Cambridge Teachers Rule – OK

Our hard working Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced teaching team.

Jonathan, Sharon, Mary, Anne and Tim

It is nearly the end of another round of Cambridge courses and next week the first exams take place.  I asked the students to describe their teacher in a few words and this is what they said:

Anne, FCE: “Best teacher ever.  Helpful, lovely, kind, polite and on time”
Sharon, FCE: “Really kind and makes the course attractive. She makes it easy to learn”.
Tim, CAE: “A cool teacher, intelligent, relaxed, down-to-earth and a great story teller. Makes it fun”.
Jonathan, CAE: “Keeps us motivated. Hard working, always prepared and entertaining:.
Mary, CAE: ” Is a great grammar teacher. A  lovely person, Always concerned and helpful”
Thank you to our teachers and GOOD LUCK to all our Cambridge candidates with your exams.

Early start to Whale Season

The Sunshine Coast’s favourite visitors are a little early this year….

The first whales of the season have been spotted off the Sunshine Coast!

You will be able to see them now up until November.  Best viewing points are from Sunshine Beach or the National Park.   They are very easy to find when you learn how…check for splashes in the water when they jump.

Sunshine Coast Daily Article



Bingo Time!

It was that time of the month again when students gather in the TV Room to win prizes and hope to shout… bingo!

GV Noosa Bingo is becoming a popular activity each month and the students love to verse each other and win some great prizes. Not only is it fun but it assists the students in developing their english numeric skills. Today the students had to say each number that came out of the bingo barrel in their own language. We had bingo numbers being yelled in English, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. Everyone was a winner and received a $20 tribal night voucher. I’m sure they will have a great night tonight!

Free surf lesson with every Whitsunday’s booking this week!

Tribal Travel has gone crazy and are giving away a free surf lesson in Noosa with every Whitsunday sailing bookings.

Merricks’s Learn To Surf is one of the world’s best surf schools and are based in Noosa.  Located on the famous Noosa main beach where the water is warm and waist deep, Learn To Surf offers safe, professional and fun surf lessons.  Trained instructors use new technology soft surf boards and teaching techniques, providing you with your best ever chance to stand-up on the board.  Make sure someone has a camera ready when you catch your very first wave!

The Whitsundays are one of Australia’s most beautiful region’s, located here in beautiful Queensland… this is the place where you can go diving, partying, sailing, snorkeling, sunbathing, island hoping.. and much more!!
Ask Kayley and Taisa anything about the many boats and trips Tribal Travel can book for you!

Last Days At School

Today is the last day for some of our great students Tomohiro, Neide, Marcus and some others as well.  

It was also the last  teaching day for teacher Nathan Katterns at Global Village Noosa, he is moving into a sales position in Western Australia.   

His students made a card and enjoyed a party for him and the other class mates who are also leaving.  They will all be missed dearly by their teachers and new class mates.  

From all the staff at Global Village Noosa we wish a big farewell and best luck to all those who are leaving today.  We hope to see you in the near future.

Here is some feed back from Laura Koch one of our students studying at Global Village Noosa in an Upper Intermediate class.

It‘s always fun in our class.  Danielle’s got a great sense of humour and at the same time I can improve my English skills easily.  During the lessons Danielle encourages me to make progress and to work with different members of the class, which makes me understand different cultures and accents.  It’s a pleasure for me to be in this class and improve my English in such a nice place with a highly entertaining teacher like Danielle.

A Beautiful Afternoon of Beach Volley Ball

Students from Global Village Noosa headed to the beautiful Noosa Mainbeach yesterday afternoon for a few rounds of Beach Volleyball. 

Students enjoyed a good few rounds of competition with 5 to 6 players on each side.  The teams competed against each other however it was Anita’s team that was victorious 3 times in a row. 

The other team captain Patrick was keeping his players busy by teaching them how to signal with their hands to their team mates behind their back. 


All players competed well and there was plenty of good healthy competition with all students.  Here are todays players together for a group photo.

Be sure to come along and join in on all the hot action each week with our friendly activity staff.

Urgent – Job Vacancy

Here’s one for our Japanese students –

Jardin Japonesque, a new Japanese cafe that has opened in Arcadia Walk (about 3 minutes from school, here in the Junction) is looking for a Kitchen Hand.  If that sounds like you, give Kisa a call on 5448 0724 .  Looks like a nice cafe, too!

