Live in Nanny Wanted

Japanese and Australian family living in Tawantin, seeking a female student who can help with the household duties and looking after our lovely  1 year old twins in exchange for free accommodation and 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) a day. Need help approx. 2-3 hours (4-6pm) Mon-Fri, 5 hours on Wednesday. Total hours are 15 hours/week. Must be a Non Smoker. The is close to outlook shopping center and bus stop. Please Contact Akiko; 0421 156 496 or

Pranayama and meditation

A few students gathered in rm 10 today for a lovely and relaxing pranayama and meditation session. We worked through some breath awareness using Sum Vritti (equal breathing) to begin the practice. We followed with Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) which enabled our bodies to be gently guided into Dhyana (meditation). With a good hour of pranayama and mediation followed by a warm cup of green tea, the students left the room experiencing some of the qualities of an enlightened state of being. Image

Welcome NEW students!!

Welcome to the new students who arrived today at the college!! I hope you all have a wonderful time here in Noosa 🙂 🙂


From Left to right: Ji Hyun (Korea), Thibault (France), Pin Chun (Taiwan), Hsiang An (Taiwan), Sabrina (Switzerland), Mao (Japan), Ying Chien (Taiwan)

Christmas in July Party

With some milder weather around it was a great time to celebrate Christmas just as the European’s do… but in our winter. The students gathered at Shades Wine Bar, for our Christmas in July party. ImageThey all received a free glass of champagne on arrival and grabbed themselves some yummy Christmas food. Image Brianna organised ‘guess that Christmas Movie’ game where photos were placed on the wall of different Christmas movies. Congratulations to Jin and Choi who won the competition. What a fun night for all 🙂 🙂Image

Cambridge Computer Based Testing at Lexis

Our Cambridge First Certificate classes had a trial run at the FCE computer based exam today.


Cambridge teachers Phil and Sonia spent a happy training afternoon with their classes in the Cambridge Computer Suite.  Good luck everyone with your exams on August 10th.

Have you ever heard of unicycle hockey?

Christian Peir can tell you all about it, he plays unicycle hockey in Switzerland.

Christian brought his unicycle into school today to demonstrate his skills and entertain his classmates ~ thanks Christian!



Anj’s Curry Making Class

Anj’s amazing curry recipe has been a hidden secret for years! As my ancestors have travelled through Asia, each adding a secret ingredient each time, this recipe has been making for generations. Today, we revealed the secret recipe that is known as ‘the best curry in Noosa” some even say “best in Queensland”. The students had a chance to make the curry paste from scratch, adding in ‘secret ingredients’ and also chicken and veggies to create the master piece.

Image Finally the students were able to discover what the Noosa residences have been talking about….Anj’s famous Chicken Penang Curry! Delicious!

While the curry was on the stove cooking to perfection, the students took part in a charades battle!Image

The end result curry was worth the wait. All the students sat and enjoyed eating their curry with plenty of moans and groans indicating the truth about the curry… Proved to be the best in Noosa!Image

Table Tennis Competition

Today’s table tennis activity was in full swing with some great talent currently floating around the school. With the knockout round robin, the students were eliminated one by one with the final four best left standing.They consisted of Leo, Jin, Stephano, and Tuyoshi.


 Jin showed a consistence performance throughout, but was eliminated by the late arrival of Table Tennis Guru, Leo. After Stephano fell short against Tuyoshi, it left the two big guns to have the match out against one another. With a great performance by both and  a nail biting finish, Tuyoshi came through with the win, winning a voucher for Pardons Fruit Shop. Well done to all that took part!Image

Welcome NEW students

A big welcome to the new students who arrived at the college today!!! I hope you all enjoy your time here in beautiful Noosa 🙂 🙂Image

Back Row: Thomas (France), Niklas (Germany), Anna Iris (Spain), Ai (Japan)

Front Row: Miiku (Japan), Yurina (Japan), Naoko (Japan), Anna (Japan), Phaphorn (Thailand), Reo (Japan)

Aussie Beer Tasting

The students gathered in the courtyard today for a Friday afternoon of Australian Beer tasting. We had four different types of Beer on offer from all different states around Australia including; Queensland (Burleigh Heads, The Duke), NSW (Murry’s Co-Whales Ale),  Western Australia (Little Creatures Pale Ale) and Tasmania (James Boags). We also played Beer Trivia where students had to guess some different labels and origins of Beers around the world. Well done to the winner! What a great way to start the weekend!!!Image


