Minute to Win It!!

The common room was organised into different stalls of Minute to Win It games. The first game was ‘Ping Pong in a cup’ which some found challenging while others completed it at ease. Congratulation to the winners of that round. 


The second game was ‘Defying Gravity’. The students had one minute to keep three balloons off the ground. This was a difficult challenge for most student with only one student, David, keeping all the balloons off the ground with ease for one minute! Phil, even came past and had a try of the challenge, but unfortunately could only keep the balloons off the ground for ten seconds. Good try anyway Phil!Image

The third game was ‘Oreo on the face’. The minute to win it challenge had students placing a Oreo on their forehead, and having to use their face muscles only and wiggle that Oreo into their mouths. Most were successful at this challenge, and all were happy to eat their Oreo’s afterwards.Image

The final game was Breakfast Puzzle. Students had a minute to organise the pieces of a cornflakes box into their right order to win the prize. This was a lot harder than what it looked. 


Thank you to all that joined the minute to win it challenge, I hope you all had fun!! 🙂 🙂 

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