Phil’s Business English Class Visits The Famous Eumundi Markets

Eumundi Markets is filled with local businesses showcasing their unique and interesting products. The Business English students conducted an on site survey as part of their course. Here are some of their comments.

From my point of view every business at the market was unique. Because all the people sell so many products which were in their own way different and interesting to see

People who work at the market know how to help make customers happy and enjoy their life. Everyone smiled kindly and sometimes they gave me other information and when I said goodbye, they wished me Merry Christmas or have a good day or they prayed for my success

“Most stall holders choose this market to make a lot of contacts with customers in spite of a lot of competitors”

“Working at the markets is a good business opportunity because you can earn money and get to know a lot of people from all over the world”

“From my point of view, businesses at the markets were very beautiful. I really enjoyed the diversity of products at the market. Eumundi Markets is a good business opportunity for the storekeeper because a lot of people (customers) go there every day”

“From my point of view the Eumundi Market is a very interesting place to discover traditional products from Australia”

“From my point of view it was very interesting to speak with stall holders about their business”

 “From my point of view the Eumundi Markets are really interesting and enriching because you could see all of the different businesses and to speak with customers”

“It was real business! Through this chance I could get to know about their life strategy and way. The best thing about this time was that it was not boring and didn’t make me aggressive”

“The Market was really interesting because I could see a variety of products and food. Furthermore, I talked with the stall holders about their own business which was very enriching”

“Every owner was really kind. When we said ‘excuse me if you have time would you mind answering some question’. It was very enjoyable”

“I really enjoyed this market survey. I met a lot of kind people and I could practice my English conversation. Also I could learn about how I should greet customers”

Adjectives about the market:
diverse      traditional       friendly       great       amazing       awesome
kind           wonderful       famous      different  energetic      enjoyable

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