Just Party!

Its been a huge week at GV Noosa with so many students coming and going.  Our Kendai Students have been a welcome addition to the school and we will be sorry to see them go.  Because this week has been such a big one for students and 1 particularly accident prone activities leader, it was decided that everyone should let their hair down and just relax.  Music, chips, chocolate and soft drinks  are a good start to the weekend.


Are Native English Speakers the best Language Teachers?

The world is changing! When a business man in China talks to a business man in France, what language does he use?

Nowadays, businesses may ‘outsource’ to companies all over the world. For example, a film company in Australia may use a Polish company to do their graphics, an Indian company to do their sound editing and a company in Germany to do their location searches. They use English to ‘talk’ to each other and so English has become the ‘Lingua Franca’ or language of common use.

It is interesting, that even in countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, where people traditionally could understand each other’s languages; now choose to communicate in English.

That is why students need to learn to understand English accents from all around the globe. Cambridge exams now use a variety of accents for the listening tests and are emphasising the importance of not relying on the traditional British accents.

So, having an ‘accent’ other than the traditional English one is no disadvantage to being an English teacher. Non native English speaking teachers who have had to learn learnt and English teachers who have learnt another language are usually wonderful English teachers. They understand the challenges of language learning. They tend to have a greater understanding of grammar structures than native English speakers and they tend to be more sympathetic to the frustrations of language learning.

So, if your teacher has a non traditional English accent, don’t think you are disadvantaged. It is not a hindrance to your English learning. The next time you are doing group work, remember that listening to the other students will help improve your global English skills and  help yourself, by talking to as many different nationalities as you can around your school every day.


Director of Studies

GV Noosa


A visit to the local gallery helped our FCE students prepare for their exams in August. 

This is what Sebastian wrote about his class excursion:

On Thursday 21 July we, the FCE class of Noosa, went with our teacher Sharon on a trip to the art Gallery in Tewantin.

This visit gave us the opportunity to have a look at traditional art from the Indonesian island Java. Everyone was impressed by the beauty and the details this kind of art offered. During our trip we also spent a lot of time comparing the different pieces of art in order to improve our speaking skills for the exam.

All in all this was a very interesting trip with much fun and we are all looking forward to going on our next trip.

By Sebastian Schuth

Kangaroos at dusk

Out in a bus we piled, our eyes steady on the trees and shade, waiting and watching for movement.  We weren’t disappointed.  A small group of kangaroos were quietly eating.  Standing upright as they saw our little group, they stood and watched us watching them, gave a scratch and had a yawn.  So quiet, so beautiful.  The sunlight streamed through the trees as it set, the air was cool and for a few moments we stood with nature, mostly untouched by man….


Aromas Noosa Staff Required

Aromas Noosa are looking for enthusiastic people who are passionate about the hospitality and service industry and who can demonstrate exceptional customer service combined with a cheerful personality.

Previous experience (3 years minimum)  in the restaurant industry is essential and wine plus coffee knowledge is highly regarded. The applicant must hold a current RSA certificate and have flexible availability.

Roster include’s weekends and nights and is $15-$19.99hr

Please forward applications to:

Sam Ingham – Myers sam@aromasnoosa.com.au