Live in Nanny Wanted

Japanese and Australian family living in Tawantin, seeking a female student who can help with the household duties and looking after our lovely  1 year old twins in exchange for free accommodation and 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) a day. Need help approx. 2-3 hours (4-6pm) Mon-Fri, 5 hours on Wednesday. Total hours are 15 hours/week. Must be a Non Smoker. The is close to outlook shopping center and bus stop. Please Contact Akiko; 0421 156 496 or

Pranayama and meditation

A few students gathered in rm 10 today for a lovely and relaxing pranayama and meditation session. We worked through some breath awareness using Sum Vritti (equal breathing) to begin the practice. We followed with Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) which enabled our bodies to be gently guided into Dhyana (meditation). With a good hour of pranayama and mediation followed by a warm cup of green tea, the students left the room experiencing some of the qualities of an enlightened state of being. Image

Welcome NEW students!!

Welcome to the new students who arrived today at the college!! I hope you all have a wonderful time here in Noosa 🙂 🙂


From Left to right: Ji Hyun (Korea), Thibault (France), Pin Chun (Taiwan), Hsiang An (Taiwan), Sabrina (Switzerland), Mao (Japan), Ying Chien (Taiwan)

Christmas in July Party

With some milder weather around it was a great time to celebrate Christmas just as the European’s do… but in our winter. The students gathered at Shades Wine Bar, for our Christmas in July party. ImageThey all received a free glass of champagne on arrival and grabbed themselves some yummy Christmas food. Image Brianna organised ‘guess that Christmas Movie’ game where photos were placed on the wall of different Christmas movies. Congratulations to Jin and Choi who won the competition. What a fun night for all 🙂 🙂Image

Cambridge Computer Based Testing at Lexis

Our Cambridge First Certificate classes had a trial run at the FCE computer based exam today.


Cambridge teachers Phil and Sonia spent a happy training afternoon with their classes in the Cambridge Computer Suite.  Good luck everyone with your exams on August 10th.

Have you ever heard of unicycle hockey?

Christian Peir can tell you all about it, he plays unicycle hockey in Switzerland.

Christian brought his unicycle into school today to demonstrate his skills and entertain his classmates ~ thanks Christian!



Anj’s Curry Making Class

Anj’s amazing curry recipe has been a hidden secret for years! As my ancestors have travelled through Asia, each adding a secret ingredient each time, this recipe has been making for generations. Today, we revealed the secret recipe that is known as ‘the best curry in Noosa” some even say “best in Queensland”. The students had a chance to make the curry paste from scratch, adding in ‘secret ingredients’ and also chicken and veggies to create the master piece.

Image Finally the students were able to discover what the Noosa residences have been talking about….Anj’s famous Chicken Penang Curry! Delicious!

While the curry was on the stove cooking to perfection, the students took part in a charades battle!Image

The end result curry was worth the wait. All the students sat and enjoyed eating their curry with plenty of moans and groans indicating the truth about the curry… Proved to be the best in Noosa!Image