‘Cambridge PET Perfect Pathway to IELTS’

French student Noemie Robuchon was delighted with her recent PET examination result.  She scored an ‘exceptional’ mark for her writing and passed the exam with a ‘Merit’ score.


Talking about her experience of the PET course she said, ‘I liked the way we learned best.  It wasn’t just grammar.  Our teacher, Kerri, found fun ways to teach us.  We did a lot of activities and games.  This course is good for learning all the basics in English, as it gives you a lot of confidence.  This course was particularly helpful preparation for the IELTS course that I am studying now at GV Noosa.  It has helped me to cope with the grammar on the IELTS course by teaching me the basics.  If you want a pathway to IELTS, it’s the best thing to do.’

Noemie finishes her studies at GV in 2 weeks time to go travelling in New Zealand and Australia.  Good luck Noemie!

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