Michael Schanner moving on

Michael Schanner would love to return to Noosa, this is what he says.

Dear All,

I am very happy to give you a response about my experiences in Noosa and especially at Global Village.

When I first came here I was wondering how it would be on the day when I had to leave Noosa and now I’m sitting here on the beach and thinking back over 3 months without a care in the world.  I felt like a teenager and that was a really great feeling.  Every day I got up at 8am, took my lovely prepared lunchbox from my host family and rode to school.  On the way to school there are a lot of students walking on a path through a small forest and at this point I first realised the amount of multinational students who are all going to Global Village.  Before I decided to do an English course in a foreign country I was looking for the best place in my opinion.  I wanted to improve my surfing and my English as well and I decided there was no better place to combine these two things.  Noosa is famous for its natural environment, pristine beaches and for a dramatic hinterland landscape.

Little did I know that I had chosen the right place to study.  The teachers are very friendly and helpful all the time with any of your needs.  The host families are well selected and very soon you will feel like a member of the family. The level of education, especially for CAE students is high however there was no point I felt lost or out of place. If there is a subject you need to improve you can get extra lessons in the afternoon.  If there is a problem they will find a solution.

Now I am looking forward to going back home but on the other hand I am sure that I will miss Noosa, Global Village, Surfing, my Homestay Family and the feeling of being a teenager.

I want to thank you all for a great time and wish all present and future students good luck in reaching their personal goals.  If I get the chance to come back I won’t hesitate, even for a second.

Maybe I’ll be back to see the sunset on another day …



Friday Job Listing

  • Waitstaff – Part time available, noosa area please phone 0411 258 894.
  • Waitperson – Shift night work, Sundays, experience required, Please phone 0439 637 276.
  • Housekeeper – Local professional family, ironing, cleaning, cooking, must be experienced, Mon – Fri afternoons. email: housekeeper4558@hotmail.com
  • Kitchen Team & Waitstaff – Coffee club at Noosa Cinemas, apply online at www.seek.com

Remember that we have a Looking for Work Workshop.  Check the Academic Board for times and for sign up.

March Activities

Noosa gets exciting in March.  Global Village has lots to see and do from 2 – 3pm and there are many cool events like the Mardi Gras Recovery Week and Noosa Festival of Surfing!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Nadia will be hosting a range of new events.  Dont forget to sign up for them.

If you are wanting to extend your learning please attend the Academic Workshops and dont forget about ‘Workshop’, our looking for work workshops occurring over the next four weeks.

The first Wednesday in March,  will be ‘Whats Going On?’.  We encourage all students to attend at 2pm in the kitchen/common room area to discuss with Nadia all of the events happening in and out of Noosa.  Come along to share with us your ideas for activities and learn about things to do on the weekends.

Vagabond Plays Guitar

Playing cards with a bunch of Canadian strangers at Koala’s was how I found myself spending time before familiar faces from GV rocked up to party.

Not ony did they kick my butt every deal, the Canadian boys confessed their hidden talent of musical flair.  I thought to myself, if they played guitar anything like the way they played cards then they must be good!  So, I invited the boys to share their music with us at GV.

The next morning Brian showed up on his own.  I took one guess at why the other two lads, Ryan and Nick weren’t there – Koalas!  Hangover!  So Brian turned out to be the most courageous after all.

Brian wooed the women with his heartfelt tunes and happy traveller appearance. His mesmerizing voice could have had us sitting there for hours.  When I asked Brian to play a really sad song he pulled out old Blues number ‘My girl’.  You may remember a Kurt Cobain version?  Anyway, Brians version was just as good sending shivers all down my body.

Thank you for your entertainment Brian!  Happy travels around OZ!

Generals Visit GV Noosa

GV Noosa was honoured to welcome Major General Rashed Al Zahrani, Brigadier General Shaddad Al Asmari, Colonel Mohammed Al Saif, Colonel Abdul Aziz Al Saluli and Dr. Saleh Al Ameel to our College on Monday.

 The SANG Cadets were delighted that their Generals came to visit them here at the College. So were the teachers and staff who felt that the visit was an extremely positive experience for everyone. 