Tribal Travel Special for Global Village Students

Exclusive Noosa Hinterland tour- offer for GV students only!!

For Saturday 28 May! Pick up from GV.

Dont know what to do this Saturday… what about a Noosa Hinterland tour and discover what this beautiful area has to offer. Eumandi markets and Montville are great places to buy the perfect souvenirs for loved ones at home..

Book together with your friends for the price of 1.

Boomerang Tours Hinterland Day Tour is fast getting a reputation for being one of Noosa’s best days out.  Jump on board the Boomerang Tours air-conditioned bus, and head inland to the famous Eumundi Markets.  Then onto Kondalilla National Park and Waterfall for a rock pool swim and a FREE sausage sizzle lunch.  Next is Montville Mountain Village with over 100 craft shops, cafes and pubs.  And lastly onto the Mary Cairncross Reserve for a rainforest walk to spot pademelons (small kangaroos), and a stunning view of the Glass House Mountains.  Pick-up/drop off, lunch and all national park fees included. 

Note..Students who have won prizes don’t forget to claim them this weekend… last chance..!

 See you in the Tribal Shop!!!

 Kayley and Taisa

Beach Cricket

Yesterday students enjoyed a game of Beach Cricket on Noosa Main Beach.

Beach Cricket is one of Australia’s favourite pastime games to play on the beach.  Students from Global Village learnt the rules yesterday in a friendly match of Beach Cricket. 

All of the participating students were able to bat, bowl and field during the game.  It was great to see students enjoying one of Australia’s favourite games. 

Keep an eye out for more exciting games to be played in the near future with our friendly activity staff at Global Village Noosa.  It’s a great way for students to meet other students out of the classroom for some good healthy fun.


Why South American Students Love Noosa

I spoke to some of our beautiful South American students today and this is what they love about Australia and especially Noosa.

Rafael, Deisy and Billy Joel

Rafael Barbosa Teixeira, Brazil. “ It is my second time in Noosa, I could have choosen to study anywhere in the world but I returned here. It is a small city with a climate similar to ours. You don’t need a car to get around as you can walk or cycle. The people are friendly and it is easy to find work”

 Billy Joel Sakedo Pinas, Peru. “I came to Australia to see Koalas, Kangaroos and Dingos, it was my dream. I found them all here around the Noosa area. I also found unbelievably friendly people, my neighbours always say hello to me. I am studying and working and feel part of the community.”

 Deisy Caroline Santos Barbos, Brazil. Noosa is not so big and it is so beautiful, especially the beaches. I feel it is a peaceful and safe place to live and work  in”

Thank you guys, we love having you here also.

60 Seconds To Win It

Students from Global Village at Noosa geared up for some fun and games this afternoon playing 60 seconds to win it for today’s activity.  

The students competed not against each other, rather they competed against the time.  Sixty seconds of time to be more precise and they found that the tasks were not as easy as they first appeared to be. 

The three games that were played by students included Card Ninja, Balloon Juggling and Don’t Blow the Joker. 

Card Ninja is played by setting a cut piece of watermelon on a table the contestant must stand on a line that is 1.8m away from the table.  The contestant has a whole deck of cards and 60 seconds to try to get one card stuck into the watermelon like a Ninja throwing star.

The second activity of the afternoon that our students played was Balloon Juggling, if students were able to keep three balloons in the air for thirty seconds they had won themselves a prize.  One student managed to do this successfully. 

Finally the last game that we played today was Don’t Blow the Joker.  A deck of playing cards is placed on a bottle and you need to blow all the cards off except for the Joker card.  This game was a lot of fun and had people laughing and having a great old-time with some cheerful joking with each other.  

Here are the lucky winners this week, well done to all contestants and keep an eye out for the next 60 seconds to win it activity next month.

Beach Volley Ball

While some students stayed in the warmth of the classrooms and studied this afternoon, a number of students went down to Main Beach Noosa and played a few rounds of Beach Volley Ball today. 

Despite the slight chill in the air students were happy to set up the Volley Ball net and have a bit of play on the beach for the afternoon. 

