Fancy That!

It’s not all about study, sometimes Students from Global Village Noosa just want to clown around.  They love to dress up for any occasion and party til the sun goes down.

Kicking off Wednesday night at the Noosa Heads Surf Club was round one of the State of Origin Football.  GV Students joined the party in fancy dress after celebrating up and down the Noosa River on a party boat.  the students danced til midnight to the sound of Nadia’s acoustic performance.

Karaoke will be on next week!  There will be plenty of prizes given away!!  Be there between 7pm – 8pm for Nadia’s shout!  Every karaoke star will receive a free drink and bonus prizes.

Mohammed Ali’s Speech for Suzie

Singing Happy Birthday to staff and students in the GV Square seems to be coming a tradition at Global Village Noosa.

Usually it is Nadia standing on the planter box in the middle of the concrete courtyard but this time Mohammed took us all by surprise announcing his well prepared speech for Suzie on her birthday last week.

Karaoke Charisma

Last Wednesday a huge amount of outstanding talent got up to sing live  at GV Members Karaoke Night.  Awesome prizes were given away and there will be more given away tomorrow night!

After the fancy dress boat party, be sure to come along and sing along with us.  You will receive a free drink and ticket entry into the GV raffle if you get up and sing a song.  All GV students will receive a raffle ticket upon entry and there will be free entry into the Rolling Rock after 12pm.

Nadia and Mark from Tribal Travel will be there from 7pm onwards and karaoke will kick off at 8pm.

Free Falling from the Sky

Last weekend a group of daring students jumped out of a plane, hand fed wild dolphins, threw boomerangs, partied and sun bathed at magical Rainbow Beach.

This Wednesday Nadia and the students will be displaying their jump’s on DVD in the presentation room at 2pm.  Come along and enjoy the excitement.  If you have a skydiving DVD you would like to share with your peers, bring it along and we will play it too!

Sail, Snorkel & Dive All in One!

Would you like to SAIL, SNORKEL and DIVE in some of the most spectacular places on earth?

If so, it can easily be arranged for you.  Tribal Travel has created the ultimate travel package for the long weekend in June.  Here are the details.

Places on this package are limited due to busy flights over the bank holiday weekend.  So if you’d like more information, please ask at Tribal Travel (across from the cinema) as soon as possible.

Father and Son Study Together

It is not often that a Father and Son have a chance to be in school together. Daniel and Manuel Michel spoke to activity Nadia today.

Why did you pick GV English College for study?

Manuel: “We had two schools to choose from.  One of them was in Surfers Paradise and the other one at Global Village Noosa.  My friend in Surfers Paradise, told me Surfers had many Swiss students, and I preferred to study at a school with less Swiss students.”

Daniel: “The company in Switzerland who helps with language schools showed us two films.  One film was about Surfers and one was about Noosa.  The films showed us information about the schools and the surroundings.  After having seen both spots, Manuel said let’s go to Noosa.  I wanted to visit a calm town with beach and no skyscraper’s.  It is interesting that the agency talked about not so many bars in Noosa but we have found it’s enough to keep us entertained.”

Do you like Noosa?

Daniel:  “It’s a paradise!”

Manuel: “It’s a big dream!”

What course are you studying and what do you like most about your course so far?

Manuel: “intermediate.  My friends in the class.  We have a nice time in the class.  It’s very fun.  Robert and Michelle are excellent teachers.”

Daniel: “I like that there is students in my class from different countries.  I can make different connections with different cultures.  I think the education is on a good level.  Class tasks are not taught just from grammatical point of views.  We do a lot of different tasks to enlarge my grammar knowledge.  There is a good atmosphere in the school itself in general, this I really like.  I am doing the upper intermediate  English course with Sonia.  She does it well.  Even the substitute teacher we had for one day was good.”

Why are you doing  an English Course?

