big opportunity. Day after day it was better. I met new friends and I had a good teacher who was patient and caring. My English improved and I was happy.

In the evenings I went to the bars with my friends. I went to Australia Zoo and Fraser Island. Fraser Island was a really wonderful experience. It was a special weekend on a beautiful Island. During this weekend I burnt my nose, Becky laughed at my red nose when I returned.

Now it is my last week after two and a half months. I started in pre-intermediate and I will finish in intermediate and I am able to write a text with an introduction, a number of paragraphs and a conclusion. I now think in English and when I listen to French music I translate the lyrics into English.

Next week I am travelling to Brisbane for two days and then I will go to Sydney. I will have my birthday in Sydney alone. I will be 20 years old.

It was a wonderful experience. I am proud of myself because I have good English now and I can speak without problems. If someone talks to me I can answer this person. I am glad I stayed to the end of my study and I didn’t give up!”

Well done Charlotte and good luck with your trip 🙂






Pictured: Charlotte bringing our Academic and Campus Manager, Becky her daily morning coffee.

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