Here are some pictures of todays games.  Enjoy…

Pancake Day At GV Noosa

Yesterday students gathered in the kitchen area to learn the art of making deliciously tasting pancakes.

When cooking pancakes its important not to flip the pancake too soon or too late!  As some students learnt very quickly when there pancake ended up looking like a heap of scrambled eggs or a well done piece of steak. 

The afternoon was a great success and the students enjoyed their pancakes with sugar and lemon juice squirted over the top or with sweet maple syrup,  mmm yummy.

 Global Village will be sure to run more cooking activities soon so keep an eye out to see what our students cook up next time. 

Friday the 13th – Horror Party

Friday the 13th Horror Party at Global Village Noosa went off with a scream! Students’ dressed in black for the occasion to celebrate the freaky Friday, along with a very suspicious and very scary looking character. A BBQ, cold beer, wine and soft drink was enjoyed by all who were brave enough to venture into the night and for those students superstitious of black Friday; they experienced no unlucky mishaps on this horrific night!

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Single Room at $170.00 per week, from

13th August 2011 to 1st October 2011

10th September 2011 to 16th October 2011

Twin Room at $130.00 per week, from

22nd May 2011 to 11th September 2011

27th July 2011 to 10th September 2011

1st October 2011 to 31st December 2011

Twin ensuite Room at $140.00 per week, from

24th July 2011 to 11th September 2011


Single Room at $170.00 per week, from

19th June 2011 to 31st July 2011

28th August 2011 to 1st October 2011

Twin Room at $130.00 per week, from

7th May 2011 – onwards

28th May 2011 – onwards

18th June 2011 to 24th September 2011

24th July 2011 – onwards

8th October 2011 – onwards


Single Room at $170.00 per week, from

18th June 2011 to 13th August 2011

Small Single Room at $130.00 per week, from

19th June 2011 to 31st July 2011

8th October 2011 – onwards

Twin Room at $130.00 per week, from

21st May 2011 to 8th July 2011

26th June 2011 – onwards

Twin ensuite Room at $140.00 per week, from

11th June 2011 to 10th September 2011

9th July 2011 to 10th September 2011

8th October 2011 to 5th November 2011


Single Room at $170.00 per week, from

Now available to 6th August 2011

15th October 2011 – onwards

Twin Room at $130.00 per week, from

Now available – onwards

5th June 2011 – onwards


Single Room at $170.00 per week, from

18th June 2011 to 17th September 2011

6th August 2011 to 10th September 2011

Small Single Room at $130.00 per week, from

Now available to 30th July 2011

17th September 2011 – onwards

Twin ensuite Room at $140.00 per week, from

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21st June 2011 to 6th August 2011

Twin Room at $130.00 per week, from

29th May 2011 to onwards

4th June 2011 to 16th July 2011

13th August 2011 to 24th September 2011

22nd October 2011 – onwards


Tribal Travel are planning a day out to Coolum Beach for some Skydive fun on the 21st May.

Departure will be from both Noosa or Maroochydore and includes Private Coach transfers to Coolum Beach, 14,0000ft Skydive with a beach landing, plus a free Cappuccino to warm those nerves…. all for only $330 (+$35 local fees to pay on the day)…..

Book with Tribal Travel to secure you place!

The Perfect Day For Study And Play…

It was yet another day of warm sun and cloudless blue sky in Noosa.

Where in the world can you have a day of school and still manage to have plenty of free time to play and relax afterwards… at GV Noosa! Today some students went swimming, others went surfing and a few played some soccer down at Noosa Main Beach. Just another typical day in the life of a GV Noosa student…


Staff required to prepare & cook up to 70 meals every Thursday night until the end of September. Additional duties will include –

  • Cleaning the Kitchen
  • Supervising the canteen on game days / nights
  • Cooking & serving  food such as burgers, chips, pies, making sandwiches
  • 16 – 20 hours per week at $20 – $25 per hour

(If interested please see Teacher -Dionne for further details).