Manuel: “On my first day here at Global Village, I did the test and the teacher told me intermediate was a good place for me to start because it’s not too easy and not too difficult.  In my job  I work with English letters.  I read English letters a lot and I don’t speak English as much.  I would like to improve on my English vocabulary skills, this will help me with my job.

Daniel: “I’m here in Australia for three months and then I will go back to Switzerland to my job.  Once in a lifetime my job gives me three months of paid leave.  In these three months I decided to have one month at the english school in Noosa.  My job doesn’t require me to speak much English but on the internet I need to use English a lot.  This course will help me with my internet skills at work and in any situation.  It will help me in general with reading and marketing books, workshops and studies in english.  The style of teaching and learning has changed.  It is very nice to use the PC for learning English.”

Daniel: “We are really happy in Noosa at school, and in the town!”

It is wonderful to have you both here!

Do You Need a Break?

If so, book yourself and some friends on one of the exciting GV EXPLORE packages.

Designed especially for the students at GV Noosa, the GV Explore packages provide a cheap, easy and fun way to explore different places on the weekend.

Whether you ‘d like to hand-feed wild dolphins, surf sand dunes or swim with sharks, GV Explore has a package for you.

For more details check-out the notice board, or speak to Nadia at the Activities Desk.

Volunteers Needed for Ripe Festival

Would you like to attend the Noosa RIPE Festival?  Read on to find out how.

Volunteer for four hours and receive free entry and transportation to the Ripe Festival.

The two types of  volunteer roles are  wrist banders and event runners. The following is brief position description for each role:


These volunteers will be part of the entry point team. They will be allocated to an entry lane and will apply entry wristbands as instructed and particular to the lane they are working in.

This is position may also call for some logistical help in set  up /pack down of the area if required. This is low-level impact role with minimal physical exertion or lifting required.


These volunteers will aid the site/event office management team in the final prep and running of site artist logistics. It will entail things like , order allocations, meal distribution, event administration and any other support roles that the event team requires. This role has a medium impact level where physical, manual labour and lifting work may be encompassed.


The following inclusions will be made available to each volunteers that are part of the event:

  • Free Entry to Event
  • 1 Meal Voucher Per Shift
  • Water as required during the shift
  • Personal Protection Equipment – if required
  • Sun Block as required
  • Transport – Event day travel for Free on event shuttle busses only


The event as part of utilizing volunteers have the following expectations:

  • All volunteers are over the age of 18
  • All site event rules to be adhered to
  • Volunteers are to hand in their accreditation after their shift…in the case of AAA
  • No consumption of alcohol during shift period
  • Carrying of drugs and contraband will be reported to police
  • Volunteers are subject to security and bag checks
  • There is to be no property of the event taken out of the event site unless authorized.
  • All volunteers are expected to complete their shift in full to gain the full entitlements
  • Report to and follow the instructions of the allocated area supervisor..mainly the Asst Site Manager.
  • All volunteers to wear covered shoes and clothing
  • All volunteers to use supplied Personal Protection Equipment when required.


All volunteers will be given a particular accreditation band, it will be advised closer to the event date.

  • BUMP IN DAYS (Wed 25th May – Fri 28th May)

All volunteers to go to the Site Production Entry via Fellowship Drive and Charles Sturt Memorial Drive. Accreditation will be picked up here before entry to the site. Your onsite contact will be Matt Simms – Asst Site Manager. The guard at the production gate will radio through to Matt who will collect volunteers.

  • EVENT DAY (Sat 29th May)

Upon arriving to the site, all volunteers are to register at the Box Office. Their accreditation  will be ready for them under their name. Volunteers will be directed to their particular area supervisor for briefing.

Event Contacts for volunteers will be:

Hannah McCann – Event Site Administration

Matt Simms – Asst Site Manager

Both these contacts are to be notified by event radio by the Box Office Staff upon arrival of volunteers.


  • BUMP IN DAYS (Fri 1st May – Sat 2nd May)

Public busses run past Fellowship Drive along Eumundi Noosa Road on weekdays and weekends. I have attached the bus schedule and notes from the local bus coordinator.

