Yu Jin (Jino) OH…oh boy what a Job!

“I thought I was dreaming when I got the Job”, Yu Jin told me this week.

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Yi Jin is a graphic designer and thought he had no chance of working in Australia. Last week he went for an interview at ‘Wine Paradise’. “The interview was in English and I used everything I had learnt at GV Noosa”, he said. “Over one hundred people applied and ten attended the interview. When I was selectedI thought I was dreaming”.

Yu Jin starts next week designing  lables for the wine bottles. Congratulations to Yu Jin and to his teachers for helping him prepare so well.

One thought on “Yu Jin (Jino) OH…oh boy what a Job!

  1. Hey, Jino:-)

    Congratulations! Its great you found such a nice job!

    It was lots of fun with you at school!
    Wish you all the best and a good start with the new work, dont drink too much wine:-)

    Would be nice to hear from you!

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