Trivia @ Student Uni Travel

It was our monthly Trivia at Student Uni Travel this afternoon and the topic was Geography. With question about Australia, Japan, Thailand, India, Switzerland, Italy and Noosa, the students had a chance to test their knowledge on these countries with some nice healthy snacks to go with it.

The winner of the 3rd prize went to Livia with a score of 21/24. Well done!

2nd prizes once again went to lucky Timmy who name was pulled out of the box against five other students and won himself a bottle of wine!


1st prize went to Luca who is also another lucky winner! He won his last trip with Student Uni Travel just two weeks ago with his smashing moves on the dance floor with Caroline!


Well done to all, and will see you all back there for next month’s Trivia!


Bingo and Twister

It was a great afternoon to stay inside and get involved with some fun activities!  We started off with bingo. A few students were really close to winning with only one number remaining on their sheets, but it was Iva who had her last lucky number called out to win the prize. 


The next activity was Twister, which always makes for a good laugh. It was great to see the new students who arrived today, getting involved in the fun!!!


Music Jam Competition

There was some wild music coming from the kitchen this afternoon for the Music Jam Competition! Students entered as groups of four with two guitarists, a drummer and a singer. The battle began with look alike Pussycat Dolls; Caroline, Livia, Lara and Anna.



They made a great start to the competition raising the bar from the rest of the competitors. The next band “Baby in a Blender” also put on an impressive performance for the audience with outstanding vocals from Jasmin, inspiring drumming from Benji and talented jamming from Timmy and Matthias. 


And last but not least, were the ‘Crazy Mates’ with band members Ryan, Victor, Jinson and Matt. These boys certainly lived up to their name with Ryan’s spontaneous outbursts on the drum kit.


It was a close competition, but in the end “baby in a blender” had the overall consistency.  Great job guys!!! Thanks to Caroline from Student Uni Travel who helped contribute to their prize (one hour boat rental in Noosa), and also to those fantastic twins, Ivan and Sergey, for organizing this afternoon’s activity! ImageImage

Student Night @ Shades

ImageWe kicked off our first official student night at Shades wine bar last night, which was a great success.  With the students arriving at Shades after their awesome sunset cruise on the Noosa River, they were all up for a good time. With some drink specials on beers, wine and a ‘Lexis English Cocktail’ the students had a great time socializing and enjoying the music with some free canapes! Thank you to Carol from Student Uni Travel who made some delicious Brazilian treats for all the students. Carol also organised two lucky wrappers with a free kayak hire and bottle of wine which were found by both Timmy and Bianca . Image

After the desserts some students were handed a “DARE” card that they had to successfully complete, and it also made for some great entertainment. Student night will continue at Shades wine bar every second week on Thursdays! 


Employment Sponsorships in Noosa

Italian student Mauro Revezzani is thrilled to have secured a sponsorship with Zachary’s restuarant in Noosa.


Mauro studied general English for twelve weeks and fell in love with Noosa. Now he has a sponsorship for two years and hopes to then migrate permanently. He will need an IELTS 6 as a chef and will return to Lexis to study in our IELTS class. Meanwhile, he is looking forward to returning to Italy for a holiday in June. Congratulations Mauro.

Is Noosa the ideal location for English & Sports?

We have a number of Swiss students who come to study English and train in Noosa. One of them, Cornelia, says that Noosa is the perfect location for sports and English!

Noosa – the best place for my training

“Seven months ago I left my job because I wasn’t happy anymore and I would have more time for my sport. In July 2013 I’m going to compete in a multisport event called Gigathlon. It’s a six days event and I’ll have to finish five sports (swimming, inline skating, pushbike, mountain bike, running) every day. I decided to stay for four months in Australia because here I have better conditions than in Switzerland. My travel assistant told me about Noosa. I thought that this is a good place for my training and to improve my English. My best decision!