  • EVENT DAY (Sun 3rd May)

Volunteers can catch the event shuttle that will run from Noosa Terminal to the event site. This will be free of charge for volunteers where we will supply successful applicants with a pass to utilize these services. The shuttle will run to and from the site as per the following schedule:

INGRESS: 11am-3pm       EGRESS: 7pm-11pm

Services run to and from:

  • Noosa Central Bus Terminal
  • Coolum Surf Club
  • Nambour Train Station


Public Liability Insurance for the volunteers will be covered by the event RIPE Noosa Pty Ltd

Please see Nadia at Activities for more information and application.

Desperate Housewife Needed

Looking For Work?

Dear Students,

A local female resident is in urgent need of a student who has a caring nature and who will be willing to do some housework duties in exchange for accommodation and food.

It is an excellent opportunity for somebody who knows how to use their initiative and an eye for detail.

The home is located not far from the Noosa GV College.  We will consider males and students who have finished their study period.  You will be required to start asap.

Please speak to Nadia or Jo in the homestay office for more details.

Yours sincerely,

Nadia Colbourn

‘Skydiving at Rainbow’ Weekend

This weekend will send your spirit flying!

A group of students will be visiting Rainbow Beach this weekend to jump out of a plane!  that’s right the mad men and women have decided to take the plunge from 14,000ft over looking Fraser Island and The coloured sands.  WOW! It’s so exciting!

Wednesday week we will share their experience on DVD in the presentation room at 2pm.

Quicker than the Eye

Magic by Sean has been the biggest activity this year at Global Village Noosa.  Nearly 100 students attended the 2pm magic show on Monday.  Sean was quick on the tricks and the students couldn’t believe their eyes!

Many moons ago, local Canadian author Sean Tretheway visited Noosa and fell in love with its beautiful beaches and surroundings.   Sean loved it so much, he decided to move here and find a job.

Sean soon found himself working behind one of the bars.  He always fancied a little magic and found himself entertaining customers from behind the bar with a trick or two.  It was then Sean realised he could make money out of performing magic tricks so he started a serious career as an illusionist  His new career sent him around the world.

On Monday Sean had GV students at Noosa marvelled for one whole hour with his illusionary flair.  Short ropes turned into long ropes, two rabbits multiplied into ten rabbits, blank cards turned into picture cards and a fifty dollar note turned into a five dollar note.

Liliane wrote her name on a ten-cent coin and gave it to Sean.  A few waves of the wrist and ‘ABRACADABRA’ the coin disappeared.

Who knows how the ten-cent coin with Liliane’s name on it ended up in a bag inside a matchbox, inside another bag tied up with a rubber band, inside another bag tied up with a rubber band, inside another bag tied up with a rubber band hiding inside his jacket pocket?  No one saw him put it in there.

Fun Olympics at Pinaroo Park

Seven teams of four marched themselves to Pinaroo Park to compete in the Noosa GV Fun Olympics and had a ball of a time.

The students were given a task to come up with their own team names and participate in a round of olympic activity’s.  the students were faced against the challenge of Teabag Throwing, Plastic Baseball, Sack Races, Ping-Pong and Spoon Races, Three legged Races and Dizzy Pole Relay’s.

Ana Paula took out the award for the ‘Worst Tea Bag Thrower’ as she planted one high in the Banksia tree.  Ricky also had a lot of trouble when he realised the tea bag should land in front of the line, not behind the line.

Nearly everybody was disoriented after spinning around a pole for ten times and it certainly slowed them down to reach the finish line.

The winning team ‘Masa’, were awarded with special GV medallions which they will be able to show off in their home countries.

Karaoke Star Wins Ripe Festival Tickets

Every Wednesday students will be going to the Noosa Heads Surf Club to enjoy a night out with their friends and perform their favourite songs.  There are plenty of prizes to win!

