Table Tennis Championships

Congratulation to Tiago, the new Lexis Noosa Table Tennis Champion! He didn’t win that crown easily, he had to fight our soccer captain (Frankie) off in the finals!


Well done to our two runner’s up Ayako and Roy i hope you enjoyed your free coffee from Zarafa’s. Good job Frankie for making it to the finals, however, i want to see a better performance from you on the field against Maroochydore next week!



Australia’s Best Dishwasher

He calls himself Australia’s best dishwasher….this student knows a thing or two about washing dishes. Not only does he get the best results, his fast too! He is wanted in all restaurants around Noosa. His already worked in a few since coming to Noosa: Noosa SLSC, Montezuma’s, and Samba Grill, but has currently been captured by the Italian boys at Fratalinni’s in Sunshine Beach. Ladies, if your too busy to wash your dishes and you don’t have a dishwasher, you know who to call!Image

Welcome NEW Students

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today! I hope you all enjoy your stay here in Noosa 🙂


From left to right:

Back Row: Ken (Switzerland), Marcos (Brazil), Manuel (Germany), Luca (Italy), Sascha (Switzerland), Jeremia (Switzerland), Julien (Switzerland), Jun Young (Korea), Jaroslava (Czech Republic), Laure (Belgium), Anne (Switzerland)

Front Row:Carlos (Spain), EunJung (Korea), Stephanie (Switzerland), Nadine (Switzerland), Alessandro (Italy), Cyrielle (Belgium), Mika (Japan), Jenny (Switzerland)

Studying, working and living the life in Noosa….meet Katia and her family!

Meet Katia who is currently studying at Lexis Noosa and living here with her Husband Marcelo and their daughter Bruna….

“Hello, my name is Katia and I am from Brazil and I have studied at Lexis Noosa for 5 months and am very happy!

I started my course as a complete beginner but now I am in the Intermediate class. The teachers here are very good and I have learnt a lot in all my classes and found them very useful in learning English.

I am here in Noosa with my Husband Marcelo and also our daughter Bruna. Marcelo is working as a kitchen hand at a beachside restaurant in Hastings Street and my daughter Bruna is attending the local primary school at Sunshine Beach.  Bruna is doing very well at school, enjoys her class and has made a lot of friends here in Australia. The school experience has really improved Bruna’s English and she knows more than me! We live in an apartment at Sunshine Beach, which is great because it is close to the beach and both Lexis English and Sunshine Beach State School. We have made a great life together in Noosa and it will be hard to leave. It is a beautiful place with very friendly people. I would of course recommend the school and location to other students and want to thank everyone here for my learning experience.”


Friday Yoga- relax and unwind

There is no better way to spend a Friday afternoon than to relax and unwind with some yoga 🙂 

With some pranayama followed by an asana routine, i think the students enjoyed the Savasana the most!





What a great way to start the weekend 🙂 🙂

Frankie…our Soccer Captain and Spanish Sports Journalist!

Frankie has scored himself his dream job while here in Noosa.  Frankie is extremely passionate about his soccer, so he started writing his own blog on soccer games. A sport journalist from a popular Spanish newspaper ‘AS’ came across Frankie’s blog and really liked what he saw. ” I got this phone call one day, and this man told me he was a journalist from a Spanish newspaper, and he enjoyed reading my blog and he wanted me to write for him. At first i didn’t believe him, i thought it was someone playing a practical joke” told Frankie. When he finally realised this was no fake call he was over the moon. “I am now a sport journalist for AS Spanish newspaper. I write in Italian, French and Spanish and am continuing to practice my English at Lexis Noosa so i can write sports articles in English too”. 

Great work Frankie, we wish you all the best in your learning English journey, and are proud to have you as our school Soccer Captain!


Trivia @ Shades

Shades was buzzing last night with our first official trivia night!!!! WHOOOOOO!!Image

The students formed into teams and had a chance to grab some drinks, have a chat and a bite to eat before the trivia.



After the rules were explained, and anyone caught with a phone would be disqualified, the ‘How well do you know Australia” trivia began



There were a few tricky question in the mix, but most students should now be aware that ‘budgie smugglers’ are not drug traffickers and that Liz Hurley was dating Shane Warne, or as one of the students put it ‘ the guy with fake hair and botox’ 😉


Congratulations to the following 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners;

3rd Place- Team Franky- the group won free coffee each from Zarraffas.

2nd Place- Team Whoop Whoop- the group won a lovely bottle of french chardonnay

1st Place- Team Double D’s– the group won a volley ball, box of chocolates and a lovely bottle of organic red wine.



🙂 🙂