Pumpkin Carving

Today some of the Lexis students had a go at Pumpkin carving. With the Halloween party on Wednesday it was a chance to get in the spirit and also start to go the college ready for what should be a great party! A big thank you to Allie from Canada who came in to help the students with their ideas!



The last activity of the week took the students out playing beach volleyball. After a big night out shall we just say some showed signs of the previous nights activities!! The sun was beating down and everyone gave it a good go even if the standard was not at the highest level, at least they got to work on their sun tans ha.

Student Night

Last night the Lexis students made the regular trip over to KB bar. The students made up the majority of the people in there. After a couple of drinks they invaded the dance floor showing off all the moves including their gangnam style routines!!!


This afternoon with the sun shinning and the wind blowing a number of students stayed at the college to play a spot of bingo! It came down to three girls all needing just 2 numbers with only 6 balls left. It’s fair to say the excitement as each ball rolled out built and built!

 Lets all get out on the student night at KB bar on Thursday and then get involved with the beach cricket on Friday afternoon!!

Lexis English lessons given as a birthday present!

Meet fellow Lexis English student – Sim Chang Hyeo!

“The first day at Lexis I couldn’t say anything. One month later I’m able to say everything I want. It’s amazing. I choose Noosa as there are lots of students from different nationality.
The homestay is great. Fantastic, seriously. The last two weeks I was working so hard that I missed some school but I usually study face2face (textbook).”

Sim Chang Hyeo said that everything had been so perfect that he is sending his girlfriend, Hazel here as a birthday present. She will arrive on December 21st. How sweet is that!


Meet Phil Egan – Cambridge FCE Teacher

Phil Egan has taught at Lexis English Noosa since 2001. This is what he thinks….

Phil Egan and his Cambridge First Certificate class

A ‘great big melting pot’ with fantastic rewards .This is my view of teaching.

Combine a multicultural environment, amazing colleagues and many many incredible students from all over the globe and you have teaching at Lexis English, Noosa.

My personal journey started with a Diploma in Education (Secondary) followed by a Bachelor in Education. This was combined with further study /teaching both here and overseas ( London and Indonesia )in TESOL  and Linguistics and ELICOS at University of Queensland.

Owning businesses in Noosa for many years,with my wife, also uniquely equipped me to teach Business Studies and the Cambridge BEC Vantage Course.

From my personal experience, teaching is an amazing two way experience for both teacher and students. For me it’s essential to create a strong rapport with my class and enjoy the often humorous  moments while trying to create an environment where students are improving at their optimum  rate while enjoying themselves as much as possible.

Teaching is full of challenges but it’s something I love to do and with the help of all my colleagues here, it’s a really fulfilling experience…..definitely not just an occupation.

Board Games Afternoon

With the sun beating down and the humidity high the students took the chance to have a nice relaxing afternoon in the college playing a verity of board games. Some students opted for some competitive bingo whilst others used what they have been learning at the school to play scrabble. We had a few attempt twister but lets just say we saw a really lack of flexibility. The remaining students played some poker with new faces from previous games and some regulars, each activity was enjoyed by everyone that played.