Going Out with A Bang

Today was a big day at Global Village, there were parties being held by classes as they farewelled classmates who are moving on to travel or return home. 

Daichi pictured below was loved by his classmates and will be surely missed by his teachers and peers.

Today is also the party for Laura from Switzerland who will be turning 18 over the weekend.  Happy Birthday Laura from all the staff and students at Global Village Noosa.  We hope you really enjoy your party and weekend.

Currently we have two couples that have come to beautiful Noosa to study English together.  They are wanting to improve their opportunities in life and to enjoy learning at such a great place.  In actual fact both couples are from Brazil.

IELTS Class are Dancing with Stars

The IELTS class were treated to a Balinese dance performance today by one of their classmates.


Rai Adnyani Gusti has been dancing in Bali since she was 8 years old. She has won many competitions and performed in Australia.  The IELTS students became dance students after Rai’s performace and discovered how difficult Balinese dancing is to learn.

Some more study tips on how to improve your English (Part 2)

Hi Guys,

I hope you found the previous tips on Speaking and Listening useful and have put them to good use.

This is part two where I’ll concentrate on Reading and Writing.

Reading:                                                                                                         As with listening, it’s a good idea to find the answers to: ‘who, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. Take notes.

Skim the text to get the main idea before you read it slower the second time for specific information.

Look for signal words that may show contrasting ideas or explanations and pay attention to pronouns as they often refer to the subject of the text.

When reading the newspaper or magazine articles look at the headlines and photos to try and guess what the article will be about. Use any prior knowledge you may already know about the topic, it will certainly make things easier for you.

Don’t worry about the words you don’t understand, try to guess so that you don’t stop reading every so often. Break the word down and see if it is derived from another. Look at its function; is it a verb, a noun, an adverb or an adjective? Finally, look up the words you don’t know when you have finished reading and see if you were correct.  It’s a great way to learn vocabulary and it will build your confidence.

 Most importantly find something that interests you to read, it’s the best way to keep reading. It doesn’t have to be educational; it could be based on a hobby or general interest.


Easter Break Up

Today students at Global Village Noosa were suprised with a visit from two Easter Bunnies.  Chocolate Easter Eggs for all and just in time before the Easter holidays.  

Global Village Noosa receptionist Cindy and Director of Studies Becky hopped into classes today spreading the Easter Joy. They gave Easter Eggs to students while they finished their studies and exams this morning.

 Students at Global Village welcomed the Easter Break with some Volley Ball and Sunshine yesterday afternoon.

 Today was also the last day for student Thais Sales from Brazil, she is moving to our Global Village College in Brisbane.  We hope you continue to really enjoy your study here in Australia. 

From all the staff at Global Village Noosa we wish you a happy and safe Easter.  We will see you all back in school on Wednesday next week.

Win A Free Safari


For this week only Tribal Travel are giving all students a FREE 3 day 2 night tour along the Noosa Everglades, when you spend over $100.

This trip will appeal to those wanting a brief change from city life, a chance to experience a beautiful and pristine Australian nature setting first hand, and the freedom to explore by canoe and on foot, while following a recommended itinerary to keep the days active, full and interesting.

Accomodation Available

Tarina street student house available from 30th April!

22 Tarina Street, Noosa Heads (within walking distance / close to college, beach).

Small single Room at $130.00 per week

Available from 30th April 2011 on-wards

The GV Chocolate Factory

Today students enjoyed making chocolate with their class mates as they attempted to make yummy chocolate eggs and chocolates for the afternoon.

Students melted down chocolate and made a their own signature designer chocolate with a combination of Milk, Cocoa, and White cooking chocolates.  We even had marshmellow and italian spiced herbed chocolate. 


After it is all melted and packed into little paper cups or easter eggs moulds its ready to be placed in the fridge until the chocolate is cool and hard.  After that well its time to enjoy the delights of making your own chocolate. 

URGENT – Position Vacant

Looking for work? 

A Brisbane-based transport company is looking for a student to work for their Noosa operations.

– Brazilian preferred, but other nationalities are OK

– Must be 25+ (for insurance reasons)

– Must have a driver’s licence

– Work from 2pm each day for around 20 hours per week

– Pay rate of around $17/hour + Holiday Pay + Superannuation

A representative of the company will be in Noosa tomorrow at lunchtime.  Speak to Becky if you’d like to apply and she can arrange an interview.

On The Hunt To Win

What do you do on a Friday afternoon when you’re a student at Global Village Noosa?  Well todays activity had our students competing against each other in a scavenger hunt around the Noosa Junction.

