Pool and Pizza on a Friday Afternoon

The student’s at GV Noosa work hard all week, studying day after day and night after night, it is no wonder they head up to Nomad’s Backpackers for a piece of hot cheesy pizza and to cool off in the shady pool.

 Japanese students from Kindai High School have participated in the General English Activities and English classes for the past three weeks and have shared their wonderful personalities, attitudes, humor and talents with the rest of the school.

They have been an absolute pleasure to have here at GV Noosa and will be greatly missed by their teachers, friends, Kiyo and activity coordinators Nathan and Nadia.

They will take home with them an Australian experience of a lifetime!  They have participated in Aussie cricket, Beach volleyball, Swimming at the Coast’s beautiful beaches, Shopping, Pool swimming, Challenge fun, Movie World, Australia Zoo, a Magic Show, a choc chip cookie competition and who could forget the wonderful afternoon of stand up paddle, Noosa river Swimming and the five fish they caught fishing!

Goodbye Kindai.  Take very good care and we wish you a very bright future!

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