Lexis Love Is In The Air…

Lexis Noosa students Joonho from Korea and Melissa from Switzerland met at school eight months ago.

They took a liking to each other and in a short space of time their friendship quickly grew into love. When it was time for Melissa to complete her course and travel around Australia, she did so with much dismay as she did not want to leave her gorgeous man behind. Joonho encouraged Melissa to experience Australia and assured her that he would be right here waiting upon her return. It didn’t take Melissa long before she made the choice to return to Noosa to be with Joonho. They both had their hesitations about being together as they are both from different countries. However they made the choice to let their love flourish and take a chance to see where life as a couple will take them. The first step taken was Joonho leading Melissa to Noosa Main Beach at the front of Bistro C where her proposed in the moonlight. She gladly accepted and they celebrated with a holiday in Western Australia before Melissa returned back to Switzerland. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this beautiful Lexis love…

Dionne’s Aussie Slang

Australia is rich with colourful ‘slang’ words. It’s part of the Australian vocab and testifies to the laid-back, happy-go-lucky Aussie lifestyle.

Lord or Lady Muck: used to refer to someone who THINKS or ACTS as though they are the king or queen and better than everyone else.

‘Snooki acts as though she’s Lady Muck! Who does she think she is?’

Lexis Photo Competition Finalists Announced

Congratulations to Lexis Noosa students Paula and Clement who are in the Lexis English photo competition national finals! Please Click here and ‘like’ their pictures by this Friday so they can win $500 worth of travel around Australia! Go Noosa!

CPE Brain Teaser for this week

Gobbledigook …that’s what we left you with last week

It is any text where the listener/reader cannot catch the meaning; especially when dealing with technical language but also when handling pompous or incomprehensible jargon.

This weeks word is Bamboozle

which is how the class felt when they learnt Gobbledigook.  Do you know what it means??? We all feel this way when our Spanish classmate Paula speaks a little too fast for us!!


Jobs Available

Wait Staff
Noosa Heads
RACV Resort
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Hervey Bay
Great Sandy Straights Resort
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Food + Beverage Attendants
Northern Territory
Ayers Rock Resort
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Retail Shop Assistant
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the best websites to search for jobs are:

good luck! 🙂

Lexis Photo Competition Entries Close Friday Midday!

Great effort Lexis English students!  All the photos look amazing! We can’t wait to see who the finalists are! You better show some love to the Lexis Academic Staff on Friday afternoon… they are choosing the finalists from each school! Here are a few entries from Lexis Noosa students. It’s not too late to enter click here and upload your photo for a chance to win $500 worth of travel!