Sunset Sessions On Noosa River

Lexis Noosa had it’s first Sunset Sessions! It was a great success and the weather was amazing! The next session is Monday 21st November with a beach party theme. Book at reception before tickets are sold out!

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Gold Coast / Nimbin / Byron Bay Weekend

Wow! What an amazing weekend! It was full of action, activity and adventure!

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CAE Class Says Danielle Teaches Well

Danielle’s CAE had some serious feedback about her teaching!

‘Danielle is a lovely and motivating teacher who’s always keen to improve our skills without losing the feeling for a humourous teaching’

‘Danielle really tries to help everyone in the class improve their english’

‘Danielle’s lessons are always interesting and relaxed. There’s time left for a smile as well. There is a lot of homework but I wouldn’t change it!’

Looking For A Job

Do you want to learn the skills to get a job in Australia? Then sign up this week for the Lexis job workshop!

Casual Chef / Cook
La Vida
Hastings Street
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Customer Service
Noosa Junction Seafood Market
Next to Lexis Noosa
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Food + Beverage Attendant
Noosa Heads
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Job Search Tip: It’s coming up to peak tourism season in Noosa so drop your resume to as many restaurants and hotels as possible. They are always looking for casual staff over the busy period.

Looking For a Job?

Don’t forget to sign up for the Lexis Noosa job workshop!

Casual Chef / Cook
Villa Noosa Hotel
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Front Office Receptionist
Noosa Heads
RACV Noosa
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Noosa Heads
Mr Fish
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Bar + Bistro Staff
Noosa Northshore
Noosa North Shore Retreat
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Front Office Receptionist
Noosa North Shore
Noosa North Shore Retreat
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Retail Assistant
Aldi Store
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Bingo Blitz

What is there to do when its raining in Noosa? Bingo!

The TV room was packed with punters who were super keen on winning a six-pack of Aussie beer complimented with Aussie chocolate. Today proved that you have to be in it to win it. Marc and Manny who have been participating in every activity so far has won a $30 liquorland voucher, $100 cash and a Whitsunday holiday. Today Manny won bingo twice and Marc also won but decided to give someone else a chance to win. For being such a nice guy, Marc won a free ticket to Lexis Noosa Sunset Sessions next Monday. Don’t be sad if you missed out today… we are playing again on Friday 🙂

Ursula’s Farewell Night

After many months studying at Lexis English, Ursula’s time has finally come to say goodbye 🙁

 There was a huge bbq at the Noosa Heads Lions Park followed by dancing and saying our last goodbyes to Ursula. There was also some games and prizes in between with Flurina winning the limbo competition (like she does every week!) and Marc winning a Whitsunday holiday by blowing a bottle cap into a putting mount. Bon voyage Ursula… we wish you much success and will miss your smiling face around campus!

FCE are A OK

The Lexis Noosa FCE classes are learning a lot and enjoying their time in Noosa.

Flurina and Priska are in Kerri’s FCE class. They have formed a close friendship since arriving in Noosa and have been studying and playing hard. Both Flurina and Priska said that they love the people in their class and that they find the course challenging and are learning a lot. They really enjoy the class timetable as they get to wake up at a decent hour and also have time in the afternoon to do plenty of activities. They have also been enjoying the weekends away organised by Lexis and the student nights. When asked if they are enjoying Noosa in general, there were big smiles all round and a definite ‘Yes… it is a really good experience’.

Olivia is enjoying Anne’s FCE class. She says that Anne communicates very well, is very patient and understanding and smiles a lot. She enjoys the mix of nationalities in her class and has made many friends from around the world.

Keep it up FCE classes! Sounds like you are enjoying your course and having a great experience in Noosa!

Have You Missed Out On Our Awesome Activities?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 2pm is Lexis activity time! Check the notice board or reception to see what’s on!

It was war on Monday… Wii Wars was the name and tennis was the game! And with a $30 liquorland voucher up for grabs, it was certainly a war amongst the students. Each battle was fought with great determination and courage. They say love conquers all and in this case it is true. The final was between the gorgeous Swiss couple Manny and Marc. Marc may have won the Wii Wars, but Manny will certainly reap the rewards too when Marc cashes in his $30 gift card!

The sand volleyball tournament on Wednesday was just as competitive as the Wii Wars. With a prize of a $20 voucher at KBs plus a $30 liquorland voucher, it was game on! The teams played a great game and seem to be improving each week. The final was intense with Corinthians winning the first game out of three than Copacabana taking out the second. It was all down to the last game. Both teams were at match point and continued for another 3 points till finally Team Corinthians spiked a beauty and won the game!


Friday will be an absolute treat for students! Well known dancer Anthea Pert will be at Lexis Noosa at 2pm to teach the basics of salsa dancing. She is an expert dancer and instructor of Salsa, Zumba, Afrofusion, Cuban and many other forms of dancing. Don’t miss out! Meet in the common room at 2pm and get your hips ready for some salsa action!

Get Your Groove On At KBs Student Night

Student nights have been pumping at Kamel Bar every Thursday night!

It’s party time at Kamel Bar (KBs) from 8.30pm every Thursday night with free beer on arrival for students and loads of games and prizes to be won. Check out the pics from last week!


