Thursday Night College Party

Thursday night means one thing… college party night!

If you are not in the loop as yet, the evening starts at around 6pm at the Noosa Heads Lions Park for a few byo drinks and BBQ. DJ Billy Joel provides the music blaring from his amplifier.

At 8.30pm after the BBQ, meet at the Kamel Bar (KBs) for some fun, games, dancing and drinking. The Kamel Krew even pick you up from the park and reserve vip seating for you at KBs with a few jugs of beer on arrival. If you don’t feel like a BBQ at the park then meet all the student at KBs! It’s a chance to meet new students, practice you english with locals and talk to backpackers about where they recommend to visit in Australia. Cindy from Lexis is also there to party with you each week!

Teacher Phil Gets Creative Through English

Phil Egan gave an entertaining personal development session on how to teach phrasal verbs through water colour painting.

The teachers enjoyed the session and took home their beautiful watercolour paintings for their family to appraise.

Spike A Pose

The competition was fierce at the Nomads sand volleyball court today.

 The skills of the volleyball players today were amazing. It was like watching an olympic competition. The matches were best out of three. Each match was so close and just when you thought the ball was out, someone would bust an amazing manouvre on the court. After an hour of intense rallying, Sandre, Natalie, Hiro, Tiago and Isabel won this week’s tournament. I’m sure they will enjoy their voucher from KBs Bar and Restaurant at student night on Thursday. Not too much drinking guys, we have a our Fraser Island trip the next day!

Student Feedback Valued

Student feedback is welcomed at Lexis English Noosa as a valuable way to ensure that we continue to provide a high level of service.

How do we do this?  Every student at Lexis English is asked to complete an anonymous feedback form after your first two weeks. There are questions about the way you are being taught and the service provided by administration and homestay. It is a simple yes/no format.

Every four weeks, your teacher will have an interview with you and give you a written report on your academic performance. At that time, you are also asked to give a written  report on the teacher’s performance. It is a time for honest discussion about how your learning needs are being met.

When you leave, you are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire on your experience at Lexis English Noosa. Questions include your accommodation, the school environment, learning materials and the teaching.

I read every one of these feedback forms and questionnaires and use the information to provide feedback and guidance to the staff. We welcome all comments and especially those about how we can improve.

This week I received many forms as we had over 80 new students arrive two weeks ago.  I thank all those students for spending the time to answer the questions and I was delighted to receive such wonderful feedback.

Of all the feedback forms that I have read this week – my favourite comment is from a student in Anne’s FCE class who wrote, “Every day in Noosa is a new day in Paradise”.

I totally agree. Have a good day everyone, Becky


Rock Your Socks Off At NHSLSC

Thirsty Merc will be playing at the Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club on Wednesday 28th September.

One of Australia’s most recognised bands, THIRSTY MERC, present yet another cracking hit-laden album. In MOUSETRAP HEART, their 3rd and most engaging studio album to date, the home grown four piece reveal more and more of their startling level of musicianship.

THIRSTY MERC continue to raise the bar and the world is taking notice, with the band recently notching up a #3 single on New Zealand iTunes with crowd favourite Tommy and Krista and a #1 on Australia’s domestic artist airplay charts with Mousetrap Heart. In addition, the peer voted 2011 APRA Song of The Year Top 20 shortlist featured not one but TWO entries for Thirsty Merc, with ‘Mousetrap Heart’ and ‘All My Life’.

Catch THIRSTY MERC on tour as they take the stunning new album MOUSETRAP HEART on the road in 2011.

Where: Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club
Doors Open: 8.30pm
Tickets: $25

Looking for work?

It’s coming up to peak season so print your resume and drop them all around town. Restaurants will be looking for holiday staff very soon!

Noosa Heads
Berardo’s Restaurant
Click here for more information

Taxi Driver
Suncoast Cabs
Click here for more information

Sandwich Artists
Noosa Heads
Click here for more information

Store Attendant
Noosa Junction
Hours: 7am – 3pm / 3pm – 11pm
Phone: Jonny 0413 317 452 or drop resume to shop

Good luck!

Soccer In The Park

Monday soccer is growing in numbers each week and today saw the first female soccer stars!

