Make Friends For Life At GV Noosa

If you are thinking about studying English and meeting new people from around the world then GV Noosa is the place to be!

Just like Chantal, Evelyn and Mariana, you will meet and make life long friends from all around the world at GV Noosa. These lovely ladies attended the college three years ago and decided this year to meet up and travel to England for a reunion. They sent us a postcard to say hello and that they are having a great time talking about their experiences in Noosa!

3 thoughts on “Make Friends For Life At GV Noosa

  1. Uhuulll!!!! Just now i saw the blog!!!!!
    GV Noosa is the best school to learn english and make friends forever!!!!
    Ill go back to Noosa soon!!!!
    Miss u guys!!!

  2. Now is my time to meet up my great friends i’ve met in GV Noosa! Going to Swiss to meet my classemate from the FCE course i ve donne in this paradise! Gonna be great! I m pretty ansious to see them again.. and the best part is, I M GOING BACK TO NOOSA AFTER THAT!!! Can’t wait for all that! ^^

    Like Mariana Maricat’ve said, ” GV Noosa is the best school to learn english and make friends forever!!!”

    Lov you all!

  3. wuhuu u girls are awesome! and best of it..i’m the one who could meet both of you..or can meet both of you as soon gabi is here 🙂

    GV noosa is really amazing to go to school, meet friends and learn english!! 🙂

    Miss you guys tooo

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