So Saucy!!!

GV Noosa got a little saucy today at the Valentine’s Day Barbecue.  Prizes were up for grabs for the first two people who would kiss in front of everybody with sauce on their lips for five whole seconds.

Lara (Brazilian) and Jimmy (French) were the first couple to step forward for the challenge.  Their first kiss was not long enough so they were asked to do it again.  They won a surf lesson and an Australian Zoo pass courtesy of Tribal Travel.

Emilio (Spanish) was really keen to get a prize but it took him a little longer to find a daring candidate, soon enough he found Thays (Brazilian) and the two of them sauce kissed for five seconds and won themselves a trip to Underwater World.

Congratulations to our saucy Valentine’s.  Hopefully tonight will bring everybody love and happiness!


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