Meet Tim in the Lexis Noosa courtyard every Monday at 2.15pm and head down to play soccer in the Lions Park by the river. It’s a lot of fun and the winning team receives a carton of beer! Walk across to Hastings Street after the game for a swim in the beach and an ice cream.

It’s All Fun And Games With Shannon

Shannon is an extra ordinary teacher!

Today the students started their day at school with some hula hooping fun to get the day started on a positive and happy vibe. Take a page from Shannon’s book of life… have a happy and fun day everyone 🙂

What’s Cool After School?

Cambridge students got a group together and learnt to surf Aussie style today.

Do you want something different to do after school? If you would like to learn to surf then please see Cindy at the Lexis Explore desk to book. Check out all the Lexis Noosa students who have learnt to surf… and don’t forget to tag yourself in the facebook pics!

The Male Sausage Stand Off

What was meant to be the best burger competition ended up being the sausage sandwich competition!

It was a hot sunny day in Noosa. The ladies decided to head to the beach for a tan while the boys decided to show off their culinary skills to win a case of beer. Cindy and Kiyo judged the sausage competition. They all tasted great but Marcelo’s sausage sandwich took out the competition for its great presentation and taste.

Cristian Drops In To Lexis Noosa

Cristian Popescu was a home school student of Lexis English in 2008. He loved it so much that he sent his daughter to study the CAE course at the Noosa Campus in 2010! Now he is back for a visit and has even booked a weekend away with the new Lexis English Explore department specialising in student experiences including travel, activities and nightlife. Have fun in Fraser Island Cristian and thanks for visiting us again!

FCE Students

FCE students enjoyed a well deserved break in Pinaroo Park this afternoon after their first week of study.

Surrounded by beautiful nature and gorgeous sunshine they got to know each other better and even practised the superlative! Teachers Kerri and Anne are delighted with their efforts and said the students are ‘simply the best’!

Cheers for Beers @ Bingo!

The Lexis Bingo activity is proving to be a winner each month.

There is always excitement when the Friday activity is Bingo… but especially when the prizes are 6 packs of Aussie beer. The tables filled quickly as word spread of the prizes to be won. Lucky they were six packs as 3 people won one round so each winner received 2 beers. Nonetheless they still had smiles on their faces. Who wouldn’t when it’s a Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and you have two cold beers in your hand!!

Learning English Verb Forms in the Sun

The Pre Intermediate Level classes enjoyed language learning exercises in our sunny courtyard today.

What better way to review verb forms for questions and answers, then by joining in a ‘speed dating’ fest. Thank you Sandra, Michelle and Sonia for making learning so much fun.

New Season Of Lexis After Dark Kicks Off

The students enjoyed their first night of Lexis After Dark at KBs Restaurant and Bar.

The Lexis students were greeted by the KBs staff on entry and ushered to their VIP reserve seating where they were given free jugs of beer. After a few drinks and conversation DJ Banksy got them up for a limbo competition. Congratulations to Hiro who limboed as low as he could go and won a 2hr surf lesson. The next competition was the easiest but the best prize… a free trip to the Lexis Explore Fraser Island Getaway! Joanne blew the ping-pong ball into the hole with ease and was stoked to receive the getaway valued at $250! After that the lights went down, the music went up and the drinks were flowing into the night. Hope there are not too may sore heads today!

A Slammer Of An Afternoon!

The tournament kicked off with 6 teams for round 1.

It was a hot afternoon but the sand court and the palm trees surrounding kept the students cool and shaded. A-Team and Team-Two were up first with A-Team slamming the competition. It was a close call with Copacabana and Dingo but Copacabana had too much party for Dingo and won the match. Japan + 1 and Lexis Random were head to head all the way but Japan’s plus one took out the match for third place. Copacabana and A-Team final match was filled with thrills and quite a few spills over the court. But the team partying at the end with a voucher thanks to KBs was Copacabana. Congratulations men! You played a great round. The tournament tally stands at 10 points for Copacabana, 5 points for A-Team, 3 points Japan + 1 and 1 point Dingo.

Job Vacancies

Don’t forget to attend the Lexis Job Workshop to assist you in getting a job in Australia. Check out the Academic Noticeboard for more information.

