Friday afternoon recovery BBQ

After an fun filled eventful night at Shades Wine Bar with the last of us leaving around 1:30am, a BBQ was definitely in order to sort us all out! The twins brought some Kangaroo steaks and made burgers, while Sandro took the tongs and cooked the sausages. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

I hope you are all on your way to recovery! 🙂 🙂 🙂


A friendly game of basketball turned quickly into a competitive one with all the boys thinking they were playing for the NBA. We saw some skillful work from Gila, and Scott, and some nice hoops from Jayden! Good game guys!Image

Friday Afternoon Poker

The students got together at Student Uni Travel for the Friday afternoon poker tournament. There were some serious poker faces with Sandro and Laura both bluffing on multiple occasions. The winners in the end were Gila and Laura!! Well done guys!!Image


Lexis CCC Club!

Our coffee, cake and conversation club is now in full swing!

Twenty two students from across all levels and nationalities had a great time with interesting conversation topics and fun board games 🙂

Happening Thursdays from 2-3pm ~ everyone is welcome!

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