Meet your classmates!

Meet Sachi who is studying at our Noosa campus for 10 months. Sachi is a qualified Nurse in Japan and her goal is to one day work as a Nurse in Australia.

“Hello, my name is Sachi and I am from Yamagata in Japan. This is my 4th time to Australia and I am studying at Lexis English at the Noosa campus for 10 months in total and have completed 6 months already. I started my General English course at elementary level and now I am in the upper-intermediate class. I choose Noosa because my city in Japan is in the countryside and I didn’t want to study in a big city, or busy place. My agency in Japan introduced Noosa to me and I was very happy with this suggestion. I am very glad I decided to study in Noosa because the school is not too big and it is easier to talk to other students and make good friends. I love my teachers; they are very helpful and kind. I always feel comfortable to speak to them if I have a question. I am living in a share house now with both Australian and International people and it is a 15 minute walk to school. At first I lived with a homestay family for 8 weeks and had a good experience. I am still in contact with my host family and they are very nice to me. I am also working as a kitchen hand at a restaurant and I love my job. My boss is helpful, funny and nice and even told me I can bring my textbook to work and they will help me with my English. I have been working here for 3 months now and my friend passed this job to me. I work 3 hour shifts and this suits me with my study schedule and also gives me time to relax when I can. When I finish my English course I will go back to Japan but I want to return to Australia and study a nursing course here.”










Good luck Sachi, we think any patient would be lucky to have you care for them 🙂

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