Aussie Seafood BBQ For Cambridge Proficiency Class

Tim’s CPE class were able to experience part of Australian Culture by catching Pippies and cooking them on the BBQ. Of course, being the proficiency level they were given the task; ‘Debate the value of excursions on Learning’. .

” Whether excursions, such as our seafood BBQ, have a positive influence on your English skills is questionable. However, you shouldn’t estimate the social point of view, or on a larger scale the cultural aspect. Thanks to Tim we were able to get a glimpse into Australian BBQ culture. He showed us how to “catch”  and grill shellfish. Its my belief that this knowledge might be useful, for example, while travelling. Last Thursday’s excursion was, without a doubt, for the whole class a great experience with a lot of fun” Lars

“Excursions can be highly beneficial for your learning purely and simply because such activity promotes the motivation of a class. The social interaction outside of the classroom has a positive impact on working, and learning in the class. ” Steve


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