Domestic Cleaner
Sunrise Beach
Every Thursday. 2hrs per week. $17 per hour. Must clean well.
Call Tracy 0431 368 831

Customer Service Attendant
Noosa Springs
Click here for more information

Restaurant and Cocktail Bar staff
Rococo Noosa
Click here for more information

Chefs & Kitchenhand

Rococo Noosa
Click here for more information

Restaurant Staff
Noosa Heads Surf Club
Click here for more information

Good Luck!

10 Things To Do Under $10 In Noosa

Check out some cheap and fun activities to do in Noosa!

1 – Noosa National Park Walk –  There are 5 different tracks through the famous National Park. Start at the coastal track and head back through the rainforest. Stop off at Tea Tree Bay for a swim and don’t forget to look out for Koala’s.Cost – free

2 – Massimo Ice cream – Grab some freshly made gelato from Massimo’s in Hastings Street and stroll along the Noosa Main Beach boardwalk to the Noosa River mouth. Cost – $6

3. Sunset Drink @ The Surfie – Sit on the deck with a beer or wine at the Noosa Heads or Sunshine Beach Surf Club and watch the whales and dolphins swim by. Cost – $7

4 – BBQ – Grab some friends, sausages and bread and head down to the Noosa Heads Lions Park for a BBQ! Cost – $10

5 – Noosa Farmers Market – Located every Sunday at the AFL grounds. Choose from fresh bagels, french pastry, coffee, cane juice, yoghurt and many other fresh produce made by Noosa locals. Cost – free entry

6 – Noosa river – Bring a towel and chill out on the river. If you’re a fitness buff there is also free exercise equipment. The river is also a great place for an afternoon stroll, BBQ and fishing. Cost – Free

7 – Go Fishing – Hire some fishing rods from reception, buy some bait from 7-11 and head down to the river to catch some dinner. Cost – $6

8 – Fish and chips by the water – The great thing about Noosa is the fish is fresh and cheap. First point located on the right side of Noosa Main Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy your meal. Cost – $8

9 – Sand volleyball – grab a ball from reception and head to Nomads Noosa. They have their own sand volleyball court on-site or alternatively you can head down to the beach for a game. Cost – Free

10 – Live music – Nothing like having a nice cold beer and listening to some tunes! Nomads Noosa and KB’s bar and restaurant have live music every Wednesday and a live DJ Friday and Saturday nights. On Sundays they also have either Karaoke, a live DJ or a Sunday Session with live band and BBQ. Cost – Free

Lexis Welcomes New Cambridge Students To Noosa

Lexis Noosa and Nomads held a welcome BBQ at KBs for the new Cambridge students to meet each other and the general English students.

The students were given bright pink student orientation packs donated by Lorna Jane filled with goodies and vouchers from various business in Noosa. Then KBs supplied the students with some beer, wine and soft drink followed by an Australian BBQ in their backyard beer garden. The Nomads interns rallied the students for some games of sand volleyball while others played some games of free pool or relaxed outside with their new-found friends for the rest of the afternoon. Congratulations to Patricia who won an Everglades Discovery Tour and the volleyball teams who won a $20 voucher to KBs. Thanks to Anita, Nomads and KBs for an awesome afternoon!

September 2011 Activity Calendar

Check out the activities for September!

We start our Lexis Explore Volleyball Competition this month so get a team together and join in the fun every Wednesday to win some fantastic prizes!

Friday Jobs

The local Noosa News, which is delivered free to every household has lots of job vacancies.  Check it out.

We have also been contacted by Mark from Little Cove Court Resort who is looking for a housekeeper. Hours vary  but generally a minimum of 20 hours per week. If you are interested contact:  Mark Langdon  on    0424127365

Welcome to Lexis!

Global Village English Centres Australia have rebranded today as Lexis English!

Thank you to everyone for your support as we’ve moved through the rebranding process.  We’re very excited to be up and running now as Lexis!  If you have any questions at all about the new brand, please ask Becky and she will be pleased to discuss it with you.

Yuriko Kako Returns to Say Hello

It was a lovely suprise when Yuriko came back to say hello today.

 Yuriko studied at Noosa from April to September in 2010 and is now studying languages at university in Japan. Yuriko said that she misses her teachers (especially Sonia) and the happy, carefree, Noosa days. She was thrilled  to have the chance to come back and say hello. She is staying with her homestay family again, so she said it feels like coming home.

Thank you for coming by Yuriko and good luck with your studies in Japan.