An Unsual Pet – Inspiring Students to Write

Teacher Dionne always has original ideas for the classroom. This week her students adopted a pet rock to inspire creative writing. Activities during the week included a rock diary, rock art and of course rock music.  I wish I could share all the wonderful essays that the class wrote but I have to choose the best. Here it is. Enjoy!

A Week With Sunny, My Pet Rock, by Sabrina Fuhrer

 Pet Rock
Last Monday, we made our own Pet rock called Sunny. My Pet rock became friends with Pierre and Lucy even before they got their styling.

Sunny is very glittery with two feathers on his head. When he smiles you can see his only tooth. He has two wonderful red eyes. Unfortunately he lost one eye on Tuesday on the way to school. He came to school with me every day. In my option class, he helped me to get the answers for an exercise.

On the weekend we went to Fraser Island. Actually I smuggled him to the Island because pets aren’t allowed on Fraser. We had a lot of fun. On Saturday we went to Lake Wabby, where I had a swim. Sunny never came into the water. He’s afraid that he’ll lose another eye. On the next day he got sick from the long drive, so didn’t really enjoy this journey. Although he really enjoyed, as much as possible, Indian Heads. We saw many turtles there. Sunny is very interested in history like me, so his favourite spot was the Mahino Shipwreck.

On Monday, the last day of our trip, we went to Lake McKenzie, where we had a swim and a peeling. At Central Station we had a look at the rainforest and we heard and saw dingoes. He was very afraid and nervous because of them. Before we left the Island we went back to our camp. Near the camp I let him go. It almost broke my heart but I can’t take him to Switzerland and I showed him how to get food and where he can sleep. I chose this place because K’Gari is the Aboriginal name of the Island which means “Paradise” which I think is true. So he lives now in Paradise!

Thank you so much Sabrina. 🙂







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