Frankie…our Soccer Captain and Spanish Sports Journalist!

Frankie has scored himself his dream job while here in Noosa.  Frankie is extremely passionate about his soccer, so he started writing his own blog on soccer games. A sport journalist from a popular Spanish newspaper ‘AS’ came across Frankie’s blog and really liked what he saw. ” I got this phone call one day, and this man told me he was a journalist from a Spanish newspaper, and he enjoyed reading my blog and he wanted me to write for him. At first i didn’t believe him, i thought it was someone playing a practical joke” told Frankie. When he finally realised this was no fake call he was over the moon. “I am now a sport journalist for AS Spanish newspaper. I write in Italian, French and Spanish and am continuing to practice my English at Lexis Noosa so i can write sports articles in English too”. 

Great work Frankie, we wish you all the best in your learning English journey, and are proud to have you as our school Soccer Captain!


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