Welcome NEW Students!

Welcome to the new students who arrived today in Noosa!!!


Back Row: Chong-Hyon (Korea), Norbert (Germany), Judith (Spain), Lorenz (Switzerland), Raphaela (Switzerland)

Front Row: Katia (Brazil), Eunha (Korea), Anastasia (Russia), Junghee (Korea), Kukiko (Japan), Nozomi (Japan), Yuna (Japan)

Soccer Match- Maroochydore VS Noosa

It was the first match of the year, and it was great to see such a strong performance from the Noosa side. Maroochydore were the first team to score but Noosa came back quickly with a great goal from Francesco.  At the end of half time the scores were even at 1-1.


After some refreshing oranges at half time the students found their energy which saw some brilliant goals saved by our fantastic goal keeper, Sandro and some great defence and team work in the front and through the midfield. Dhoom made leading goal scorer with two easy goals placed nicely past the keeper.Image


Well done Noosa, next game will be on the 8th May!!

Thinking about studying at University of Sunshine Coast?….

Check out the USC Open Day at SBIT!

You can choose to study either at South Bank (SBIT campus) or at the Sunshine Coast, depending on your degree. USC will have academic and admissions staff there on the day to answer any questions. They will also have an ‘introduction to studying at USC’ seminar.

USC are looking forward to welcoming you to the event and there will be prizes on the day for students who register and come to the event.


Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers wanted to run water @ Noosa Australian Rules Football games on Saturdays.

Needed for both home and away games- transport for away games will be provided

Must be physically fit, training provided. Need now until September  Please see Anj if you are interested.

Good minds think alike!

This week we have three sets of siblings in the school!

Our Lexis Noosa family now has two sets of Identical twins on-campus: Ivan and Sergey from Russia and Simona and Silvana from Switzerland! Also studying with us are Taiwanese sisters, Yi-Wen and Ya-Wen 🙂

PicMonkey Collage


Emir’s Homestay Experience….

Emir (Lexis Noosa student):

“The reason why I took a homestay, was that I wanted to see how an Australian family live. I wanted to learn something about the Australian culture, traditions, foods and music.
I prefer a homestay family more than a student house, because I think my English will improve much better with a family, which has kids – like at the Nielsen’s house. Every child has a sport activity. They took me to some competitions. This was great, I spent time with the homestay family, I met new people and I had some interesting conversations.”

Carl Nielsen (Lexis Noosa Hostfather):

“I love how the friendship grows between our students, my boys and myself .
We all get to understand and witness each others cultures in our home. Also, it is great when students go travelling and return to see us. It is a special time just like family for all.”


The Amazing Race

The contestants began the first leg of the race starting at the front on the school at Noosa Lexis English. After receiving their first clue, the race was underway. 


They had a few tricky tasks to complete which led them to the Nina’s office, running around Noosa Junction looking for a blue straw, coffee bean and receipt then to Carol at Student Uni Travel to complete different locations on an Australian Map.


Well done to Nina and Michelle, you were team number one!! Sandra and Mathieu you were the last team to arrive and unfortunately have been eliminated from the race. 


Thank you to everybody who participated and also a big thank you to the girls at Student Uni Travel who donated a 1 hr boat hire for 4 people to the winners! 🙂

Welcome New Students!

Welcome to all the students who arrived today to study English in Noosa!

ImageBack Row (Left to Right): Francesco (Italy), Jerome (Belgium), Xavier (Belgium), Shunichiro (Japan), Jonghwan (Korea), Hyunjung (Korea), Melvin (El Salvador), Katharina (Germany), Yu-Ting (Taiwan), Ha Myung (Korea).

Middle Row (Left to Right): Yumie (Japan), Yu (Japan), Ya-Wen (Taiwan), Yi-Wen (Taiwan), Szu-Peng (Taiwan), Ayumi (Japan), Ya- Wei (Taiwan), Hsin-Yun (Taiwan)

Front Row (Left to Right): Min Ji (Korea), Sun Hwa (Korea), Tomoko (Japan)


Friday Afternoon Jazz, cheese and wine!

What a perfect way to kick off a weekend with some cheese wine and funky jazz music. That is what the lucky students in Noosa had to look forward to for their Friday afternoon activity!!Image

With some lovely wines provided by Dan from Single Vineyards, the students were able to taste the quality reds that Australia has to offer. The Students all received scoring sheets and had to guess the region, year and grape variety. Image

Well done to the two Swiss boys for having the most sophisticated palate, getting the highest score and winning a 6 pack of Coronas!!Image


Today’s activity: Beach Yoga

What a beautiful afternoon for beach yoga at Noosa Main beach.


The Students had an opportunity to unwind with the sound of the ocean and practice their Halasana on some soft sand. I hope you all had a nice relaxing yoga session down the beach 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sand Volleyball!!

