MMMMmmmm pudding….

Today we decided to get creative and make some Christmas puddings for our big Christmas party tomorrow!! Simple to make yet extremely delicious. Below is the simple recipe if you would like to make these for yourself on Christmas Day! Thank you to the guys and girls that helped out! Great job!!! :):)


Ange’s Delicious Christmas Puddings


– Cheap dark or light fruit cake (400g)

– Orange Juice (100mls)

– Rum (50ml)

– 1 packet of allens snaks

– White melting chocolate (200g)


1. Mix fruit cake with rum and orange juice until moist. Roll into small balls.

2. Chop up snakes and melt chocolate.

3. Spoon white chocolate on the top of the puddings, add 2-3 bits of chopped snake and refrigerate until chocolate is hard.

Enjoy 🙂

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