Out and About Starts Next Monday

Out and About Option is designed to maximise communication in a real life environment.

Available this round, to pre-intermediate and intermediate levels, choose this option if you have strong grammar and writing but need to lift your conversational skills.  

9am to 12pm  Students meet their teacher and prepare for and then participate in an exciting activity to promote vocabulary building, listening skills and speaking confidence. Activities include; visiting Australian TAFE colleges, river boat cruise, masterchef experience, travel industry experience, golf, beach games, local markets and our famous National Park.  Each activity has a vocabulary/fluency area focus that will need to be prepared for. So, extra homework but lot’s of extra fun!

1pm to 3pm Students have a two hour intensive session based on the usual morning unit.    Progress tests and  homework continue normal. At the end of three weeks, students rejoin their normal morning class.

October Activities

Hi Everyone!

Check out what’s on for activities this month!!!

We have a Doodle Jam, Hospitality Workshop, Didgeridoo, Master Chef, Lawn Bowls, Minute to Win it and much much more.

More prizes will be given away at selected activities courtesy from Tribal Travel.

FCE in the park!

The First Certifcate classes got together Friday afternoon for a different kind of class….

Rather than revising phrasal verbs and articles on the whiteboard, David, Sharon and Anne decided to take a different approach with their classes.  Heading down to the local park, it was a great change from the classroom, and, just as importantly, a chance to get to known students from other classes at the same level.

Competition between ‘David’s Nerds’, ‘Sharon’s Dream Team’ and ‘Anne’s Top Team’ was fierce, with the teachers also throwing themselves into the fray.

In the end, it was David’s team that won the phrasal verb challenge, while Sharon’s team couldn’t be beaten in the article race.

We look forward to our next social study session soon!

Massive Turn Out

Last night it was a massive turn out at KB’s Bar.  The fun kicked off at 8pm and the students were lining up for their free meal and cocktail.

To make the night more enjoyable students wrapped up in toilet paper and tried their luck by throwing 2 ping-pong balls into schooners with one hand.  After over 100 attempts lucky Livia hit the jackpot and one herself a free weekend to Mooloolaba to check out the miraculous marine aquariums at Underwater World and party on in Mooloolaba.

Next week Nadia will have more fun games and prizes to win at KB’s.  Check out the board and the blog for party updates.  Have a great weekend.  See you next week!

Friday Jobs

If you are looking for work perhaps one of these postions could suit you.

Chef – Halse Lodge Restaurant and Bar, part-time, flexible hours, great working conditions, phone Drew 5447 3377.

Waitperson/Barista – Experience necessary, Noosaville, 20-30hrs per week, must have RSA and be well presented, Grennys Restaurant, phone 5449 7215.

Experienced Chef – Fulltime position for motivated keen chef.  Long term opportunities, great hours, phone Michelle 5449 9755.

Waitstaff – Lindoni’s, for an interview please call Rio on 0438 190 799 or email resume to info@lindonis.com.au

Chef – Gusto restaurant, call 5449 7144.

Cleaners – Must be hard working, reliable and ready to start now, call John on 0412 222 563.

Retail Sales Person – Required for a Noosa womens fashion store, experience in clothes essential, casual rates, call Sandra on 0411 630 097.

Here are some more helpful websites when looking for work:







If you need to get an Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate, go to the following website and do the course online https://www.qldrsa.com.au

If you are interested in travelling after your studies and would like to do some seasonal harvest work, you can pick up a copy of the Harvest Guide 2010 from Nadia.

Love is in the Air

Hi Everybody!

This week has been awesome with Apples to Apples, Caption This, Defying Gravity, Card Ninja and Don’t Blow The Joker and tomorrow the passion awaits with Speed Dating on the cards.

What about:

Don’t bother me by urgent banana. – Alice

I think this banana smells. – Eduardo

A thief was caught living out his banana fantasy in a Noosa house. – Sabrina

What colour do you put in the toilet? – Jun

A sweet banana man uses a toy toy. – Michel

Idiot banana drops his kids in the pool. – K

Can’t wait! – Keiko

We also need time to do private work. – Justin

Banana in his pyjama. – Aline

The winning caption if you can went to Hyun from Korea:

Strange person who wears carrot clothes concentrates to reduce weight in the toilet.

 See you at GV AFTER DARK tonight at the KB’s bar at Nomads.  Don’t forget to be there before 8:30 to receive your free meal and cocktail.

I have some fun gmaes to play and student Marco will be DJ for the night!