SANG Cadets graduating from the Global Village program continue their study on the Sunshine Coast at Becker Helicopters.


Tribal Travel News

Anyone for Free Internet?

Just pop round the corner to Tribal Travel, flash your GV student card, and you can use their internet for FREE.

Why not grab your ticket to Monday’s Tribal Night at Irish Murphy’s – you’ll get a FREE BBQ meal, FREE prize tickets and cheap drinks. Come  along and dance till 2am.

Friday Job Listing

  • Barista Required – 10 hrs per week, need an ABN, Please Phone 0421 426 053.
  • Counter Staff – Experienced and energetic, lunch work at Nosh It, Telephone: 5447 1931
  • Cleaners – Experienced, own transport and mobile needed, 5 star resort, Please phone John 0412 222 563.
  • Catalogue Distributors & Collectors – Earn $100 – $200 per week for approx 10 hours, Call 1300 663 161.
  • Cleaners – Experience necessary for hotel in Noosa, ABN required, Start immediately, Phone Jeff 0418 989 685.
  • Casual Chef – Barados Restaurant, Experience needed, Phone Shane 0402 859 979 or email chefshanebailey@hotmail.com.
  • Cleaners – Commercial hotel cleaning, 7 day roster, experience preferred but not necessary, ABN required, Please phone 0421 702 770.
  • Fresh Produce Night Packer – Noosa location, experience preferred but not essential, 30 hrs including weekends, must be reliable, Email: suncoastfresh@hotmail.com
  • Pamphlet Deliverers – Caloundra area, earn cash while you walk, Please phone 5449 6409 or 0422 776 029.

Byron Bay Getaway!

Students from GV Noosa and Caloundra will be taking a break early March to blissful Byron Bay.

Byron Bay is an Australian destination well known for its creative, spiritual, and natural beauty.

It is located in Northern New South Wales just south of the Queensland border.  There are many things to see and do.  Activities such as Surfing, Swimming, Amazing Beaches, Sight Seeing, Lighthouse Tour, Sky diving, Kayaking, Markets, Byron Shopping, Street Performances, Live Entertainment, Aura Readings, Creative Art Workshops, Music Festivals, Tranquil Retreats, and Pure Relaxation make up part of the famous Byron Vibe.

Students are invited to share a weekend experience of fun, entertainment, relaxation and adventure.

Anzac Day Long Weekend April 24-26

Come and see Nadia at Activities Desk if you would like to come!

“There’s Nothing Shy about these New Students”

Our new (and very outgoing!) student Yuki surprised our teachers with his extreme artistic way of getting to know new students in the village.

Yuki is very approachable and wants to make new friends.  If you see Yuki and the other 12 new faces among the students make yourself known and spend some time getting to know each other.

Global Village Noosa staff and students would like to welcome our newcomers and are very excited to have you onboard!

Victory for Victor!

Victor wins by a long shot.

Yesterday the lads got together for a tee off in the common room.  Five rounds were played against twelve competitors with a prize up for grabs.  Even though Mishary was in pro form it was Victor who set the standards.  With a score of Zero after five rounds, GV Golfers will need to spend less time playing ping-pong and more time on the common room golf course to win against the Victor Tyrant.

If we get enough interest we’ll be taking this out on the real course and for the amateurs, a game of putt-putt mini golf.

Our Valentines Day Party!!!

At GV Noosa we thought we thought we’d get in early and celebrate Valentines Day last Friday night.

Wow! What a great way to get to know the students at GV Noosa.  Not only was there love in the air, Student Valentines partied all night with Passionate Punch, Pizza, Ladies in Red, and Limbo Laughter.  Everybody was so well dressed, two beautiful women tied for the ‘Best Dressed Prize’.  Chocolates and champagne were given away to the winners of Musical Hearts’, Lovers Limbo, Best Valentines Day Card and Best Dressed.

Not only was it Don’s farewell, we had a few students leave us that night.  Best of luck to Little Benji, Crusader Chris and Marvellous Michelle.  We will miss you.  Marc the romantic, surprised his beautiful girlfriend Caroline with a scrumptious birthday cake for her 25th,  along with his heart for Valentines Day.  Rumor has it, the two have rendezvoused to Fraser Island for a romantic getaway.

