Fancy That!

It’s not all about study, sometimes Students from Global Village Noosa just want to clown around.  They love to dress up for any occasion and party til the sun goes down.

Kicking off Wednesday night at the Noosa Heads Surf Club was round one of the State of Origin Football.  GV Students joined the party in fancy dress after celebrating up and down the Noosa River on a party boat.  the students danced til midnight to the sound of Nadia’s acoustic performance.

Karaoke will be on next week!  There will be plenty of prizes given away!!  Be there between 7pm – 8pm for Nadia’s shout!  Every karaoke star will receive a free drink and bonus prizes.

Mohammed Ali’s Speech for Suzie

Singing Happy Birthday to staff and students in the GV Square seems to be coming a tradition at Global Village Noosa.

Usually it is Nadia standing on the planter box in the middle of the concrete courtyard but this time Mohammed took us all by surprise announcing his well prepared speech for Suzie on her birthday last week.

Karaoke Charisma

Last Wednesday a huge amount of outstanding talent got up to sing live  at GV Members Karaoke Night.  Awesome prizes were given away and there will be more given away tomorrow night!

After the fancy dress boat party, be sure to come along and sing along with us.  You will receive a free drink and ticket entry into the GV raffle if you get up and sing a song.  All GV students will receive a raffle ticket upon entry and there will be free entry into the Rolling Rock after 12pm.

Nadia and Mark from Tribal Travel will be there from 7pm onwards and karaoke will kick off at 8pm.

Free Falling from the Sky

Last weekend a group of daring students jumped out of a plane, hand fed wild dolphins, threw boomerangs, partied and sun bathed at magical Rainbow Beach.

This Wednesday Nadia and the students will be displaying their jump’s on DVD in the presentation room at 2pm.  Come along and enjoy the excitement.  If you have a skydiving DVD you would like to share with your peers, bring it along and we will play it too!

Sail, Snorkel & Dive All in One!

Would you like to SAIL, SNORKEL and DIVE in some of the most spectacular places on earth?

If so, it can easily be arranged for you.  Tribal Travel has created the ultimate travel package for the long weekend in June.  Here are the details.

Places on this package are limited due to busy flights over the bank holiday weekend.  So if you’d like more information, please ask at Tribal Travel (across from the cinema) as soon as possible.

Father and Son Study Together

It is not often that a Father and Son have a chance to be in school together. Daniel and Manuel Michel spoke to activity Nadia today.

Why did you pick GV English College for study?

Manuel: “We had two schools to choose from.  One of them was in Surfers Paradise and the other one at Global Village Noosa.  My friend in Surfers Paradise, told me Surfers had many Swiss students, and I preferred to study at a school with less Swiss students.”

Daniel: “The company in Switzerland who helps with language schools showed us two films.  One film was about Surfers and one was about Noosa.  The films showed us information about the schools and the surroundings.  After having seen both spots, Manuel said let’s go to Noosa.  I wanted to visit a calm town with beach and no skyscraper’s.  It is interesting that the agency talked about not so many bars in Noosa but we have found it’s enough to keep us entertained.”

Do you like Noosa?

Daniel:  “It’s a paradise!”

Manuel: “It’s a big dream!”

What course are you studying and what do you like most about your course so far?

Manuel: “intermediate.  My friends in the class.  We have a nice time in the class.  It’s very fun.  Robert and Michelle are excellent teachers.”

Daniel: “I like that there is students in my class from different countries.  I can make different connections with different cultures.  I think the education is on a good level.  Class tasks are not taught just from grammatical point of views.  We do a lot of different tasks to enlarge my grammar knowledge.  There is a good atmosphere in the school itself in general, this I really like.  I am doing the upper intermediate  English course with Sonia.  She does it well.  Even the substitute teacher we had for one day was good.”

Why are you doing  an English Course?

Manuel: “On my first day here at Global Village, I did the test and the teacher told me intermediate was a good place for me to start because it’s not too easy and not too difficult.  In my job  I work with English letters.  I read English letters a lot and I don’t speak English as much.  I would like to improve on my English vocabulary skills, this will help me with my job.

Daniel: “I’m here in Australia for three months and then I will go back to Switzerland to my job.  Once in a lifetime my job gives me three months of paid leave.  In these three months I decided to have one month at the english school in Noosa.  My job doesn’t require me to speak much English but on the internet I need to use English a lot.  This course will help me with my internet skills at work and in any situation.  It will help me in general with reading and marketing books, workshops and studies in english.  The style of teaching and learning has changed.  It is very nice to use the PC for learning English.”

Daniel: “We are really happy in Noosa at school, and in the town!”

It is wonderful to have you both here!