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, KARAOKE!  Last Wednesday was our first GV Members night at the Noosa Heads Surf Club.  Nadia shouted a round of drinks and there were many prizes to be won!  Our student Tamara was lucky enough to take home the two ripe festival tickets as a prize for her karaoke hit performance!  Jin won herself a cd, Matthias won a surf lesson courtesy of Tribal Travel and Met tickets to a Brisbane concert were also taken home by one of our lucky GV Members.

Come along next week if you want to join in on all the fun and games!  It all happens on a Wednesday!

Almost Famous on 101.3FM

Today a group of Global Village students participated in a Media Tour in the Noosa Junction.  The students were recorded live by Noosa Community 101.3 radio host Jacqui who will play the recording on Monday 17th May between 8am and 9 am.  Tune into 101.3 FM to hear our almost famous students and read the Noosa Journal for our story in the upcoming weeks!

The tour started at Noosa Community Radio 101.3 where Rafael and Duncan performed some original music live on air.  The other students got to mention what they love about Noosa.  You will be able to tune into 101.3FM to hear what they had to say.

Afterwards the tour group went behind the scenes at Noosa School of Rock to check out how musical recordings are developed with business owner Steven Smythe.

From there, the students went on to Paul Smith’s photography studio to catch a glimpse of professional photography and editing at its finest with Melanie.

Grammar Workshops an Outstanding Success

Our twice weekly grammar workshosp are sell outs. Students are queuing to attend and it is not surprising when they are taught by such entertaining teachers as Suzie and Tim.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney waited patiently in the GV Noosa courtyard  for Suzie’s world renowned grammar lesson to start…


Lower Level – Elementary and Pre-Intermediate


Thelma and Louise were not happy when they missed Tim’s superb grammar lesson.

Upper Level – Intermediate and above

Thurday 20 May 2-3pm TOPIC: Time Clauses

Don’t make the same mistake.  Sign up now!!!

Beach Safety with our Local Lifesaver, Bryce

Many people visit Australia for its beautiful beaches and summertime fun.  Although these beaches can be helpful when we need to relax and cool down, they can also be very dangerous.  Today students at GV Noosa enjoyed the company of one of Noosa’s local lifesaver’s, Bryce, who reminded them of the importance on beach safety.

Apparently swimming at the beach used to be illegal because of the dangers associated with swimming.  In 1907 beach local’s put together a beach safety patrol foundation so people would be allowed to swim.  This is how Surf Lifesaving began in Australia.

Noosa’s life guard Bryce, played an informative DVD describing the dangers associated with swimming at the beach and informed the students of the steps to take if they ever found themselves in danger.  Some of the dangers included: rips, blue-bottle stings, shark attacks, body surfing and big waves.

The students learnt to always swim between the flags, read the beach signs, put up their hand when they are having difficulty in the water and swim with a friend to prevent any serious injuries from occurring when swimming at the beach.

Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

Australia’s biggest attraction is it’s natural beauty.

The landscapes around Noosa vary from endless beaches, to the lush green rainforests and waterfalls of the hinterland.  The best way to experience the great outdoors is to camp right in the middle of it all.  Grab a friend, hire some camp gear and make your own adventure.

Check out to get information on campsites in the Noosa area.

Full camp sets are hired out at excellent rates.  All equipment is clean, working and in excellent condition.

Friday Job Listing

If you are looking for work you will need a resume.  If you need some assistance please make an appointment to see Nadia on Tuesdays or Thursdays after 2pm.

Chef – Backpackers Hostel, flexible working hours in Noosa Heads, Phone Drew on 0418724736.

Casual Cleaner – experienced, must have own equipment, ABN, Phone 0400 005 446.

Hospitality Staff – Must be experienced, 5 years experience, Sails Restaurant Noosa Heads, email applications to or fax  075447 5995 or mail resume to 75 Hastings Street.

Cleaner – Award rates, experienced, and reliable, short hours, morning only, please phone 5447 5800 after 2:30pm.

