Great Barrier Reef is not as far as you think!

Did you know these facts about the Great Barrier Reef ????

It’s the world’s largest coral reef, made up of 900 islands and 3000 different reefs.  It’s so massive that it can be seen from outer space.  It’s home to around 30 species of whales, 215 species of birds, 6 species of sea turtles, 125 species of sharks and stingrays, and around 1,500 types of fish!


Cleaning up is good for English skills

A group of Japanese students decided that picking up rubbish along Gympie Terrace would be a good way to meet the locals and practice their language skills. Yoh Takashima organised a group of friends yesterday and spent a couple of hours tidying up along the Noosa River.

This was the third time this group has volunteered to clean up our beautiful town and their efforts are greatly appreciated by the community. If anyone would like to join the group for their next clean up on the 16th of December, talk to Yoh or Don at the activities desk.

Students choose their favourite portrait

A new out and about class visited the Noosa Art Gallery this week and selected their favourite portraits. Here are some of their comments…

This Week’s Jobs…

The end of another week means that we are now even closer to the peak tourist season on the Sunshine Coast. If you are staying in Noosa over the Christmas & New Year period, now’s the time to find yourself that perfect part-time job.

Chef / Cook – Noosa area. Good working conditions and flexible 20, 30, 40 hours. Lunch to dinner. Phone 0411 258 894

Cleaners Required – for busy Noosa resort. Weekend work essential. ABN required. E-mail resume to or phone 5447 2412

Nosh It – is recruiting now for the following staff: experienced counter assistant, approx 15 hours per week, phone 0406 679 620 & cook / chef, 15 – 20 hours per week, phone 0406 679 170

Cleaner – Noosaville resort, best rates for best cleaner. Occasional weekends and Mondays. Phone 0412 105 953

Cleaners – For resort cleans in Noosa area. Excellent hourly rate. Must have experience and own transport. Phone 0412 222 563

Keep Fit & Earn Money – Earn $100 – $200 per week, 8 – 10 hours, delivering and collecting catalogues, call 1300 663 161

Sales / Packers – High quality casual sales people required to promote books in shopping centres on Sunshine Coast in January. Also looking for part time casual person to pack books asap in Noosaville. E-mail

Remember also to keep your eyes open around town as there are lots of job ads appearing in shop and restaurant windows at the moment.

Good hunting and have a great weekend!

Surfing Etiquette- What you need to know

Surfers come from all around the world to enjoy the perfect waves that Noosa has to offer, here is everything  you need to know and remember, if you need help with the English, ask one of the GIL teachers.

1. Firstly, and most importantly, don’t drop in on other surfers. The surfer on the inside, closest to the curl, has the right of way -If you don’t see them and you drop-in, flick out as quickly as possible so you’re not in their way.

2. Give way. When you are paddling out, keep clear of surfers on the waves – if you can’t go around the shoulder, then go inside and duck-dive or roll under the white water.

3. Hold on to your board. Don’t throw your board away when a wave breaks in front of you and don’t paddle for the waves and then pull back. If you think the wave is bigger than what you first thought and you’re not comfortable, head back to the beach.

4. Know your own ability. If you are new to surfing and still learning, perhaps find a less-crowded spot to perfect the basic skills – just because there are lots of surfers in one spot and it looks good it dosen’t mean it will be the best spot for you.

5. Share. Don’t just paddle to the inside and take all the good waves – treat each other with respect and courtesy. If someone does something wrong, try to explain to them the right way. After all, surfing is all about having fun…like Lizzie.

Martina and Camilla don’t want to go.

We say goodbye today to Martina Meier from Switzerland and Camilla Poulsen from Denmark.

Martina and Camilla say that they loved their time in Noosa but the best part was their Business English class with teacher Phil Egan.  Keep in touch girls, we will miss you also.


Listening with Mariana

Mariana, the Director of Studies at GV Brisbane, has put together some valuable information to help students to understand Australians when they speak.

Mariana, GV Brisbane's Director of Studies

Tips to Understand Australians

We know that the Australian accent is slightly different from the one you are probably used to, either American or British English. As soon as non-English speakers arrive in Australia, they notice a difference in pronunciation, vocabulary that is used and expressions.

Here, at Global Village , we want you to feel comfortable with the Australian culture, lifestyle and traditions, so every week we’ll post some tips for you to improve your understanding of the Australian world. There will be notes on Aussie slang, expressions, pronunciation, and many more things!

