Luca takes on Fraser Island!

Luca went to Fraser Island – here is the what he had to say about the trip!
“So… the trip started very good. The weather was very hot and it was a big, big fun to drive the 4 wheel drives. When we arrived at Fraser, first we setup camp and had the first lunch – delicious wraps!
We then went to lake Wobba, which is just a amazing place to be and relax. We all enjoyed being there and taking a refreshing swim in this lake.
Back at the camp we made dinner – a big BBQ which was awesome too ๐Ÿ™‚ That night we spent at the beach having some cool beers and chatting about god and the world.

The next day started good, as we went to Eli Creek and swum into this clear and beautiful water but later that day it started to rain and the trip became funny and scary at the same time. We went on to the Maheno Shipwreck, which stunned us all. After that the next point to visit were the Champagne pools – I’ve never seen such a thing! Incredible when you think that it’s all made by the nature :O Indian Head was the last point to see at this day- an impressing place with an amazing view to the open sea. At lunch time we had already decided not to go back to the camp, but rest in a youth hotel for the night.

The last day we spent driving through the rainforest and for me this was the best thing on this whole trip. I’m addicted to cars ๐Ÿ˜› we were driving on slippery paths and it was very funny. We visited Lake McKenzie, which is an amazing place even if it rains and the sky is covered by clouds. After that we drove to Central Station, where we had lunch and walked around. In the afternoon unfortunately it was time to go back home and this part was the hardest part of the whole trip. We arrived back at 11pm all very tired and ready for a hot shower and a comfortable bed.”

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