Rafael looks forward to GV Noosa

Rafael Sobrinho is a second year engineering student from Salvador, Brazil, and will be studying English here from January next year. He has been watching GV Noosa Blog from home and can’t wait to get here!

Rafael said “There is so much to do in Noosa. Every time I see the latest updates on the blog, I get a little more excited about this trip. I hope to finish my English studies at GV Noosa and then continue my engineering degree in Australia. I intend to become a permanent resident”.

We all look forward to meeting you, Rafael and we are sure that Noosa will be just what you’re looking for.

7 thoughts on “Rafael looks forward to GV Noosa

  1. Hi Rafael,
    I think you will enjoy Noosa because it is very relaxed – just like Bahia!!
    Debbie (Teacher)

  2. I allready like it =D
    Don told me lots of things about Noosa and GV
    I’m really really really really really excited with this trip. My sister should go next year too.

  3. Ae caralho! Mais um brazuca!!! Cola ae que e tudo nosso!!!

    First: Party!
    2nd: Partty!
    3th: “”
    And then… Learn English!


    Welcome Mate!

  4. auehauehauehauheauheauheauhea
    Como diríam os mais abaianados:
    C tá ligado que eu tou ligado na da colé de merma né?

    Thanks mate hope to get there soon

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