Pizza Making at Pizza Capers

Today, the students had the opportunity to make their own pizzas from scratch at Pizza Capers in Noosa Junction. They were all given hair nets and gloves and measured out their pizza dough on the scales before placing it in a pressing machine and smoothed them out into the basing trays.Image Once in the trays the students were allowed to choose their favourite pizza, and began making them using the ingredients lists provided. Once the pizzas were covered in their favourite topping they were placed in the large commercial ovens where they were cooked to perfection. ImageOnce finished, the students sliced up their own pizzas and sat down and enjoyed the delicious creations they made. Image

Job Vacancies

Resort Staff- Outrigger Noosa

Apply online-

Room Attendants – Noosa
Located in the heart of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in the tranquil surroundings of Noosa Heads, the stylish and contemporary RACV Noosa Resort offers RACV members and guests 157 guest rooms including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and Precinct villas.
Opportunities have become available within our Housekeeping team. We are currently seeking friendly, enthusiastic and hardworking individuals as Room Attendants to help maintain our 5-star accommodation rooms and public areas on a casual basis. 
Availability over school holiday periods is essential along with weekends. These positions work across a 7-day roster.
Included in your daily activities is an array of housekeeping duties throughout the guest rooms to achieve a superior standard.  You will be cleaning the bathroom, making beds, vacuuming the floor, dusting, as well as replenishing all amenities and mini-bar in a timely manner.  Some public cleaning may also be required from time to time. Strong organisation skills are vital, as well as your energy and positive attitude within the team.
If you would like to join a friendly hardworking team at our resort, please submit your application today!
A criminal history check will be conducted on applicants subject to current legislation.
Applications close at 5pm on Monday 22 July 2013.
Little Cove Coffee Co. has a passion for coffee excellence, high quality food and friendly service. We roast, sell and export our own coffee and showcase our coffee in our onsite Café.

We are looking for an experienced Barista to join our fun dynamic team. The ability to make delicious coffee, work as a team in a high volume environment and being able to develop a rapport with customers, is of most importance. The role is for Casual/Part-time including some weekend work.

To be considered for this role you will need the following skills and experience:
• Previous experience in a Barista role for a fast moving café or restaurant.
• A passion for coffee excellence.
• The ability to make quick, high quality coffees under pressure with a smile.
• Reliable, well presented and team player.
• Ability to take initiative and make smart decisions.
• Outstanding customer service skills with the ability to build customer relationships.
• Highly motivated, strong work ethic and attention to detail.
• Knowledge of Food service and maintenance (food safety procedures).

Only those with the Legal right to work in Australia and who will be available for a face to face interview should apply.

If you are interested in the role and have the required experience then please send your updated CV to Justin Warrick at


Christmas in July !!!

Christmas in July is now a tradition all over the world and because July in Australia is also our winter season, the cold weather makes this a good time to cook up a yummy Christmas puddings and warmed spiced wine. So today was Lexis Noosa’s Christmas in July celebration with Christmas carols, cooking and charades.

ImageThe students followed the recipes given for their pudding and mulled wine and once the puddings were placed in the fridge to set and the mulled wine was simmering on the stove, a game of charades was underway. ImageImage

After some great laughs with our game of charades, the students were able to sit and chat while enjoying their warmed spiced wine and Christmas puddings 🙂 🙂Image

Welcome New Students


Welcome New Students

A big welcome to the new students who started today at Lexis English in Noosa! We have a large multicultural mix this week with students arriving from Korea, Spain, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, Germany and Japan! I hope you all enjoy your stay here in Noosa

Friday afternoon Yoga

The students who attended the Friday yoga session will start their weekend in a more relaxed state.Image

The nice gentle session with some Tibetan mediation music, allowed the students to calm their minds and reconnect to their bodies using breath awareness. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Namasta 🙂Image

Birthday Girl

Cambridge teacher Phil Egan surprised his student Mira Hauer today with a birthday cake complete with seventeen candles.


Myra's birthdayMira, from Germany is studying Cambridge First which she will take on her return to Germany. Her classmates, from Spain, Korea, Switzerland and Japan, will take the Computer Based Cambridge First Certificate Test here at Lexis Noosa on August 10th. Happy birthday Mira and good luck to all the candidates.

