Rugby Girl!!

We have a beautiful girl from Mexico at Lexis English Noosa, Daniela, and we couldn’t believe it when she told us she played Rugby Union for Mexico! She is only small, especially next to David, but she is a tough girl to be playing this hard hitting contact sport! We interview her to get the story behind what got her involved in this dangerous sport.Image

How long have you played Rugby Union for?

I played for 1 year about 2 years ago.

What made you get involved with this sport?

One day I saw some girls practicing and I was unfamiliar with this sport at the time, but I liked the look of it so I thought I would give it a go. I started at school level, and I was seen as a really good player, and then got selected at regional level, then I grabbed the attention of some scouts and was selected to play for my country, Mexico.

What position do you play?


Do you have any scary stories from playing rugby?

Yes. We were playing against Harvard USA, and there was this rather large girl in their team, she came in for a tackle while I had the ball, she knocked me hard to the ground and when she got up she stepped on my face with her spikey shoes and cut the whole side of my face!

Thank you Daniela for sharing your story!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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