Cambridge Proficiency Course in Noosa, Australia

We asked beautiful  Rahel Ruprecht what she thought about her CPE program here at Global village Noosa, and this is what she had to say:

Why are you doing a CPE program?

I’m having a break between university and high school and thought it would be good to have an exam at the end of the break because I will start to study Biology when I return and I think that it’s quite important to have English skills for Science Industries.

Why are you doing it in Australia?

I wanted to spend some quality time in Australia.  I like the idea that Australia seems so far away from Switzerland.  It seemed a waste to go for a short holiday because of the distance between the two countries so I chose to come as a student to have a long visit.

What will you use your CPE course towards?

I hope I can use it to study in other countries like America and England and afterwards, I could use it to help me find a job in science.

Do you enjoy the CPE course at Global Village Noosa?

Yes I enjoy it but it’s quite hard.  The exam questions are quite difficult but we are being prepared well.

What do you like most about studying in Noosa?

I like the fact that you can go to the beach after school or just spend a relaxing afternoon or evening with friends somewhere.

Thanks Rahel and good luck to you and all your clever classmates.

Students Take Interest in University & Tafe Pathways

Students were delighted to hear about future study options from the University of the Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Institute of Tafe information workshop this week.

The seminar was valuable to students who wish to continue with their studies in Australia on the Sunshine Coast to specialise in specific faculty courses and degrees .

We would like to thank guest speakers,  Trent and Katie for their information, time and hacky sacks.

Lots of equipment to borrow!

Did you know you can borrow all sorts of items from the school?

DVDs, Playstation 3, Singstar Karaoke, ping pong equipment, volleyball nets, volleyballs, soccerballs, basketballs, cricket sets, tents, air mattresses, arts and crafts materials, board games and poker tables!

You’ll need to bring your student card to leave with Carly.

Students Learn How to Get a Job Quick Smart

Our innovative Work Shop program helps our students find jobs as quickly as possible.

The classes are very practical and students write and print out their resumes, learn how to apply for work locally and how to do their best at interviews.  Teacher Phil Egan ensures that the classes are never boring and the best thing is that they are FREE!  There are still places available, so if you are keen to work in Noosa as soon as possible, sign up today or come and see me for more information.  Becky 🙂

Zenning Out with Zoe

Studying can be so stressful at times.  Sometimes peace of mind is what we are all looking for.  GV teacher Zoe prepared an hour of Yoga relaxation to help some of our students unwind this week.

Yoga has become very popular on Tuesday’s in room 10 with Cambridge English teacher Zoe.  We could say she has started a new trend at school seeing so positions are filled every week.  On Wednesady Zoe held a Yoga session in the common room for students to participate and learn more about breathing, body movement and relaxation.  Zoe says, “The benefits of Yoga will increase your longevity.  I believe the student’s keep coming back each week because it makes them feel so good”.

After 45 mins of interesting postures and movement, Zoe led the students through a tranquil meditation to complete the Yoga session.  Zoe says, “This is a very important part to any Yoga session”.

The students will be able to use what they have learnt about Yoga at school in their own home environments or natural surroundings to unwind and relax whenever they like.

Thank you Zoe:)

Adrenaline is Pumping GV Photo Comp

Wow! The Photo Competition entries are looking great!  Dont forget there are heaps of prizes up for grabs.  One of our lucky winners will take home a FREE Skydive courtesy of Tribal Travel.  That’s exciting!

This weekend is a good chance for students to take some creative photos to enter the comp.  If you are going on a Tribal Travel Tour this weekend dont forget to take some awesome pics on your tour and enter them into the Best Tribal Travel Tour category!

The winners will be decided by our panel of 5 judges, Paul Smith (professional photographer), Kayley (Tribal Travel Tour Operator), Teacher Zoe, Teacher Rachel and Our Mystery Judge.

Get your entires in quick, there’s not much time left before the Photo Competition Presentations on Friday the 30th of April, 2pm in the kitchen.  I will be accepting entries up until 5pm Wednesday the 28th of April.

We will be displaying all the entries on the Big Screen in the kitchen area.  If you have no entries in the competition come along and support your friends!

Good Luck everybody!!!!

Timetable Changes

Students please take note of the Activity changes for next week.

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) will be visiting the school on Wednesday 28th of April at 2pm to speak with you about further University and Tafe study options.

The Photo Competition will now be held on the 30th of April on Friday at 2pm.  There will be no Guitar Hero Competition this Friday.

For any further enquiries please talk with Nadia.