My host father showed me a lot of good places for my training. He is a sporty man too and so we can talk every day about sport, training, healthy food and more. He cooks wonderful healthy meals. This is very important when you train between two and six hours a day. I do my swimming exercise in the Aquatic Center Noosa. They have a 50m pool and a 25m pool. In the Noosa National Park you can find different running tracks. My longest run was 20km. 80% was on an unsealed pathway. When you have a car you can drive to more interesting tracks. I like to ride my pushbike. There are so many roads I can ride on. It is no problem to go 100 km or more. Most drivers are careful and considerate. Only a few roads don’t have cycle lanes. You can enjoy the Bike ON cycle group or The Noosa Tri Club. But you have to know that the Australians do their exercise early in the morning. They start between 5.30 AM and 6.00 AM. Another opportunity is to hire a mountain bike. I cannot tell you about my experience because I haven’t. But I saw a lot of good tracks in the forest. To train with my inline skating is the most difficult part. Most pavements aren’t suitable for my training. Sometimes I go to the Girraween Sport Complex. There is a cycle track I can use when no cyclist is on it.

At the Lexis School you can improve your English. There are friendly teachers and a lot of other sporty students. I am sure you would enjoy your time in Noosa!”



Raw food workshop

ImageToday the students had an opportunity to make some delicious treats without the guilt. Using raw ingredients the students whipped up three different health snacks and desserts. They made a chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles, and a berry crumble. Some of the students in class were lucky enough to judge the best treats from the two groups, with group two winning the tastiest healthy treat! If anyone would like the recipes please see me at my desk! ANJ :):)


Table Tennis Competition

It was a great afternoon for an indoor activity, like Table Tennis. With last month champion, Vincent absent from school today, it was anybodies chance at taking over his title of best player in the school. A great overall talent was present  and a few surprise players along the mix such as Mami!!. With more and more students getting eliminated it left Dennis VS Michael and Timmy VS Valentin in the semi finals. With Timmy knocking out Valentin and Dennis over powering Micheal, leaving two great players facing one another in the finals. A great effort by both students, but it was Dennis who was the stand out today, winning the new title of “best table tennis player in Lexis Noosa’ ! Well done boys!Image

Welcome New Students!!

Welcome to the new students who arrived at the college today. We have a mix from Korea, Japan, Columbia, Italy and Switzerland.  They all seemed very enthusiastic to get started with their studies here in Noosa. 🙂


Friday afternoon Yoga

With a few students nursing a sore head today, yoga this afternoon wasn’t every bodies cup of tea. The fluid power routine was a great way to get the blood flow and feeling great for the weekend. I think the students enjoyed Savasana (relaxation pose) the most!


Valentine’s Day Masquerade Ball @ Shades Wine Bar

The Lexis English students all headed out to Shades Wine Bar last night to celebrate the day of love. The students were all nicely dressed with their homemade masks and received a complementary drink on arrival and scrumptious canapes throughout the night. Suck and blow was the first game that kicked off the night. With six teams of seven, half boys and half girls,the students competed for a lovely bottle of wine donated by Shades. Team 1 with Sabrina, Livia, Lara, Matt, Benny, Bruno and Julia had their technique right from the start, and came through with the win in the finals against Bec’s team.


The speed dating was also a hit allowing the students to get to know each other in a more personal way. It was up to the girls to choose their favorite guy of the night and to have their first dance together.


The winning couple received a sunset cruise for two, and was awarded to Caroline and Luca for their awesome performance on the dance floor.

DSC_0378Lucky door prize was won by Matt. And the best mask on the night went to Caroline and Benny! What a great night.  I’m now looking forward to the next event we have at Shades 🙂 🙂DSC_0384DSC_0387

Goodbye to Donny and Kaoru

Our own Romeo and Juliet are finally leaving Noosa








Donny Dong Kwang Lee and Kaoru Ohashi met at Lexis English and have been together since April 2012. Now it is time to leave. Kaoru returns to her job as a Kindergarten teacher in Japan and Donny hopes to work as a swimming coach in Korea. They will only get to see each other once a month. 🙁 They came in today to see their general English teacher Annette and gave her a huge box of chocolates. We will miss you both.

Farm Work

Great to say hi to Yuto Tanigawa today, when he returned from working on a banana farm.

Yuto Tanigawa, Aussie Farm Boy!

Yuto Tanigawa, Aussie Farm Boy!










Yuto says that he earnt really good money but he never wants to see another banana for the rest of his life.