The competition was set with four teams of students who were competing to win a yummy prize pack of BBQ meats for their team.  They had a forty-five minute time frame to collect various items from shops, take pictures with team members and bring it all back to college for tallying up to decide the winning team with the most points.  

Laura from Columbia teamed up with three other girls they were the team known as Akiko’s Team.  Whilst the Brazilian boys jumped at the opportunity to win a BBQ and called themselves Team Brazil. 

The four competing teams included Akiko’s

Team, Team Brazil, Free Love and The No Names.  After the points for each team had been calculated here is how the results looked.

Akiko’s Team:  320

No Name:  205

Free Love:  295

Team Brazil:  320 

As we ended up with two teams winning the hunt the fairest option was to play a few rounds of Paper, Scissors, Rock.  The best way to come to a conclusion in any competitive arena.   The final result saw the boys Andre, Felipe and Renan from Brazil come out on top by winning the BBQ pack.  Laura from Columbia said it was a great fun and she really enjoyed the activity.  Akiko’s Team was given an ice cream for their champion effort.     

Friday Jobs!

Get your resume dusted off and check out these positions vacant….




Wait Staff / Bar Staff – An opportunity exists for very motivated people to work in a brand new restaurant -Tempo Noosa. Located in the dining precinct of Quamby place next door to well known restaurants Rickys and Wasabi

We are looking for wait staff, bar staff plus baristas.
To be a successful candidate for this role, it is essential that you:
* have years of experience in a la carte restaurants
* have great knowledge of food and wine
* demonstrate effective time management to ensure the smooth running of your section
* be well presented, with an eye for detail and great organisational skills
* have a RSA certificate
Contact Brooke or Chris on 5448 0188

Domestic Cleaning –  Our Client base are private Clients (Elderly & Special needs), so some experience would be beneficial, but not necessary, we do on the job training.
This position is a full-time position for self motivated people. Ranging from $400 – $600 per week ($18/hr).
You will be required to work on your own, so you will need your own RELIABLE car, mobile phone, basic cleaning supplies, vacuum & mop/bucket.
As you are a Self Employed – Contract Cleaner, you also require an ABN (Australian Business Number) and will be invoicing us, for your services, on a weekly basis.
We are a small and expanding business and would be very happy to meet with you for an interview.
Please call us on our Office no. 5448-6348 for more details and appointment times. Or email us on blue_palms04@hotmail.com
Floor Supervisor – A permanent floor supervisor is required for immediate start. Must have experience in all faucets of floor service and meet the following criteria;
Experience in the following areas;
  • Supervision of staff
  • Customer management
  • Money handling
  • Coffee making
  • Open/Close management
  • Stock Management
  • Table Service
  • Professional
  • Well presented
  • Positive attitude
  • Dedication to excellent customer service
  • Works well under pressure
  • Available weekends
About us;
  • Busy cafe on the Noosa River
  • Long term owners
  • Recognised for quality & service
  • Great team environment
 Pay is $21.41/hr
Please apply via email on nicole_anderson99@hotmail.com or call 0423015716 and leave a detailed message.

Hello From Taiwan

It is always wonderful to hear from past students.

Irene with teacher Phil Egan and her BEC classmates

Dear Phil, I chose three photos for you to put on blog, all of them were taken when I was studying in your BEC class. I really appreciate GV that gave me lots of good memories and I think I would never forget this wonderful learning experience in my life. Thanks for all of teachers who teach in GV, all of them are perfect with lots of good teaching skill. When I was studying in GV, the class atmosphere was never boring and always be positive and fun. Thanks again for their effort on teaching us!!

Regarding to my job, I’m working in smart phone company, HTC Corporation. The major task is to fulfill North America customer’s request and delivery shipments on schedule, I think it’s like a bridge between production and sales/customers, therefore communication skill is very important to me.

 It’s really great that I can email to you with my news, thanks a lot for the helping when I was in Noosa GV and your kindness and smile will always in my mind. Really Hope that one day I can have a chance to go back to Noosa and visit you.

Wish all the best,  Irene.AY Chang

The Sounds Of Celso

Celso treated the students to some lunchtime entertainment equipped with his great voice and a traditional Brazilian instrument called the Berimbau.

The Brazilian students gathered around to hear the sounds of home and so did students from other countries who had never seen such a musical instrument before. The sounds of Celso created a great vibe throughout GV Noosa at lunchtime on yet another perfect Noosa day!

Beach Volley Ball A Real Hit

This afternoon students went head to head with each other for a few rounds of Beach Volley Ball. 

Students warmed up with some practice while others the helped out putting up the net and drawing up the court.  The teams were chosen and the game was set to begin.  A couple of friendly rounds were played before things got serious and the real tournament kicked off. 


