Happy Easter for Everybody

Easter is only a step away and GV Noosa is already bunny hopping around!

Finally a long weekend has come for the students and staff to take a little time out and get some R&R (rest and relaxation) over Easter 2010. Not only is Easter recognised for chocolate eggs, bunny rabbits and school holidays, it originally stems from Christianity beliefs and celebrated by churches for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our GV Noosa Bunny bounced around school with a basket of eggs to bring out the easter spirit in us all.  This weekend will be memorable for most of the students because of the trips they have planned.  Fraser Island is booked out, Sydney Reunion trips are on the go, The Great Noosa Camp Outers are ready to make music and Family and friends will spend quality time together.  We look forward to sharing our holiday stories next week.


Brazilian Party Rox!

After many student requests for a Brazilian Carnaval Party, a fiesta exploded on the 25th of  March at Nomads and continued across the road at Irish Murphy’s.  It was an extreme night of fun for everybody!

People from all nationalities came together and celebrated the culture of Brazil.   Brazilian music played all night long and everywhere you looked colours of  green, blue and yellow filled your eyes.

The party did not finish at Nomads.  After midnight all the students and backpackers moved the carnaval to Irish Murphy’s for another round of drinks and disco dancing.

As usual, the GV Students have shown us how to party.  The Brazilian girls in particular showed their strength by rocking up to school earlier than usual the next day.

Hollywood Star Drama

The drama class in the afternoon is very popular at the moment.

The two drama classes will be giving a joint performance of a surprise play to the whole school in 3 weeks time. Showing the good work, talent of students and the will to become a famous actor/actress.

Here you can see Tim’s class preparing for Hollywood.

Would You Like to Hand Feed Wild Dolphins?

Take a GV EXPLORE weekend break to Rainbow Beach and you could experience the magic of feeding dolphins in their natural environment.

For next to nothing you will have your weekend away organised for you.  This includes return Greyhound buses, hostel accommodation with free breakfast, return ferry cruise, and dolphin feeding.

Why not make it even more exciting and add an optional upgrade of dolphin kayaking, or a barefoot 14,000 feet skydive.  The choice is yours.

Get more information, and book your place with Nadia on the student activities desk.

Cambridge Students Really Know How To Party

Not content with a huge “Brazilian themed’ student  party on Thursday night, these students were found drink in hand before school on Friday morning!

They were celebrating Corinne’s birthday and their weekend trip to Fraser Island. Have a great trip but don’t forget to do your homework guys!!

Games Day Winners Take Home A Tour

Yesterday two groups of students got together for a play off with world wide known games ‘Scrabble’ and ‘Monopoly’.

The winners from Monopoly were given a champagne dinner everglades cruise and the highest score word-winner at scrabble took home  an adventurous Kayak Tour around the prestige Noosa National Park.  Both tours were courtesy of Tribal Travel.

The students worked their brains to buy the most property, make the most cash and build highest scoring words.

‘Zoosa’ gave a whole new meaning to naming word ‘Noosa’, and ‘Gee’ wasn’t found in the dictionary.  “Oh gee, I’m not sure why?”.   Ross and Steve took home the tour prizes and will be hard to beat on our next games day.

Our New Cambridge Students

GV Noosa gave a big welcome party for the new Cambridge students on Monday.

We have students enrolled for the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE), First Cambridge Certificate (FCE) and Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE). Noosa is recognised world wide as a centre of excellence for the Cambridge exams. As you can see from the photo above and the selection below, they are already studying hard!!