While the party flourished we got to take a closer look at our sweet valentine couples.

John & Andrea

Three things I love about John:

  1. He’s funny.
  2. He’s romantic.
  3. He’s special, he is what he is.

Three things i love about Andrea:

  1. Her gorgeous smile and the ability to share it with all people around her.
  2. Her caring personality.
  3. Her spontaneity and joy of living that make every moment, a moment of luck and happiness.

Marc & Caroline

This beautiful couple are a match made in heaven.  You could see it in their eyes.  We hope you are having a very special time at Fraser guys.

David & Delphine

Delphine attacked David before their arrival with kisses.  They couldn’t keep their lips off each other at the party.  Definately GV Noosa’s passionately exclusive item.

Leandro & Rafael

Unfortunately this couple split up after the party.  Rafael let us know how he felt about Leandro.

  1. He brings beer.
  2. He brings Jack Daniels.
  3. He plays the guitar.

We would also like to thank David and Tina for cleaning for us.  A BIG thanks to Victor for his Double Balloon Blowing.  Everybody, Thankyou for your help cleaning up after the party! Top work!

Friday Job Opportunities

  • Retail Assistant – Noosa Civic, Bay Audio Hearing Experts, 10-16hours per week, email your resume to careers@bayaudio.com.au
  • Experienced Floor and Bar staff – Lucca’s Noosa Heads, required for afternoon and night shift,Phone: 0417 758 84
  • Deep Fry Cook & Barista/Barperson –  20 hours minimum per week, Email resume to jarnds54@bigpond.com or Phone Janete on 5473 0299.
  • Counter Staff – Required at Nosh It, Phone 54471931.
  • Cleaners – Required in Noosa/Cooroy area, 2-3 nights per week, 8-10 hours per week, ABN & own transport needed, phone Sunny on 0402 904 555.
  • Housekeeper – Required for private holiday homes, Must have mobile phone, car, computer and ABN, 10+ hours per week, morning shifts, Email louise.ellis6@telstra.com or Phone: 0419 392 503.
  • Massage Therapist – Sensaura, Noosa Heads, Casual work, must have certificate or diploma in massage, Email michelle.bonnici@sensaura.com.au
  • Check http://www.seek.com.au and http://www.jobsnoosa.com.au for more job opportunities.

If you need assistance with your resumé, ABN or tax file number application please visit Nadia at Activities.

GV Kitchen Rules

In recent weeks students who have chosen the cooking option class as an elective have been brewing up a storm!

Students get to follow recipes from across the world to help them understand and use english grammar associated with cooking in the kitchen.

The best part of all is tasting the end results.  Here’s what some of our students had to say:

Erika:          Mmmm… Swiss quality.

Gianna:     The cooking class with Anne is every day funny.

Michele:    I like to cook many different meals.

Pedro:         It’s amazing learning different dishes from lots of countries.

Daniela:   The cooking class is good because we can learn about the culture of other countries.

Chris:         I think  it’s very good!

Fahad:      It was amazing.

Pedro:       The best class!

Elly:          Cooking class is the best option class.

Hoang:    I like cooking class.  Cooking is very good!

Maybe next time we get to decide whose kitchen rules?

Welcome to our New Activities Co-ordinator, Nadia!

What were you doing before you came to GV Noosa?

Before my new position at Global Village Noosa, I was performing as a musician and I still do outside of work.  I will perform for the students on occasions too!  I was casually surf coaching aswell with Sunshine Coast Surf Riders School.  There’s never a dull moment in my work.

What do you love most about living on the Sunshine Coast?

I love how clean and green  Noosa is.  I love meeting all the new people who come to visit aswell.  The Peregian Originals is one of my favourite coast music events held every second Sunday, and its FREE!

What do you think is most important when learning a language?

To use it as often as you can.

What do you always ask your students to do?

Have fun and get involved!

Say G’day to Nadia at the activities desk or around the school.

IELTS Listening Test Tips with Justin

Before the upcoming IELTS Course start date on the 22nd of March, GV Byron Bay’s Director of Studies, Justin, has given us some helpful tips on the Listening component of the exam.