Today the activity was sand volleyball and 4 teams of 5 took part in the competition. Some of the students had exceptional volleyball skills with some great shot from Michelle, Manuela, Mitja and Martin. Dhoom used his feet or head the majority of the time to get the ball over the net.Image

After Anj’s shocking serve which landed the ball on the roof, a substitute ball was brought in and the finals were underway. With a close match the whole way through it was Team 1 (Sabrina, Manuela, Sarah, Michelle and Mitja) that took out the win. Enjoy your free drinks @ Shades!Image

Welcome NEW students!!!

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today at Noosa Lexis English!!ImageFrom left to right: Monica (Switzerland), Nicole (Switzerland), Son Jun-Ki (Korea), Laurent (Switzerland), Hana (Japan), Mika (Japan)

Pizza Making

Our first ever pizza making activity was held on Friday at the college with Italian pizza maker’s Mielo and Luca! With the bases prepared by the boys on Thursday, Mielo went through a great demonstration of how to make the typical Italian pizza and calzone.Image

The students then had the opportunity roll their own pizza dough and add their favourite toppings.Image

We all headed down to Shade afterwards where they cooked our pizza while we sat and relaxed on a lovely Friday afternoon.Image


 ImageA big thank you to Shades who cooked almost 28 pizzas for all the students!

Student News!

Vincent from Berlin studied both Cambridge English FCE and CAE with us. He also did volunteer work with the surf life savers and loved every minute of his time in Noosa. Vincent is now traveling around Australia before heading back to Berlin.

Ruffel tickets

Sunset Cruise on Noosa River and Shades After Party

The Cambridge students had the opportunity to explore a bit more of Noosa on Thursday for their sunset cruise!Image

  The Sunset cruise is a great way for the student to mingle over a few beverages with the beautiful surrounding of Noosa River. 


Afterwards the students headed to Shades for some complementary food, great music and fun DARE games. 



Carol announced the winner of the M&M’s guessing competition. With 762 M&M’s in the jar, it was Manuela who guessed 758 to be the closest and win a 3 day surf trip with Mojo surf!!!Image

CPE…not only once, but twice!

Sandro was not sure that he had passed the CPE exam that he took in Perth in March, so he signed up for the Lexis Noosa course.

Yesterday he was thrilled to hear that he had succeeded. He says that he loves the CPE class with Merrilyn and although he has passed already, he is enjoying doing the course here as he is learning more every day.  Here he is with über CPE teacher Merrilyn and her merry band of CPE candidates!


From Italy to Noosa with Love

This evening our wonderful Italian Pizza chef Carmine Torpedo and friend Luca are busy preparing Pizza bases.

Tomorrow’s activity will be Pizza making with Shades wine bar kindly letting us use their ovens. Can’t wait.carmine and luca hard at work Carmine and Luca








Meanwhile, the boys are busy in the student kitchen hand mixing the dough and drinking some Australian Pinot as they work. Thank you Carmine and Luca.

Futzul @ Noosa Leisure Center

This evening the students got together for a friendly match of Futzul at Noosa Leisure Center. The teams were split up into light and dark shirst and were competing to be selected for our grudge match against Lexis Sunshine Coast campus in a couple of weeks.


 The teams were level at 7-7 when Yuto scored a  superb goal in the final minutes of the game that took the dark shirts through for the win. Well done!  


New Option classes available!

New Option classes start on Monday 15th April. Your teacher will be asking you to choose. If you are not sure which is best for you, ask your teacher or Becky for advice.

Here is a preview to help you think about your choices:


Monday to Friday  1.00pm – 2.00pm | Monday April 15 –  Friday May 03

Student # ………..         Full Name: …………………………………………

Class:  …………………………..  Teacher: ……………………….

Dear Students, please choose three options and number them 1, 2 and 3 in order of preference. You may not get your first choice. If less than 10 people choose an option it may not run. Ask your teacher to advise you on which option will help you most. A2 = Elementary, B1 Pre Int & Int, B2 = Upper Int

  • ROLEPLAYS FOR EVERY DAY B1.                                                                  Practice speaking in everyday situations in a fun way. Suitable for Elementary and some pre-intermediate students.
  • LISTENING A2.                                                                                                   Choose this option if you have a hard time understanding spoken English.
  • SPEAK WELL B1.                                                                                               Interesting topics to improve your speaking.
  • VOCABULARY BUILDING  B1.                                                                              Learn new words for everyday life and work.
  • BUSINESS ENGLISH B1+  level.                                                                           Learn vocabulary and skills related to the world of business.
  • AUSTRALIANA B1+                                                                                              Learn about Australian geography, animals, history and culture.
  • GLEE CLUB All Levels.                                                                                        Have fun and sing in English. Great for improving intonation and confidence.
  • MOVIE CLUB B2 +.                                                                                              Improve your vocabulary and listening skills whilst watching and discussing the latest movies.
  • CURRENT AFFAIRS B2 +.                                                                                  Improve your reading and speaking skills and increase your vocabulary while discussing global issues and current affairs.

(Lexis English Noosa, 2013)




More Job Vacancies….