Home Assistant – Assist woman with household chores and daily living tasks, please speak to Nadia or Jo in Homestay.

French Teacher – Looking for a student who can teach children French at home, please see Nadia at activities.

GV Students Launch Fraser Island Film

A group of Global Village students had the adventure of a lifetime on Fraser Island, all of which was caught on camera.

The students were given a task to record and produce a short film capturing the essence of Tribal Travel’s GV Explore Tour, ‘Fraser Trailblazers’

Students awoke at the crack of dawn to get an early start.  The adventure began as soon as they jumped in the troopy and headed North from Global Village Noosa.  They visited a world of beautiful locations including: Rainbow Beach, The Carlos Sandblow, The Coloured Sands, Inskip Pont, Indian Head, Eli Creek, Lake Wabby, Lake Birrabeen, Eurong, Central Station, Pile Valley and The Maheno Shipwreck.

The Short Film will be launched next week at Irish Murphy’s Tribal Night, Monday 10th of May.  Aim to be there at 7:45 for your free meal and so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Tribal Night at Irish Murphy’s this Monday is set to be extra special.  Come along for the chance to win a 3 day fully guided tour to Fraser Island courtesy of Trailblazer Tours.  Tickets for a free BBQ and entry to the prize draw can be collected from

Tribal in Noosa Junction (across from the cinema).

What’s the Buzz?

The latest craze in Dionne’s CAE class is Facebook’s online scrabble.

Kate and Sophie say it is a great tool for increasing their vocabulary skills as well as being heaps of fun.  They play regular games against each other both at school and on the weekends.  “It’s addictive”, commented Kate.  So, try something new and get hooked online with scrabble!

Black Belt Professionals Teach Global Tae Kwon Do

At Global Village Noosa today, students participated in an extremely valuable class of  Tae Kwon Do with instructors Chris, Dennis (GV student) and Ryan.

Students learnt  a wide series of serious kicks and self-defense blocks which they can use towards any harmful situation they may encounter in the future.  Some of the students could kick so hard and fast, they appeared to be more dangerous than our instructor’s.

Instructor Chris Blight holds Tae Kwon Do at Noosa Life Fitness Centre and is offering free classes to all GV students on Friday  afternoons. If you would like more information please see Nadia at activity desk.

Visit this website if you would like to contact Chris Blight or other Tae Kwon Do instructors in Australia.

PADI Open Water Scuba Course

Get your PADI Open Water Dive Course Certification or Dive the local reefs off Noosa with experienced dive masters. Go for a snorkel adventure around the calm waters off Noosa National Park.

The PADI open water diver course is the world’s most recognisable dive qualification and is your passport to the world of scuba diving.  It is just the beginning of your dive education and will be the start of an exciting adventure that you will hopefully carry on for the rest of your life.

Course includes:

  • Hire gear
  • Theory
  • Pool Dives
  • Open water dives

Learn to dive here in Noosa! Get a group of 4 or more together and you will get a great savings.  All you need to provide is a dive medical and 2 passport photo’s.

Please contact the Activities Officer at GV English College in Noosa to register your interest.  A course is starting this week.

For more information go to

Professional Tae Kwon Do Workshop

At Global Village Noosa, martial arts has been really taking off.  Last month students crowded around to participate in Capoeira.  This month students have the opportunity to expand on their self-defense skills in a Tae Kwon Do workshop.

“There’s Nothing Like Australia”

Tourism Australia is currently running a photo competition called “There’s Nothing Like Australia” which gives participants an opportunity to share their favourite moments in Australia.

The competition is a great way to show off your photographic skills and to practise your English at the same time.

When you submit your photo entry, you also need to complete the sentence “There’s nothing like…” with a phrase which explains your photo and your favourite experience in Australia.

You can enter the competition online at: 

Given the high quality of entries for the GV Noosa photo competition, why not give this competition a try too?

Perhaps “There’s nothing like studying at GV Noosa!” might prove to be a winning entry!

Good luck!