GV Byron Bay's Director of Studies, Justin

The IELTS Listening Test:

Key facts:

–          30 minutes to listen plus 10 minutes to transfer your answers onto the answer sheet.

–          Four sections

–          40 questions in total.

How to PREPARE for the test:

In the test you have to listen to a wide range of accents: Australian, New Zealand, British, American, Canadian etc. The best way to practise this is to listen to as many different sources of spoken English as you can. Easy ways to access a wider variety of accents is through watching things like the Australian Network, the BBC, CNN etc. Within the test, there will also be a variety of different situations in which people are speaking. For example, you might hear examples of radio shows, friends hanging out, lectures at University etc. A good way to prepare for this is to practise listening to different situations such as TV soap operas, lifestyle shows, radio shows, and other media which have less formal spoken English, as well as things like documentaries or the Discovery channel, which are usually more formal in their spoken form.


You have time to look through the questions at the very start of the exam. Make sure you get used to using your time in the most efficient way possible. PREDICT what kind of information you think you will hear, and also try and predict what kind of word or words you will need to use to answer the question.

Think about the form of the words, are they looking for adjectives, nouns, adverbs etc? Try and guess as much as possible BEFORE the listening starts.

Listen REALLY carefully to the introduction of each question. This will give you useful clues about the situation and the topic you are about to listen to.

At the end of the listening test, CHECK YOUR WORK carefully. You have ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Make sure that you use this time wisely. Have a look at your answers. Do they fit grammatically? Is your spelling correct? Remember, spelling is important in the IELTS exam.

Have a look at this Listening task type as a quick example:

Listening task one:  table completion

You have to complete the table with words from the recording. You should write no more than three words or a number in each space.

Study the table carefully before doing the listening.

Strategy: Try and predict any possible answers. This will help you when listening to the key words in the test. Also have a close look at the parts of the table that are complete. These will help you predict the type of answer that is needed.

Date on which travelling 1
Single or Return 2
Economy or First Class 3

HINT: Always check the numbering to see whether it goes across or down the table.

Journey Outwards Departs Byron 07:30 5
Arrives Sydney 4 11:50pm
Change of buses? Direct Change at Newcastle
Return journey Depart Sydney 16:45 18:05
Arrive Byron 20:21 21:57
Change of buses? Direct 6

There are several different listening task types. If you are interested in learning more about the exam and our courses come and see the Director of Studies in the office any time.

***Click here for the answers***


Celebrity Heads for a Chuckle

Today a group of professional celebrity head players got together in Room 1 at GV Noosa.

CONGRATULATIONS to Corrine (winner of round1) and Ahmed (winner of round 2).

Turned out Nadia was the ‘Silly Sausage’ at the end of round one having been slaughtered by the effortless guessing from other celebrity heads.  She didn’t feel so bad in round 2 when Hamide took the role as a ‘Turkey’.

In Australia we can tend to call somebody a’ silly sausage’ or a ‘turkey’ as a friendly joke if somebody has acted not so brightly.  We all had a good laugh and enjoyed our time having fun and getting to know each other.

New words of the day: Pillow & Fence.

Rafael and Liliane Return

Rafael and Liliane completed English language courses at GV Noosa in January 2008. They are both returning to study with us next week.

What did you do after leaving Noosa?

We travelled in Australia and Indonesia and then returned to Brazil.

What did you do in Brazil?

We both got great jobs. Liliane worked for an International Events agency.  Raefael worked in a large hotel in the marketing and sales department. He sold everything from accommodation to meetings and events.

Did you need English for these jobs?

Oh yes, we would not have got these jobs without it. Having a good level and a recognised certificate from GV really helped.

Why are you back?

We love this part of the world and the lifestyle so much. We want to go to the University of the Sunshine Coast and the direct pathway from GV Noosa will help us to achieve this dream.

Thank you Rafael and Liliane, it is wonderful to have you back and I am sure you will both do well.

Exclusive Byron Bay Weekend Getaway

On Friday 5th March we have a bus heading to Byron Bay for GV Noosa and GV Caloundra students. The bus will leave Noosa at 10.30am so you have time to attend your first class in the morning, and return to Noosa on Sunday evening. Cost is $230 including most meals and accommodation.