Today, we’ll work on three sounds that are specific to the Aussie accent.

The first one is the diphthong (two vowel sounds) that you can find in the words mind, time, find, which is not /ai/, pronounced at the front of your mouth, but /ai/, pronounced at the back. Click below to hear the British pronunciation of mind, time and find:

Compare it to the Australian pronunciation of mind, time and find to notice the difference.

The other diphthong that changes significantly is the one you can find in words like mate, main, pay, make. Australians don’t pronounce /ei/ as British people do. Australians will say /ai/. So the traditional greeting in Australia “G’day mate!” will be pronounced /gdai mait/ and not /gdei meit/ as a British person would say.

Click below to hear the British pronunciation of the words mate, main, pay, and make:

and compare it to the Australian pronunciation of the words mate, main, pay, and make to notice the difference.

The last pronunciation tip for today is called “intrusive R”. Australians tend to link words with an inexistent R. This only happens if a word finishes in a vowel and the following word starts in a vowel also. For example, in the phrase

“Australia and New Zealand”,

vowel a followed by vowel a

Aussies would say “Australia_r_and New Zealand”. Click below to hear the Australian pronunciation of the “Australia and New Zealandand below here to listen to the British pronunciation of the “Australia and New Zealand to notice the difference.

The “r” that is added is very soft, and it means nothing at all. It’s just pronounced to link the words together.

We hope these tips will help you to sound Australian, and to understand Aussies better when you talk to them in the street!

Have a good day!

Exercise the body, not just the brain!

Summer is rapidly approaching.  Time to hit the gym!

Franks Gym (Noosa Fitness Centre) has very generously offered us a special promotional price exclusively for GV students. 

GV students can buy a 12 week (3 month) membership for $149 (normal price is $349).  Franks is located about 2 minutes walk to the school, so there’s no better place to go for a work out.

Why not get a group together and get a regular afternoon exercise session going on?

You can check out the website at , or better yet stroll down and have a talk to Corynne or Amanda.

Table Tennis Tournament

Get your name on the sign up sheet on the whiteboard for your chance at the grand prize, a bottle of champagne!

Tournament format will be doubles teams and sudden death knockout. A word of warning… look out for the guy in this photo; Dennis was South American Champion not so long ago!

New Jobs in Noosa Junction

Just walking around Noosa Junction this lunch time it’s easy to see that we are entering the peak tourist season, with new job ads appearing in a lot of shops and cafes.

Here are a couple of ads that have just gone up, so don’t waste any time, grab a copy of your cv and call round in person:

Canteen is a very popular coffee shop located just next to Subway and Video Ezy and should be a great place to work.

Urban Elements is a clothing store and it’s located just next to Canteen, so you can kill two birds with one stone and drop a cv into each.

Remember to check back on Friday for our regular weekly job listings.

Farewell Party

Check out the student notice board for this week’s BIG  PARTY

Guilly, Emelie, Rafael, Cris and Lilli (Brazil, Spain, Chile and France) are leaving and they invite everyone to join them at Lions Park this Thursday. Lions Park is a great place for a party. There are  new free BBQs and great safe swimming.


Want to hand feed wild dolphins?

Tribal Travel have a great package to Rainbow Beach including 1 nights accommodation at Pippies Beach House with breakfast for only $129

This trip can be booked for any day at the Activities Desk. Upgrade your room for only $38 or add 3 hours of sea kayaking for $60

Gold Coast Trip Filling Fast

We still have places for the Gold Coast weekend on December 5th. Exclusive GV bus leaves early Saturday morning and goes straight to Dreamworld and Whitewaterworld.

After the fun parks the bus goes into Surfers Paradise for check-in to Backpackers in Paradise by 6pm. Big Night Out starts at 9pm with a nightclub tour including free entry and 1 drink at 4 clubs. Breakfast on Sunday morning and shopping at Carara Markets and DFO Brisbane on the way home. All this for only $220. See Don to book your seat before this Friday!

Thinking of further study at university or TAFE?

Trent from the University of the Sunshine Coast is coming to GV Noosa!






Date: December 1st

Time: 1pm

Why: Trent will give a brief presentation on further study options on the Sunshine Coast, and will be available to answer your questions about university in Australia.