IELTS Class Says Cheese!

Anjali took her IELTS class to visit the Maleny Cheese Factory. Below are some reports written by her wonderful students!

Maleny Cheese Factory

Last Thursday my IELTS class went to Maleny Cheese Factory to discover the stages in cheese production. There we were able to be inside the little world of a small family owned company.

First of all we met with Anna. She was the person who introduced us into the cheese making world. Anna started explaining the curious story about the discovery of cheese. Cheese was discovered 4.000 years ago by nomads in the desert. Due to the high temperatures they met the milk that they had for feeding had turned sour and lumpy. This was the beginning of the cheese’s history.

Nowadays the production of the cheese is not so simple as in the past because the factories need to follow really strict steps for health. Once was a simple process but now it is complex, modern and with many stages to get the final product.

This process starts when the milk is delivered in the factory from mixed herds of cows. First of all milk needs to be pasteurized due to Australian regulation. To get pasteurized milk, the product has to be heated to high temperatures, 36ºC or more. In this process, milk losses many properties such as calcium, good bacteria and lactose that later must be added. Next, the product is poured in vats where it is mixed and cooled to 2 or 3ºC. Then, calcium, bacteria, lactic acid and mold spores are stirred into the product.

Afterwards it is necessary to wait for the cultures to grow before adding rennet to get a solid product. When the product is in this stage it can be separated into curd and whey to be able to cut it repeatedly.

Finally the product obtained is poured into the mold trays to leave some time in a setting room to mature. This time to mature depends on the kind of product that is being produced. In this last stage the cheese product is obtained and it is ready to be packaged and sold.

After the contact with the process of the cheese we could taste all of the products and buy fresh product to consume.

By Paloma Cabanas

Process of Cheese Making

Last week, we discovered the way of Cheese Making during our class excursion to the Maleny Cheese Company in Montville.

First of all milk is needed to produce cheese. This is collected from a mixed herd of cows before it is delivered to the Maleny Cheese Company where the production takes place. On the arrival at the company the fresh milk needs to be pasteurized with a temperature of 36°C and then cooled down to 2°/3°C in a huge vat after the pasteurization is finished. 

Next, some things like bacteria and lactid acid, Calcium, mould spores and many other cultures, which were destroyed in the sterilization process, have to be added. Now, the liquid has to rest for one hour, because the cultures need time to grow, before the rennet is added.

After the rennet is added,  the milk separates into the liquid whey and the solid curd, which is needed for the further production of cheese. After the curd is cut, the thick cream is poured into many moulds , which are brought into a setting room for maturing.

After a few months, when this has taken place, the cheese is finally ready to be packed and sold. 

By Isa Grube

Jobs Available

Bar + Bistro Staff

Noosa North Shore Retreat
Noosa North Shore
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Retail Assistant
Aldi Supermarket
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Raw Energy
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Wait Staff
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Food + Beverage Staff
Outrigger Noosa
Noosa Heads
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Night Wait Staff
Noosa Heads
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Retail Staff (Christmas Casual)
Sunglass Hut
Noosa Heads
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Jucy BBQ For Lexis Noosa

Vern from Jucy Campers put on a BBQ for the Lexis students during the volleyball competition on Wednesday.

It was an afternoon of penthouse campers, aussie snags, beer and volleyball. The beer garden was full and the atmosphere was great. There were 8 teams competing for the chance to win a long weekend hire of a Grande and Crib camper plus the usual prize of a $20 voucher to use at Kamel Bar and Restaurant. The teams all brought their game but “Mates” took out the competition. They will all travel together down south for a getaway in a Jucy Camper next month. Congratulations Simona, Joanne, Moritz, Thomas and Isabelle!

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Jobs Available – Immediate Start!

The following jobs are available and require people to start urgently.

Sails Restaurant
Hastings Street
Day and/or Night Work
30 – 40 Hours available
Drop in resume to Sails and ask for Paul or Dan

Club Noosa
Noosa Hill
Saturday work
8am – 2pm
Contact Maree on 0412075734

FREE BBQ @ Nomads on Wednesday

Just when you thought Wednesday volleyball at Nomads couldn’t get anymore fun, Jucy Campers have decided join in and throw Lexis Noosa students a FREE BBQ!

Who: Lexis Noosa Students
What: FREE BBQ, Sand Volleyball, Swimming, Relaxing
Where: Nomads Noosa (KBs Beer Garden)
When: from 2pm on Wednesday
Why: Jucy Campers are setting up a camper for you to look and also a chance to ask questions about travelling in a Jucy.

Click here to find out more about Jucy Campers

Lexis Noosa Fraser Island Weekend!

It was certainly a weekend of fun and adventure on Fraser Island!


If you didn’t go to Fraser Island last weekend, then you will be regretting it after seeing the gorgeous pictures… but not to worry as we have a lot more Lexis Explore weekend trips coming up including Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Great Barrier Reef and more!

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IELTS 7 For Ching-Yi Li

Milly Li came to visit Lexis Noosa today to tell her IELTS class and all the staff that she received an IELTS 7 and can now fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse in Australia! What a fantastic achievement!