FCE are A OK

The Lexis Noosa FCE classes are learning a lot and enjoying their time in Noosa.

Flurina and Priska are in Kerri’s FCE class. They have formed a close friendship since arriving in Noosa and have been studying and playing hard. Both Flurina and Priska said that they love the people in their class and that they find the course challenging and are learning a lot. They really enjoy the class timetable as they get to wake up at a decent hour and also have time in the afternoon to do plenty of activities. They have also been enjoying the weekends away organised by Lexis and the student nights. When asked if they are enjoying Noosa in general, there were big smiles all round and a definite ‘Yes… it is a really good experience’.

Olivia is enjoying Anne’s FCE class. She says that Anne communicates very well, is very patient and understanding and smiles a lot. She enjoys the mix of nationalities in her class and has made many friends from around the world.

Keep it up FCE classes! Sounds like you are enjoying your course and having a great experience in Noosa!

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