Byron Bay is the most eastern point in Australia, so you can see the sun come up earlier than anywhere else. There are great surfing beaches and many local attractions to see, including the historic lighthouse pictured below.

There are only 21 seats for this trip and tickets are selling quickly. See the activities desk for more information or to make your booking.

Happy Han is off to University

Han Thi Ngoc Huynh was jumping for joy today when she heard that she had passed her IELTS with a score of 6.

Han with her teacher Anjali and classmates Fredicka, Laura, Chika and Nadia.

Han will now be accepted to do accountancy at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Han says that she is thankful to her teacher for helping her achieve her dream. Her classmates who come from Switzerland, France, Brazil, Jamaca, Korea and Japan were thrilled to hear her good news. Congratulations Han and good luck in the future.

Farewell Sebastian

13-year-old Sebastian Stocker from Argentina was the smallest kid in school during his 5 weeks here at GV Noosa, and will be missed by all his friends and teachers.

Sebastian with his teacher, Debbie, after receiving his certificate

After learning to surf while he was here, Sebastian came out with a profound statement during class one day; “Life is better when you surf!” He is returning to Argentina with a new surfboard that he received for his birthday.

Jobs List

  • Floor and Bar Staff – Lucca’s Noosa Heads, phone 0417 758844
  • CasualTake-Away food Staff – Noosaville, send resume to PO Box 403 Noosaville LPO, 4566
  • Leaflet Distributors – Tewantin, Noosaville and Sunrise Beach areas, Must have own car, phone 5474 0471 or visit www. deliverfordollars.com.au
  • Lasercut Machine Operator – Noosaville, autocad experience preferred, training provided, email resume to laserworx@bigpond.com or go to 3/18 Project Ave, Noosaville, 4566
  • Market Stall – Eumundi, prepare and man market stalls, phone John (French and English speaking) 5474 4936
  • check out jobsnoosa.com.au for latest updates

Another Big Thursday Night

Last night students organised their own barbeque at Lions Park near the river to warm up for Koala Bar and Irish Murphy’s. Almost 100 people attended the event which also served as a farewell party for several students who finish this week.

Thanks Petra for organising such a great barbeque. She has her last class today, along with Hugo, Dennis, Micheal and Alex. Best wishes for the future guys!

GV Noosa Online Community

We have a great online community for all students to enjoy.

Not only do we have a blog, we have Facebook, Orkut, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr accounts. There really is something for everyone. These are great to keep up-to-date with news and events, but also to show your family and friends, what you have been up to in Australia. Why not have a look, you may find some photos of yourself!




Just visit Orkut.com to sign up or log in and search for Global Village.


Oliver Tries Kiteboarding

Swiss German student Oliver Landolt has waited several weeks to take his kiteboarding lessons. When the wind finally strengthened this week he knew it was time to go. Here are some photos from his first lesson, where he concentrates on learning how to control the kite.

After his second lesson, Oliver will be ready to strap on a board and hit the water. Keep watching this space for photos from lesson number 2. If you are interested in Kiteboarding lessons, enquire at the activities desk.

A Little Self Defence Never Hurt Anyone…Except Hugo

There was a lot of interest in the self-defence activity today, as almost 50 students jostled for space in the common room. Chris gave the group an introduction to Tae Kwon Do, concentrating on ways to escape an attack.

Special thanks to Dennis from Korea who is a black belt and assisted the group with learning some basic moves. Dennis was once a bodyguard for a famous Korean actor! Well done Dennis. We would also like to thank Hugo from Brazil for putting himself in harm’s way by allowing Chris to demonstrate on him.

Not Just Whiteboards and Text Books

Here at GV Noosa we like to mix it up a bit. With classes that include visits to the Cinema, guitar playing teachers and lessons in the sun-drenched courtyard, there is never a chance to get bored.

Teacher Mike Mooney strums his guitar while the class sings along to classics like "Proud Mary" and "Hey Jude"

Mike says that singing songs is a great way to break the monotony of long classes and also helps the process of remembering new words through repetition.

Nathan's class enjoys some fresh air during class time