Trivia @ Shades

Shades was buzzing last night with our first official trivia night!!!! WHOOOOOO!!Image

The students formed into teams and had a chance to grab some drinks, have a chat and a bite to eat before the trivia.



After the rules were explained, and anyone caught with a phone would be disqualified, the ‘How well do you know Australia” trivia began



There were a few tricky question in the mix, but most students should now be aware that ‘budgie smugglers’ are not drug traffickers and that Liz Hurley was dating Shane Warne, or as one of the students put it ‘ the guy with fake hair and botox’ 😉


Congratulations to the following 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners;

3rd Place- Team Franky- the group won free coffee each from Zarraffas.

2nd Place- Team Whoop Whoop- the group won a lovely bottle of french chardonnay

1st Place- Team Double D’s– the group won a volley ball, box of chocolates and a lovely bottle of organic red wine.



🙂 🙂


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