Emir’s Homestay Experience….

Emir (Lexis Noosa student):

“The reason why I took a homestay, was that I wanted to see how an Australian family live. I wanted to learn something about the Australian culture, traditions, foods and music.
I prefer a homestay family more than a student house, because I think my English will improve much better with a family, which has kids – like at the Nielsen’s house. Every child has a sport activity. They took me to some competitions. This was great, I spent time with the homestay family, I met new people and I had some interesting conversations.”

Carl Nielsen (Lexis Noosa Hostfather):

“I love how the friendship grows between our students, my boys and myself .
We all get to understand and witness each others cultures in our home. Also, it is great when students go travelling and return to see us. It is a special time just like family for all.”


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