Friday afternoon recovery BBQ

After an fun filled eventful night at Shades Wine Bar with the last of us leaving around 1:30am, a BBQ was definitely in order to sort us all out! The twins brought some Kangaroo steaks and made burgers, while Sandro took the tongs and cooked the sausages. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

I hope you are all on your way to recovery! 🙂 🙂 🙂


A friendly game of basketball turned quickly into a competitive one with all the boys thinking they were playing for the NBA. We saw some skillful work from Gila, and Scott, and some nice hoops from Jayden! Good game guys!Image

Friday Afternoon Poker

The students got together at Student Uni Travel for the Friday afternoon poker tournament. There were some serious poker faces with Sandro and Laura both bluffing on multiple occasions. The winners in the end were Gila and Laura!! Well done guys!!Image


Lexis CCC Club!

Our coffee, cake and conversation club is now in full swing!

Twenty two students from across all levels and nationalities had a great time with interesting conversation topics and fun board games 🙂

Happening Thursdays from 2-3pm ~ everyone is welcome!

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Getting around Noosa!

Lexis Noosa is positioned in the town centre of Noosa Heads, which means getting to school, the town centre, or of course…our stunning beaches, is easy and inexpensive for students!

Most students walk or bike ride around Noosa and this is also supported by the local community (check out the fantastic bike racks located right outside the schools entrance)!

Alternative transport options are the local buses; however most students choose to walk or ride their bikes / scooters around town. If students are looking for a weekend away, we also have the main bus transit station located right outside the school’s entrance (pictured). This makes it really easy for students wanting to finish school on a Friday afternoon, jump on a bus to Brisbane, Fraser Island, or the Gold Coast and enjoy a weekend of unwinding 🙂



Miwa and Daniel Return on their Honeymoon

Miwa from Japan and Daniel from Korea met at Noosa Lexis four years ago. This week they returned on their honeymoon.


We love college romances and it was so special that they came back to visit us. They met up with their teacher Sonia and were very surprised that when they mentioned their past classmate Manaf I could introduce them to his cousin Dhoom, who is now studying with us. It really is a small world after all. 🙂


The Double Tennis Competition was help today at Noosa Tennis Club. The Teams consisted of Abdul and Anj, Sandro and Red with Leo coming late and joining in the competition.Image The final match was close, with teams changing themselves around and in the end it was Leo and Red VS Anj and Sandro. Great playing by all, but Anj and Sandro came through with the win!Image


Welcome NEW Students

Welcome to the new students who arrived at the college today, I hope you all enjoy your time here in Noosa!!Image

From left to right: Nicole (Switzerland), Melanie (Switzerland), Martina (Switzerland), Yu-Ling (Taiwan), Minsu (Korea)

International Food and Wine Festival @ Shades Wine Bar

Last Thursday night was our first International Food and Wine event at Shades Wine Bar for the Lexis Students. The students were asked to bring a plate of food from their country. We had an assortment of food from Brazil, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia and Russia which were all delicious! We had FREE wine tasting with some lovely whites from Spain Sicily, Italy and France.Image

After a few drinks and some food we played “guess that flag”, where students had to guess the origin of 14 different flags. There were a few unique flags thrown into the mix with ones from Samoa and Fiji. Congratulations to Mathieu who got the most right and won a lovely bottle of French champagne.Image

Thanks you to everyone who brought food on the night and to the ladies from Student Uni Travel for their great Brazilian desert. Also a big thanks you to Sandro for his music and salsa dancing, it was a great night!!Image


IMG_0233The Cambridge FCE reading task this week was on charities, so Dionne’s class decided to run a cake stall.
They raised over $200 for disabled children. Well done everyone.

A visit from the Noosa National Park Association!

A BIG thank you to Yanni and Justin who took the time to come and talk with our students today about the conservation of our beautiful Noosa National park!

Another shout-out to our fabulous students who attended the information session and who have also put their names down to volunteer and help protect the National Park:

Megan, Sienna, Ami, Lucy, Klou, Sara, Luke, Michiko, Mika and Elena 🙂

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Vegetarian Cooking Class

Today’s activity was vegetarian cooking. The students where able to learn about the different nutrients vegetarians need as well as good protein sources . We made some great dishes including; veggie patties with chickpeas, zucchini and carrot, and a tofu and quinoa salad.

ImageThe students loved the food and have learnt some tips themselves on how to cook delicious healthy vegetarian meals 🙂Image

Newly Weds Choose Lexis Noosa For HoneyMoon

Love is in the air at Lexis Noosa as Antonio Costanzi and Charifa Et Tanji choose to study English here on their honeymoon.


We welcomed them to the school this week with a bottle of ‘Bubbly” to say congratulations to the beautiful couple.

A big welcome to the NEW students!

Welcome to the new students who arrived today to study English in Noosa. I hope you all enjoy your time here at the college 🙂


Back Row: Charifa (Italy), Antonio (Italy), Matthias (Switzerland), Seline (Switzerland), Sunghyun (Luka) (Korea)

Front Row: Song Hyun (Korea), Se Eun (Korea), Tsuyoshi (Japan), Sung Hyun (Korea)

Guitar Hero

It was a great afternoon for the guitar hero competition. A few players eased their nerves with some great Aussie beers, before the competition was underway.


The first round winners (Andrea, Jayden, Scott and Martin) showed their guitar skills knocking out their competitors. In the end it came down to Andrea and Scott who played for the best out of three win. Well done to Scott who came through with the win, but both boys scored a lovely bottle of french wine courtesy of Single Vineyards. 



Sunshine Coast TAFE visits Lexis Noosa!

A BIG thank you to Sunshine Coast TAFE International for taking the time to visit our Lexis Noosa campus today and providing our students with some great options and information for further study!

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Lorenzo Recommends a Whitsunday Island Trip

Thank you Lorenzo for the great article on your recent trip to the Whitsunday Islands.

Lorenz KobelLorenzo298















Lorenzo wrote; ‘one of the highlights out there is Whitehaven Beach. A beach with sand as white as snow and water clear as air. By low-tide the surface is huge and you are able to walk between two islands.  Whitsundays are the bright side of life and the perfect place to relax and enjoy. Fortunately boats are not so fast, so no one is in a hurry out there and it stays nice and calm.  The Whitsundays are for me the highlight of my Australia journey so far. It’s just a paradise, heaven on earth. ‘

Thank you again Lorenzo for sharing this with us.

Introducing….Lexis Noosa ‘UnNews’

The students in the current affairs option with teacher Fiona, were set the task of using current news items to come up with their own ‘UnNews’ ideas for the blog.

These are some articles written:

Please note that the accuracy of the stories in Lexis Noosa UnNews is extremely low 😉










Watch this space for more Lexis Noosa ‘UnNews’ next week!

Sangria and Salsa with Sandro

With the Sangria flowing, the students were able to relax ready for their salsa session with Swiss student Sandro.

. Image

Some of the students and myself had two left feet, while others picked up the moves very easily. With the sangria and some great salsa music everyone had a fun time showing off their dance moves!Image

Thanks to teacher Fiona who turned up to show us some of her amazing salsa dance moves with Sandro!Image