Great Barrier Reef is not as far as you think!

Did you know these facts about the Great Barrier Reef ????

It’s the world’s largest coral reef, made up of 900 islands and 3000 different reefs.  It’s so massive that it can be seen from outer space.  It’s home to around 30 species of whales, 215 species of birds, 6 species of sea turtles, 125 species of sharks and stingrays, and around 1,500 types of fish!


Cleaning up is good for English skills

A group of Japanese students decided that picking up rubbish along Gympie Terrace would be a good way to meet the locals and practice their language skills. Yoh Takashima organised a group of friends yesterday and spent a couple of hours tidying up along the Noosa River.

This was the third time this group has volunteered to clean up our beautiful town and their efforts are greatly appreciated by the community. If anyone would like to join the group for their next clean up on the 16th of December, talk to Yoh or Don at the activities desk.

Students choose their favourite portrait

A new out and about class visited the Noosa Art Gallery this week and selected their favourite portraits. Here are some of their comments…

This Week’s Jobs…

The end of another week means that we are now even closer to the peak tourist season on the Sunshine Coast. If you are staying in Noosa over the Christmas & New Year period, now’s the time to find yourself that perfect part-time job.

Chef / Cook – Noosa area. Good working conditions and flexible 20, 30, 40 hours. Lunch to dinner. Phone 0411 258 894

Cleaners Required – for busy Noosa resort. Weekend work essential. ABN required. E-mail resume to or phone 5447 2412

Nosh It – is recruiting now for the following staff: experienced counter assistant, approx 15 hours per week, phone 0406 679 620 & cook / chef, 15 – 20 hours per week, phone 0406 679 170

Cleaner – Noosaville resort, best rates for best cleaner. Occasional weekends and Mondays. Phone 0412 105 953

Cleaners – For resort cleans in Noosa area. Excellent hourly rate. Must have experience and own transport. Phone 0412 222 563

Keep Fit & Earn Money – Earn $100 – $200 per week, 8 – 10 hours, delivering and collecting catalogues, call 1300 663 161

Sales / Packers – High quality casual sales people required to promote books in shopping centres on Sunshine Coast in January. Also looking for part time casual person to pack books asap in Noosaville. E-mail

Remember also to keep your eyes open around town as there are lots of job ads appearing in shop and restaurant windows at the moment.

Good hunting and have a great weekend!

Surfing Etiquette- What you need to know

Surfers come from all around the world to enjoy the perfect waves that Noosa has to offer, here is everything  you need to know and remember, if you need help with the English, ask one of the GIL teachers.

1. Firstly, and most importantly, don’t drop in on other surfers. The surfer on the inside, closest to the curl, has the right of way -If you don’t see them and you drop-in, flick out as quickly as possible so you’re not in their way.

2. Give way. When you are paddling out, keep clear of surfers on the waves – if you can’t go around the shoulder, then go inside and duck-dive or roll under the white water.

3. Hold on to your board. Don’t throw your board away when a wave breaks in front of you and don’t paddle for the waves and then pull back. If you think the wave is bigger than what you first thought and you’re not comfortable, head back to the beach.

4. Know your own ability. If you are new to surfing and still learning, perhaps find a less-crowded spot to perfect the basic skills – just because there are lots of surfers in one spot and it looks good it dosen’t mean it will be the best spot for you.

5. Share. Don’t just paddle to the inside and take all the good waves – treat each other with respect and courtesy. If someone does something wrong, try to explain to them the right way. After all, surfing is all about having fun…like Lizzie.

Martina and Camilla don’t want to go.

We say goodbye today to Martina Meier from Switzerland and Camilla Poulsen from Denmark.

Martina and Camilla say that they loved their time in Noosa but the best part was their Business English class with teacher Phil Egan.  Keep in touch girls, we will miss you also.