Looking for koalas

The students were wondering around the National Park in Noosa on the look out for Koalas on Monday. They walked through the Tanglewood track as we were told one was spotted there on Sunday afternoon.



Although they did not see any, they did have a nice time walking around and taking photos of tea tree bay and the other lovely view spots.


We Love Halloween

The students are enjoying Halloween Lexis style and looking forward to the BIG party tonight. The teachers have enjoyed amusing the students this morning with their costumes.

IMG_1625 IMG_1628 IMG_1627 IMG_1626  Michelle and her FCE class








Fiona trying to scare her intermediate class





Sarah’s intermediate students trying to scare her





Eileen having the devil of a time with her FCE students

Meet Katya

Katia Leite de Araujo arrived in Australia last April with her husband Marcel and daughter Bruna. They had made the decision to leave good jobs and a comfortable lifestyle in Brazil to give themselves and more importantly their daughter the opportunity to attain fluency in English.

Katia and Senior Teacher AnnetteKatia and Senior teacher Annette

When Katia arrived she could not communicate in English at all. Husband Marcel studied by day and  worked hard at night in the local restaurants. Daughter Bruna attended Sunshine Beach Primary school.In a short space of time Bruna had Australian friends and was chatting in English. Marcel took pride in seeing the progress that his family were making and knowing that his sacrifice was worthwhile. Katia is leaving with good English and says that the experience has been wonderful.  It was sad to say goodbye to this wonderful family and we wish them every joy in the future.

Welcome NEW Students

A big welcome to the new students who have arrived today! I hope you enjoy your time here in Noosa!!!


From left to right;

Back Row: Rosa (Switzerland), Anita (Switzerland), Andrea (Switzerland), Nadine (Switzerland), Oussama (Belgium), Martin (Belgium), YoonSeok (Korea), Si-Hyun (Korea), Maxence (Belgium)

Front Row: Armin (Switzerland), Katrin (Switzerland), Szu-Ying (Taiwan), Kim (Switzerland), Laure (France), Miriam (Switzerland), Elias (Switzerland), Lucie (Switzerland)


Intermediate Classes Give Presentations

Our intermediate level classes joined together this morning to listen to student presentations.  Nathalie and Janine gave a wonderful talk on Switzerland and Cho entertained everyone with his talk on Korea.

IMG_1590 IMG_1591

Giving a presentation to your friends and teachers is a wonderful way increase confidence in using English. It helps you remember vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and improves fluency.  Listening to others improves your listening skills.

Everyone enjoyed learning about other countries, other cultures and other languages. Thank you to all the students who gave the talks and to teachers Annette, Fiona and Sarah for preparing the students so well.

Friday afternoon Yoga :)

Today’s class focused on a different type of yoga practice called Vinyasa Flow. This style of yoga is a smooth way that the poses of yoga run together and is synchronized with the breathe creating a lovely movement of dance. With some funky music by the Strides playing, it was a really great way to begin the weekend!