Lexis English is pleased to announce new pathway links with the following Institutions!

Take a look at our latest pathway opportunities towards further education!

Lexis English is the first school to offer pathway agreements towards a Diploma of Nursing at SBIT, which has IELTS 6.5 as the entry requirement.

For those of you who are interested in studying at Lexis Brisbane, we will be opening an EAP course starting on 10th September 2012.

For further information please contact info@lexisenglish.com, or visit our associate Institutions on the following links:

University of Sunshine Coast




Southbank Institute of Technology  


Sunshine Coast TAFE                                                                     


Brisbane North Institute of TAFE                                             


Skills Tech Australia                                                                      


Aviation Australia                                                                          


SAE Institute Perth                                                                        


Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management  



Who says learning can’t be fun!

There was some serious gaming going on at Lexis Noosa!

Students improved their English skills while playing popular games – Scrabble, Monopoly and Twister! There were even sweets and snacks provided to help increase brain power.

Lots of fun was had by all, with students even playing against teacher, Zoe!  Zoe did win the Scrabble game in the end, but only by a few points – well done Sunami and M.K!

Lexis Noosa students get Artistic!

There were about 12 students who took a painting class with Lexis Noosa teacher Phil, who is also a watercolour artist.

Phil showed the students some special watercolour techniques and they all produced beautiful pieces of art, as shown in the photos.The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and we can’t wait to see what they create next time!

New starters at Lexis Noosa!

We have 10 new students starting this week, including Felix the TAP & Surfing Student! There is a great Nationality mix with students from Switzerland, France, Korea, Ukraine, Brazil and Austria!

Here are our new students having a photo opportunity…

Mount Timbeerwah with Teacher Ricky

After completing the final exam for Upper Intermediate, the following students – Petra, Linda Frederico, Yoko, Elli and Jason went for bush walk up Mt Timbeerwah to get a better view of Noosa’s beautiful scenery. This was a great opportunity for students to practice their English outside the classroom.

P..P..P..Poker Face… But Without The Lady Gaga…

Lexis Noosa students wore their poker face for today’s activity as they played to win a carton of beer to share with their friends.

It was an hour of intense reading of cards and faces. Some students were definitely in it to win it whilst others were happy to have a go and learn the art of poker playing. Even though Donnie spent half the time texting on his phone rather than strategising, he still managed to win the tournament!

Welcome To Lexis Noosa

Welcome to our 19 new students from Brazil, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, France and Taiwan. They are here to study General English, Cambridge FCE and IELTS. Included is Eliott from France who is doing the Teenage Activity Programme with Surfing.