The teams were evenly matched with mixed players, team captains Victor and Nathan picked their team mates fairly before the match began. 

With a high level of competition that really heated up as each point was scored.  Even down to the last point it was hard to know which team would win the game in the end.  It was 10 points even for both sides with match point ready for the taking.  Finally Victors team had scored the winning match point.  Well done to all those who played it will be great to see more exciting matches played in the near future.    

Let’s Play Beach Cricket

Yesterday afternoon students studying English at Global Village Noosa headed off to Noosa Main Beach for a hit of cricket.


The students had never played cricket before but they were keen to learn the favourite pastime game that many Australians play when they go to the beach.  Two teams were formed and the students learnt how to bat, bowl and field.  The team captains Luc from Switzerland and Thase from Brazil encouraged their team mates to make runs and score points for their teams. 

In a testing match the winning team was Thase’s Team, she was very happy with her team’s performance and they all celebrated with a cool off dip in the ocean after the game had finished.  On Wednesday the students will play Beach Volley Ball on Noosa Main Beach.  Keep an eye out for the game results and hot pictures of sporting action at www.gvnoosablog.com

Why You Should Study English at GV Noosa

I received a lovely letter from a former student this weekend which says it all. Thank you Jenny.

Hi becky, I’m writing you because you are always glad when a former student writes you and that’s why I’m doing it 🙂

I left Noosa a few weeks ago, it was the end of my Aussie’s experience and it was hard to leave. By the way, I hope you still remember me. I’ve been thinking a lot about Noosa since I got back to Paris. I can’t really describe my feelings properly, but I guess the only word that comes up is Sadness. The come back to reality is pretty hard and weird. I think if it’s so hard to get over it, it’s probably because it has been so good. I want to say thank you because without the school I wouldn’t have met so many good friends. Also, I always had such great teachers when I was there, either General English or CAE (especially Sonia). All of them were so devoted and they took part in my improvement because I’ve never thought that I’ll improve so fast and also, never thought that my English was good enough to take the CAE course but bit by bit I found myself good enough for it. The GE course was a great step to review all the grammar basics as it was my weakness and to interact with others students. About the CAE course, it was much better as it was far more serious and we learnt more things, we still had loads of fun with my lovely class though. Noosa has a lot to offer, the beaches, the weather (even though we were not lucky at all with all the floods, cyclone and earthquakes in NZ and Japan), and people’s kindness. Queenslanders are the best. I couldn’t have made a better choice for studying. I made such good friends there, and I already met some of them right here, in Paris and I’m heading to Switzerland soon to see all my friends there. Noosa changed my studies’ plans. Actually, I’m planning to come back to Australia next febuary for studying in Melbourne. I’ve been to many countries but Australia is the best that I’ve never been to. It’s an amazing country for living and travelling. Anyway, I’m still waiting for my CAE’s results hoping that I did well and trying not to think a lot about Australia and Noosa, which is more difficult than I thought! I’m missing the school and Noosa heaps, hope that I’ll be back soon and see all the teachers’ faces again. Thank you for your smile and your big enthusiasm Becky. Wish the school all the best in the near future. See you, hopefully as soon as possible. Take care, Jenny!

FCE 1 Farewells Jasmine

Today, our Cambridge First Certificate 1 class, said a fond goodbye to Jasmine Schmidt ( seated centre of picture).

When Jasmine was offered the opportunity of work experience at Toowong State School in Brisbane, she jumped at the chance. Jasmine is a teacher at a school for deaf children in Switzerland. At Toowong, an innovative program allows hearing and deaf children to follow the same curriculum, with the hearing children learning sign language and the deaf children learning to to lip read.

Although profoundly deaf since birth, Jasmine communicates fluently in four languages via lip reading.  In order to be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, Jasmine was given a place in the Cambridge First class at our Brisbane school. We will all miss her and wish her good luck with her study and her future travels.  All the best Jasmine and please stay in touch, from teacher Sharon, your classmates and everyone at GV Noosa.

Job Opportunites

If you need your resume printed out then please email reception@gvnoosa.com.au and attach your resume as a word document.

Casual Chef/Cook
Noosa Sports
Noosa Junction
Click here for more information

Click here for more information

Click here for more information

Click here for more information

Student Night Sizzles

The student night turned into a student afternoon with a BBQ at the lions park yesterday.

It was Emilio’s last week at GV Noosa so he decided to organise a big BBQ as his bon voyage! He decorated the retunder with happy birthday banners because he couldn’t find any that said bon voyage and he wore a bright red sombrero to make sure he stood out of the crowd. There were plenty of party guests, food and of course… drinks! There was a mix of former GV Noosa students and current GV Noosa students and they all seemed to be great friends which was great to see!