If you are considering study at TAFE or University following your time at GV, then absolutely do not miss this!  For more information, speak to Becky. If you want to do some more reading prior to the event, check out the USC website at and the Study Sunshine Coast site at .

Art Gallery Adds Culture to Classes

“Out and About” was all about art today. We visited the Noosa Art Gallery to look at some of the best portraits from Australian photographers.

We also heard the stories behind the shots and learned a little about what makes the perfect portrait.

From art to nature we went walking to the lookout on top of Mount Tinbeerwah for a 360 degree view of the Noosa area… simply stunning.

Plenty of Jobs!

The busy Holiday season is upon us… Local Restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts are all busy for the next couple of months, and they need help.

  • Customer Service – The French Bakery in Peregian Beach is looking for a French-speaking, mature student to help serve and communicate with French-speaking customers. Phone Kate on 54712200
  • Cleaner – Noosa Backpackers is looking for a cleaner after school and weekends. Phone 54498151 or drop your resume in to 9 -13 William Street, Noosaville
  • Cleaners – Busy Noosa Resort, Weekends work essential, ABN required. Email or phone 54472412
  • NOSH IT need an experienced CounterAssistant and a Cook/Chef, 15 hours per week for each position 0417 171313
  • Cleaner – Noosaville Resort, weekends and Mondays, 0412 392503
  • Catalogue Delivery – 8 – 10 hours per week, call 1300 663161

The Boathouse on the River at Noosaville is looking qualified and responsible staff to fill the following positions:

WAITER/WAITRESS Must have ability and confidence to run own A la Carte section in busy restaurant. Mostly night work and approx 20 to 35 hours per week. Will pay above award wages to suitably qualified applicants.

COOK Confident and hardworking person with ability to cook pizzas and fish & chips – previous experience appreciated. Mostly night work and approx 15 to 25 hours per week.

KITCHEN HAND Confident and hard-working person with strong physical ability to handle kitchen washing and cleaning tasks. Mostly night work and approx 15 to 25 hours per week.

NOTE: All applicants MUST be available for the Christmas and New Year period and have good English communication skills.  Contact – Steve or Phil at the Boathouse,  194 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville – 5474 2754 – or – drop in with your resume for immediate interview.

TIP OF THE DAY: Remember that many businesses do not advertise positions vacant, but rely on people who walk in to apply for work. Get lots of copies of your resume and spread them around town… the work is there but you must look for it!

New GV Noosa Online Access!

To ensure that you can always remember our different web addresses we’ve made it simple for you.

They can now be accessed through by simply typing the site that you would like, followed by the campus. For example: /facebook/noosa

For our selection of noosa high-resolution photos on, please visit:

To access our facebook community page, please visit:

To see the latest GV Noosa videos on Youtube, please visit:

Great surf information resource

Check out this great online resource for everything you need to know about your favourite Noosa surf spot….really, everything!!








Noosa Points: 

Noosa A-Bay: 

Sunshine Beach: 

If you know any other links like this, let us know!

Aromatherapy Out and About

On Wednesday, Out and About students discovered the delights of aromatherapy. During a fantastic hands on session at ‘Ezili’ (the Atrium, Tewantin) each student mixed his or her own personal spray-on blend of essential oils.

Students returned to G.V. Noosa with their chosen remedies; including potions to increase learning, relaxation, energy and passion! “Our hosts, Jo and Rachel, made everyone feel very special, and even spoiled us with juice and chocolate crackles for morning tea.”

Update your diary!

Here are a couple of events that you won’t want to miss…

Saturday, 21st November  Bump on the Beach Party

Saturday + Sunday, December 5th and 6th – Gold Coast Weekend (Dreamworld, White Water World, lots of shopping and a big night out!)

Details for both of these are on the noticeboard.    The Gold Coast trip always sells out early, so make sure you speak to Don and reserve your place.  Just don’t plan on getting much sleep that weekend!

Don’t forget Monday is Tribal Night at Irish Murphies, Wednesday is soccer afternoon (meet at school at 2.30pm) and Thursday night at the Koala Bar is bigger than ever with Salsa night. 

Lots on!

Winery Tour for Out and About

Today the Out and About class went to Robinson’s Winery at Doonan. Students looked at the vineyard and then the winemaker provided a wealth of information about making wine and why Australian wines are so popular.