Sound Support – Disaster Relief Concert SUN 15 MAY 2011

Sound Support is a one-off concert featuring headline acts John Butler Trio and Kate Miller-Heidke. The event at full capacity is expected to raise over $200,000 for the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, which will be disbursed to the people affected by the natural disasters in Queensland from December 2010 to February 2011. The program –

  • Welcome to Country
  • The Floating Bridges
  • Bob Abbot and The Fabulous Green Machine
  • Band of Frequencies
  • Kate Miller-Heidke
  • John Butler Trio

Tickets are $68 for adults, $40 for youth (13-17 years), $40 for pensioners and $10 for children (12 years and under). Note: There is a $2 booking fee per ticket.

Purchasing tickets

Tickets will be available from 10.00 am on Friday 15 April. For your convenience there are a number of ways you can purchase tickets to this event.

Please visit website for further info

We Have A Winner!

Today students at Global Village Noosa participated in a whole school activity of ‘Pass the Parcel’ with over $500 worth of prizes up for grabs.   

There was great excitement in the air, the students were playing for their chance to win the major prize being a free Skydive worth over $300.

Students gathered in a whole school circle and passed a large parcel around the group.  There was music playing and each time the music stopped students unwrapped a layer of paper to find a prize.  To the disappointment of some there were no prizes in some layers of paper, however some lucky students were happy to find either chocolates, party vouchers and of course the major prize of the day being a free Sky dive.

Here is the lucky Skydive winner Men Candrian from Switzerland who is 19 years of age and currently studying at the Global Village College in Noosa. 

When he was asked how he felt about winning, he replied very excitedly “I’ve never won anything like this before in my life.”  Men will take the jump from an aeroplane on the Sunshine Coast with the Skydive company Ramblers Skydive from Coolum Beach on the 21st of May. 

Any other students wishing to join him for the jump on the 21st of May are encouraged to book a Skydive jump through Tribal Travel Tours.  The cost of a Skydive including transfers is $330.   



Congratulations to Men from all the staff at Global Village Noosa, Tribal Travel and Ramblers Skydive.        


Friday Jobs

Looking for work?  Check out these Noosa options!


Labourer – Garden/Pool maintenance.  Casual, about 2 days per week. Email Brian at

Barista – If you are hard working, a team player and want to work in a fun environment contact Kelly on 5474 1434 .  Also seeking Chef/Cook.  Raw Energy.

Waitstaff – Fast paced Noosaville restaurant seeking energetic, friendly waitperson.  Evenings and weekends, award wages.  Call 0413 777 360

Dishwasher – River Cottage, Noosaville – Phone Marc on 0400 940 978, or drop in at 301 Weyba Rd

Office Assistant – MYOB experience, 3 days per week in Noosaville.  Email

Market Stall –   Suit student, min 6 month availability, own car, only weekend work, Brisbane. Ph 5474 4936 or e: .  St Laurence Services Noosaville

Good luck on the job hunt!

Global Village Accommodation Availability

Student House accommodation is now available. 

Belfa Place Student House – Noosa Heads

Male Student /Twin share room available from 22/05/2011 at $130.00 per week

Female Student /Twin en suite room available now at $140.00 per week

Challenge Court Student House – Sunshine Beach

Female Student / Twin share room available now at $130.00 per week

Male Student / Twin share room available now at $130.00 per week

Sarena Court Student House – Sunshine Beach

Male Student / Twin share room available now at $130.00 per week


Southern Cross Parade Student House – Sunrise Beach

Single room available now at $170.00 per week

Male Student / Twin share room available now at $130.00 per week

Tarina Street Student House – Noosa Heads

Small Single room available now at $130.00 per week

Twin en suite room available now at $140.00 per week

Perfect Conditions At Noosa For Volleyball

Today students from Global Village Noosa enjoyed perfect conditions playing Volleyball at Noosa’s Main beach. 

The students played four matches of Beach Volleyball together in the beautiful afternoon sunshine.  What a perfect way to spend sometime out of the classroom and on the beach with friends. 

Here are some pictures of the students enjoying the surf, sun and sand today!







Come On A Gold Coast Trip This Weekend!

Don’t miss out on a great weekend opportunity!

Go to the GOLD COAST on the WEEKEND of May 6 to 8 on a private air-conditioned mini-bus that will pick you up at GV and will take you straight there and bring you back.

Accomodation is included as well as a Party Pass with VIP entries in 5 nightclubs, food to get through the night and a lot of freebies.
Tell your friends and go see the girls at Tribal Travel for reservations and more information.