Some tips on how to improve your English (Part 1)

Learning English is an ongoing process that doesn’t end when classes do or when you finish your course. It may even surprise you to learn that a good proportion of what you learn is learned incidentally, so, take advantage of the fact that you are currently living and studying in an English speaking country. Here are some helpful tips:


Speak English as much as possible and try to stress words appropriately. Intonation is really important and how you say something may have a totally different meaning to what you want to say, for example, ‘hello’ could be said in a friendly, sarcastic or indifferent tone.

Use your imagination and try this exercise:

Ask three different people, your friend (1), someone you don’t really know (2) and someone you don’t like (3):  what time it is, or invite them out for a cup of coffee.  You will probably find that you will say it a little differently each time.

Avoid speaking your own language while you are here because each time you do, you reproduce your own language’s stress and intonation patterns making it difficult to master the ones required for English. This is partially why you speak English with an accent. Mimic the sounds you hear, it’s a good way to learn. Besides, we know that you can speak your own language fluently so work on English!

Some students mistake speaking very quickly with being fluent. Speak slowly and clearly, so even if you make a mistake the listener will understand most of what you are trying to say. If you speak quickly the listener will find it difficult to understand you.

If you can’t find someone to practise speaking with, read aloud to yourself. This really helps with stress and pronunciation. Have you ever noticed that everything sounds great in your mind when you read silently, but not so great when you are asked to read aloud in class? If possible, tape yourself and listen to your pronunciation.


 Listen to the radio and watch the local news. Make sure you listen for ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’.  Listening to music and learning lyrics to songs is a fun way to learn vocabulary. You can try and guess the lyrics to songs before you download the lyrics from the net.

Eavesdrop on conversations on public transport, it isn’t difficult because most people use their mobile phones and they’re quite loud. Even so, try not to make it to obvious you might upset someone.

Watch DVDs without subtitles because the idea is to improve your listening not your reading.

I hope these tips are useful so stay tuned for the next instalment.

Patty Thomas                                                                                                                       Academic Manager – GV Sunshine Coast

May the force be with GV Noosa…

Students were treated to an afternoon of Wii Star Wars complete with glowing light sabers for their Monday activity.

Even if students were not a fan of Star Wars, they still had fun waving around the light sabers and using ‘the force’ on their opponents. Congratulations to Fellipe who won a $20 Tribal Night voucher.

GV Noosa Students Invade Tribal Travel

Tribal Travel hosted an exclusive competition for GV Noosa students for their chance to win a $100 travel voucher!

GV Students were escorted to the Tribal Travel shop around the corner by their hosts Kayley and Manu. To be in the chance to win the $100 voucher the students had to find certain holiday and information brochures and answer a few questions. The students had a lot of fun and left Tribal Travel with a lot more knowledge of tours and places to visit in Australia. Congratulations to Laura Restrepo, Stef van Weiringam, Rodrigo Sousa, Nadia Kuster, Victor and a huge congratulations to the $100 travel voucher winner Maya Geis!

Job Opportunities

New students – Please note that if you are looking for work that there is a job workshop starting the week of the 18th April. Check the noticeboard for more information.

 Light Domestic Work
Noosa Heads
$13 per hour
Contact Anastasia: 0450 881 239

Casual Front Counter
Noosa Ten Pin Bowling
Click here for more information

Noosa Heads
RW Noosa Holidays
Click here for more information

Easter holidays are not too far away which means businesses will be hiring! Make copies of your resume and hand them out to as many hospitality and retail places as you can.

Sandra’s Student Surprise!

It was teacher Sandra’s birthday today and she was very surprised to receive a bunch of beautiful flowers from her class.

We wish Sandra a very happy birthday and hope she had a great day… I’m sure she did after receiving her surprise gift!

Fish Tales

The GV Noosa activity today was fishing in the Lions Park.

It was a ladies afternoon of fishing with lots of laughs and tangles. For Sandra it was her first time and she managed to tangle the rod on the first cast! But after an hour she was a pro like the rest of the lovely ladies who joined the activity this afternoon. Congrats to Thias for catching the fish of the day!

GV Noosa Teachers In The Pink

It was happy ‘Au Revoir’ to Senior Teacher Lucy today, who is looking forward to welcoming her new daughter due in early May. 

All the teachers wore pink to celebrate the little girl and it was the perfect opportunity for a photo session. We send Lucy, her husband Jason and son William our best wishes for this exciting new chapter in their lives.