Becky returns to the scene of the crime…..

The English Only rule applies to everyone, even DOSs who only speak one word of Spanish.












Becky was caught trying out her single word of Spanish (‘Hola’) in Kirsten’s class.  As per class rules, she was fined 50c for speaking a language other than English. Here she returns to the scene of the crime to have her disgrace recorded on film…

Mask Making

Today’s activity was: Mask Making. The students used their art and craft skills to decorate the masks for the upcoming Masquerade Ball. By using paint, glitter, beads, gems, feathers and any other materials floating around, the students came up with a mix of weird and wacky, fun and fantastic, or Leonardo Da’Vinci designed masks. I am looking forward to seeing you all dressed up with your mask this Thursday! Don’t forget there is a great prize for best home made mask on the night!


Wine Tasting afternoon!

Today, Lexis Noosa students were able to try some of Australia’s finest and worst wines available. The blind tasting allowed the students to sample some of the wine and score their favourite by appearance, aroma and taste. The wines ranged from $5 – $20 and the students had to guess the year and location in order to win their favourite wine.


These students have quite a palate with most guessing the worst and the best from the selection.  A cheese plate was also provided as an accompaniment to the wine. In the end, there were five students who achieved the highest score and were placed into the draw to win their favourite wine. The most favoured wine chosen by almost all the students was the Dandelion Shiraz from the Barossa. Congratulations to Andrea whose name was pulled out of the draw winning this spectacular wine!


Surf sports 2: Surfing and Body Boarding


This afternoon the students took part in a surf/body boarding session at Noosa Main Beach. The conditions were prefect, with a light off-shore wind blowing and surf around 1-2ft. Some students brought their own board while others hired them at the beach. The theory session was quick, demonstrating the three step phase of surfing. Once the students practiced that a few times they where eager to get out and get some waves. Most of the students were soon standing up and having a great time. I hope you all enjoyed this afternoon. I am looking forward to Surf Sports 3 next month 🙂 🙂


Looking for work? Live in Nanny job available

“Hi I am a single father looking for someone to help look after my 11 yr old son. My job can mean early and late finishes and sometime over night, so it would be more suited to live in position. My work in not regular so some weeks would not be as busy as others.

The position will involve preparing simple meals, be with him before and after school and helping him with his homework. I’m offering own furnished room, separate bathroom, food and board. Wage will be negotiable depending on experience ect. School holidays will not be required.

House location is in Sunrise Beach with a pool, close to transport and Noosa Junction. Would suit a student or someone looking to supplement other casual work.”

Please contact Julian on 0439 391 854

National Park Walk

We set off today in search of a rare sighting of a Koala in the wild. With a koala spotted on the previous day we thought our stakes were high to see one today. Unfortunately we were out of luck today, but still enjoyed a lovely walk to Tea Tree and Granite Bay.


Welcome NEW Students!

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today from Brazil, Korea, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Japan and Slovakia. This week we have a great mix of students from different countries. I hope you all get to know one another and enjoy your time here in Noosa 🙂


Soccer Match: Lexis Noosa VS Lexis Sunshine Coast

It was the first match of the season held on the brand new soccer fields at Girraween Sports Complex in Noosa. It was a hot afternoon and both teams were determined to get started with the game. With the first goal scored by Franceso from the Noosa team, Noosa thought they were in the running for the win. At half time it was neck and neck with the teams at two apiece. Sunshine Coast had the upper hand in the match after halftime with a brand new team coming on the field. With fresh legs and energy, Noosa found it hard to keep up. With some great skill shown by the attackers from the Sunshine Coast, and Noosa defense starting to get tired, two goals were placed nicely in the back of the net from the Sunshine Coast boys. Both teams played well and it was great to see such sportsmanship from the Noosa team. A special mention to both Lara and Selisha for getting out there and having a go against all those big boys, and especially to Selisha for that brilliant slide tackle. And also to all the students especially the cheer leading girls, who came to support the Noosa Team. After the match both teams enjoyed a few drinks down at the KB bar.


after match












With the final scores 4-5 in Sunshine Coast favour, I am looking forward to the next match in a couple of weeks down in Maroochydore.