World Trivia @ Student Uni Travel

What a great afternoon to have some snacks and test your knowledge in the monthly trivia at Student Uni Travel! The geography based questions, tested the students knowledge about people and places around the globe.Image

Thank you for to all the students that took part. Congratulations to 3rd place (Choi) who received a box of Rafaello’s, 2nd place (Jessie) who scored a lovely bottle of sparkling wine and to the winner (Lauren) who received a paddle board session for two in Noosa!Image

What do you have planned after your studies at Lexis English?

Meet Mother and Daughter, Elena and Alena from Russia who are currently studying General English at Lexis Noosa!

Alena has plans to go onto higher education at University and study a degree in the wonderful field of Veterinary science. We wish you all the best with your future studies Alena!









We’d love to hear about your plans after studying at Lexis, so let us know at –

Welcome NEW Students!!

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today!  I hope you all enjoy your stay here in NOOSA!! 🙂


Back Row (left to right):

Louis (France), Malo (France), Philip (Germany), Janice (Swiss), Miki (Japan), Noemie (Swiss)

Front Row (left to right):

Chaulyne (France), Rahel (Swiss), Gregoire (France), Manon (France), Alexia (France), Lucas (France), Moritz (Swiss), Louise (Brazil), Daniela (Colombia)

FRAT Party

The student’s had the opportunity to celebrate Canadian and US Day last week with a Frat Party at Shades Wine Bar. They were served some yummy American foods including; Hotdogs, Pizzas, and Cheese and Bacon Subs. They had the options to drink Budweiser beers and Canadian Club beverages. It was a lovely night for the students to sit around and enjoy each other’s company…not the typical Frat night as we know it 😉


Hot Dog Eating Competition

Today’s afternoon activity involved twenty hot dogs and five hungry students. The hot dog eating competition turned boys into men, with Gyu eager as ever to smash down some hot dog meat. But with the late and reluctant entry from Franky, a real competition was about to commence. Franky demolished his plate of hot dogs, finishing his last one when other competitors were taking the first bite of their second! Big congratulations to Franky hope you enjoy your Budweiser’s!!

photo (6)

Whale Season has started…

Lucky you to live in Sunshine Coast! The whale season has started and they are migrating through the East Coast to give birth and to mate before returning to the Antarctic waters at the end of spring. This is your chance to spot whales and dolphins! Have a chat with Carol from Student Uni Travel to plan this one day adventure you will certainly never forget.

Did you know? Fascinating whale facts!


No Teeth

The Humpback Whale has no teeth instead they have baleen plates, that acts like a giant sieve!


Blow Holes

The Humpback Whale has two blow holes, one for each lung. Each of its lungs is the size of a small car. Wow, that’s a lot of air!


Baby Whales

A baby Whale is called a calf. They are nearly one tonne when they are born and suckle up to 600 litres of milk a day from their mums!

Students are on a fast track to good jobs in Noosa!

The Lexis Noosa Job Workshop was buzzing today with teacher – Kirsten giving valuable advice on how to achieve employment in Noosa.

It was all smiles when teacher Kirsten ran the job workshop this afternoon. As well as writing outstanding resumes and getting their tax information sorted, students also received training and support on how to obtain the skills they need to source work as quickly as possible.











You can join the workshop at any time, please see Becky, Nina or Annette to sign up 🙂 Lexis English Job Workshops – Wednesdays from 2pm to 3pm

Jobs in Noosa

Looking for work while studying in Noosa? Take a look at some of the jobs that are going around… – Front of House Waiters and Waitresses – Subway Sandwich Artists – Room Attendant – Breakfast / Casual Chef

Good Luck!!

Table Tennis Competition

Monday may have been a wet and miserable day outside, but inside the students were kept warm by joining the Table Tennis competition!
With eight students already signed for the tournament, another four joined after watching the first match up between Churk and Kezo! Some great matches were played between the 12 players, who battled it out for first place.  After some very technical and entertaining matches, two competitors made it to the final – Chris and Francesco! A grueling game of Table Tennis was played, with the score set at 21 to win. Our winner of the competition was Chris, who went home with a delicious bottle of wine. Francesco received a second prize of two free drinks at Shade’s Wine Bar. Thanks to all the students involved for a great Monday activity!



Welcome New Students!

A big welcome to all the students beginning their studies today!

If you see them around the school make sure you give them a warm welcome.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

FRONT L-R; Julia, Laura, Ursa, Zoe, Jeong. 

BACK L-R; Jin Ju Jo, Hyun, Leena, Andrea, Byung, Atsushi, Hyuntium.