Minute To Win It!

Students put their logic to the test today to beat the 60 second challenge!

Teams of two had a minute to complete a game for the chance to win a $60 gift card and a Learn to Surf Lesson. The first game was to blow all the cups over with only air from a balloon, the next task was to get as many marbles into a plate using only chopsticks, the deciding task for the final was to get an entire roll of toilet paper wrapped around their hand. All but two teams didn’t make the cut so the decider was the tissue challenge. Teams had one minute to take out 200 tissues from a box one by one taking turns. With 5 seconds to go both teams still had quite a few tissues left. They gave all the effort they had but unfortunately none of the teams completed the task in a minute. It was decided that the prize would be split between both teams which made them very happy. Congratulations to Andy, Lincoln, Jason and Rooey… you are all winners!

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