Bird Cage Cleaner

WANTED person to clean bird cages twice a week for 3 hours each day. DUTIES 2 large metal wire cages for parrots and finches needs to be hosed out and scrubbed clean thoroughly. The birds bowls have to be rinsed out and refilled with fresh water and bird seed. Branches and grass need to be cut and collected from outside then arranged inside the cage. would suit a young person and anyone that lives in/around the sunshine beach area. Must be 16 and over to apply.

Contact Debbie on 5448 0771

Noosa Area

Sunshine Beach


French speaking for conversational French

Wanted French native come to home for French lessons paying 25 hr x4 hours until July 

Call Julie 0467849467 

Noosa Area

Sunshine Beach


Job Vacancies in Noosa

Wait Staff 
Grennys Restaurant – Noosaville QLD

Grennys Restaurant are seeking experienced wait staff with a current/valid a RS. They would also be required to make coffee and provide excellent customer service. Must be well presented and well spoken. Be professional and punctual. Public transport is available but it will be considered advantage to have your own private transport. To apply for these position please contact on 07 5449 7215 



Resort Cleaners 

Resort Cleaners Experienced cleaners required, by Sunshine Coasts most reputable cleaning company. We offer; All equipment, Full insurance cover, 7 days work available, Friendly working environment, Hours 9-2, Immediate start. ABN required. Interested!!! Call Peter 0408726696 



Live In Nanny ~ peregian beach QLD

We are looking for someone who will enjoy living with us and our beautiful three little boys aged 8, 5 and 3, and who’ll help us keep them organised and occupied. We have had two wonderful nannies recently, and we need you from the first few weeks of April, ideally for 6-12 months. All three boys go to school or kindergarten in the day, and we live in a pretty special place with some of the best beaches and outdoors in Australia (just 15 minutes inland from Noosa) . 

We can be flexible around the starting date, although our current nanny leaves on April 8th. 

Dad is a doctor and I work in IT and have to travel. I’m away at least 2 nights a week and we need someone in the house overnight in case my husband gets called in to work! All the boys like making things, listening to stories, cooking, crafts, swimming, camping, and the beach. You get your own room, ensuite bathroom, TV, wireless. It’s a short drive to the beach and the coffee shops of Noosa Main Beach. We also have a car to lend during the weekday and weekends. 

We need help getting the kids ready in the morning, making lunches, getting them dressed and doing school drop off. During the day you will have free time, before school pickup which starts from 2.45. In the afternoon the boys have activities (tennis, swimming, sea scouts) and the usual homework, piano practise, occasional play dates etc. and you will be responsible for organising their dinner. Some light housework such as helping us with tidying kids rooms, putting clothes in the washer/dryer, folding and some light cleaning will be required, which could be done after drop off in the morning. Occasionally we may both be away or late from work, so on those nights you will also do bath and bedtime (the boys have a good routine and are usually in bed and asleep by 7.30). We are flexible and if you want to do more on some days, additional babysitting, extra house work or work on a weekend to earn more money, we can discuss. 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested! 

Welcome NEW students to Noosa!!

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today! I hope you enjoy your time here in Noosa!!



Back Row: Jieun (Korea), Ibrahem (Saudi Arabia), Saad (Saudi Arabia), Sandro (Switzerland), Abdullah (Saudi Arabia), Daniel (Switzerland), Talal (Saudi Arabia), Saleh (Saudi Arabia)

Front Row: Sandra (Switzerland), Anna (Switzerland), Giada (Italy), Mika (Japan), Naoi (Japan)

Students stay in touch!

Lexis Noosa Teacher, Kerri recently received this nice message from her past student Lisa!

“Hello Kerri.
I just wanted to say thank you for your brilliant teaching again. I finally got my CAE test results and I passed!!! So I had to think back to my lovely and amazing time in Noosa last fall… Hope all’s good on the other side of the world.
Friendly greetings,
Lisa xo


Surfing in Noosa!!

Today activity was surfing, body surfing and body boarding. The students had an opportunity to learn how to catch a wave with either a surfboard, body board or their own body.  Well done to Elanora first time surfing and she stood up first go!!…. She must have had a great teacher 😉ImageImage

Some of the other students tried body surfing while some sat in the sand and soaked up the rays. What a lovely afternoon down the beach 🙂 🙂


Mad Hatters Easter Party

To celebrate Easter, the students were able to let their hair down and put on a hat for the Mad Hatter Party at Shades Wine Bar! It was a great turn out with some student having the opportunity to make their own hats before hand, while others dressed up as cute bunnies!Image

We kicked off the night with the suck and blow game, with the outstanding winning team undefeated, and dominating in the finals winning by a mile!


After the ‘funder wunder’ dance competition we announced the winners of the best hats of the night.  For the girls the winner was Eleanora with her fantastic creation of a teapot hat! Matt took out the boy’s best hat with his flamboyant feathery designed hat! Well done, what a fantastic night!!!Image