Of course the most important part of the tour was the tasting, where students were able to sample Shiraz, Merlot and Chardonnay varieties. On the way back the group stopped at Laguna Lookout where they enjoyed the breathtaking views and also got up close and personal with a Kookaburra. Some student comments…

Nadia: “It was a beautiful spot”

Nicole: “My favourite wine was the Merlot”

Stefanie: “The highlight was when we stopped at the lookout”

Out and About Goes to the Beach

Today’s out and about class went to Noosa Main Beach to meet the lifeguards and learn about beach safety. They learnt a lot about how to keep safe in the water, how to spot rips and how to treat bluebottle stings.

After the safety talk, students were allowed to climb the lifeguard tower for a bird’s eye view of the beach. There was even time at the end for a short walk and a spot of sunbathing. Some of the students comments…

Serah: “I wish we could have rescued someone”

Alex: “It was an interesting and informative morning”

Michael’s class is looking forward to visiting a winery tomorrow! Can I come?

A hero arrives

Juan Luis Cobo is a Spanish fire fighter who’s taken leave so he can improve his English here at GV Noosa. We went to visit the local fire station so he could swap some stories and photos.

Juan has been a fireman for two years and is still considered a rookie by his workmates back in Spain. In those two years he has attended many traffic accidents and several building fires in the Madrid region.

The local guys welcomed Juan with open arms and hot tea. One of them even spoke fluent spanish which broke down all barriers immediately. We are sure that Juan will enjoy his 6 months here before returning to full-time fire fighting in April next year.

Check Out Fraser in This…

WRANGLERThis Jeep Wrangler will fit 5 people plus camping gear, so if you want to do Fraser Island your own way, at your own pace, this is the way to go.  Cost works out the same as a guided tour with 5 people. See Don for more details.

Looking for a Korean language partner

We’ve been contacted by a local lady,who is looking for English – Korean language exchange. 




If you speak Korean and fancy some conversation time with an English speaking local, drop her a line at , or you can contact her through our Facebook page, where she left a message.   She already has a good level of conversational Korean.

There’s no better way to learn a language than to teach your own, so give it a try!!

Cake Stall Raises Funds for Charity

FCE classes 1 and 5 held a cake stall today and raised almost $300 dollars for World Vision. This charity helps to provide medical attention and food for underprivileged children around the word.

Some of the more popular items for sale were Blueberry Muffins, and Chocolate Mud Cake. The Korean Kin Bab’s sold out in less than twenty minutes. Well done Zoe and students.

Friday Jobs List

Some more great jobs out there this week!  Check out the list below….

Shop Assistant – French Patisserie, Peregian Beach, Apply in person

German tutor – Wanted to tutor young child in German language.  Rates negotiable.  Call 0400 160 010

Kitchen hand – Noosa areas.  Good working conditions, lunch to dinner.  Call 5474 4444

Casual Waitperson – Humid restaurant.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights.  Must be experienced.  Call Mary on 5449 9755

Floor staff / Bar staff – Parque Mexico – Immediate start.  Terms and conditions are negotiable for the right candidate.  Must be experienced.  Email

Shop Assistant/Waitstaff – Required for busy Japanese takeaway with casual dining.  Evenings and weekends.  Must have experience and be reliable, efficient and friendly.  Drop resume before 11am to:  Sushi Wave, Peregian Boardwalk, Peregian Beach. Or, you can call Suzi on 0438 124 392

The Boathouse on the River at Noosaville is looking for qualified and responsible staff to fill the following positions:

Waiter / Waitress Must have ability and confidence to run own A la Carte section in busy restaurant. Mostly night work and approx 20 to 35 hours per week. Will pay above award wages to suitably qualified applicants.

CookConfident and hardworking person with ability to cook pizzas and fish & chips – previous experience appreciated. Mostly night work and approx 15 to 25 hours per week.

Kitchen Hand Confident and hard working person with strong physical ability to handle kitchen washing and cleaning tasks. Mostly night work and approx 15 to 25 hours per week.

Out and About Business Day 3

Today the Business Class visited Tewantin including Trio’s Restaurant at Harbourside Marina. The Restaurant Manager and the Head Chef spoke to the class about the day to day operations of the restaurant, including menu planning and catering for various functions.


Marta reported that “The excursions are very interesting, the class is lots of fun and at the same time we are learning a lot”. All class members are looking forward to tomorrow’s excursion to Coolum. Next week our Intermediate students will be Out and About with Michael Schwabe. Keep watching this space for more photos.