Our First Korean TESOL Cert IV Graduate

Congratulations to  Hyun Jun Kang ,who graduates this  week after completing the Certificate IV in TESOL (LTI) at GV Noosa.jun

Jun is seen here teaching Ki Bong, Mi Ra and Lydia, who all enjoyed the free lessons that our TESOL students provide in the afternoon. We wish Jun good luck in his future teaching career.

Welcome to Kanagawa University High School Students

GV Noosa is host this week to students from Kanagawa University High School in Japan.

kanagawa-boysThe students are here for a week and have a busy program that includes doing an environmental study day at the University of the Sunshine Coast. They also had fun learning about Aboriginal culture and trying their hand at some Aboriginal art work. See the photo below:


Friday Jobs

With the weekend almost upon us, the time is right to take a look at some of the part-time jobs that are available around town. In addition to our weekly listings here on the GV Noosa blog, it’s always worth asking around school as the easiest way to find a job is by word of mouth – so many jobs here in Noosa are handed down from GV student to GV student, so start by chatting with your classmates. Good luck and have a great weekend!

Casual Chef / TAFE Student – To supplement our small dynamic team of chefs. Approximately 20 hours per week. Must have references and 2 years exp or school. Phone Tony Holland-Bennett, 10am to 11:30am for appointment, Coconut Grove Bar Bistro 5449 2333

Gusto Restaurant – Junior Kitchenhand required to join a professional and dedicated team. Call 5449 7144

Cleaner Required – 4 hours per week. Regular basis. Reliable and very thorough, Coorooibah. Phone 5442 4797

GV Noosa’s First Belgian Students

GV Noosa’s first ever students from Belgium, Cedric and Honorine, talk to us about their time in Australia so far…

Cedric and Honorine

Cedric and Honorine

How long have you been studying at GV Noosa?

Honorine: We’ve been studying at GV Noosa for 4 weeks.
Cedric: It’s our fourth week here and we’re planning to stay for one more month because we need to improve our English and we can feel it’s getting better.

Which course are you studying?

H: We started with Elementary and we are now in Pre-intermediate. It feels much better to be in a class where students all have the same level.
C: Yes, indeed, it’s really important. It was great to have a test when we first arrived, it’s different from our schools at home where everyone is taught the same things whether it’s their level or not…

Why did you choose Australia and Noosa in particular?

H: We first wanted to go to Ireland. We could have had a scholarship but we weren’t good enough at English to get it. We then looked for other destinations and were attracted by Australia. Some of our friends are living here and we heard loads of good things about this country. Australia means sun and beach to us…
C: Because we didn’t want too much of a city life we thought Noosa would be the best place to stay. It’s a small town, the weather’s really different from Belgium and it’s just beautiful!

Where are you staying?

H: We spent our first week in a backpackers but it ended up costing us too much money. We then found a host family where we are at the moment but will move out on Saturday because we have found a flat to share with a Korean Couple from school.
C: I think it’s a great experience to live in different accommodation. Backpackers are a good solution when you first arrive and don’t know where to go. Host families teach you so much; you get to know what the Aussie lifestyle is like, and improve your English of course. Finally, I believe in share houses you learn about other cultures too, which is great!

Do you have a part time job here in Noosa?

H: No, not yet… We’ll have to choose between getting a full time job or continuing our studies…
C: Yes I do, I found a job with a tourism company, I will create videos for trips and tours they offer.

What do you in Belgium?

H: I’ve just finished my interior design studies and then worked to earn a bit of money before leaving for Australia.
C: I’m a movie maker; I work for the National TV, for the news and for private companies.

What do you do in your spare time?

H: We go to the beach, enjoy Noosa, party, go to BBQs and to the supermarket..!
C: … and study! We do have homework..!

What’s the main difference between Noosa and your country?

Both: The weather! It makes people happier and more talkative.

What is your favourite café, shop or place in Noosa?

C: Koala Bar for parties! We haven’t really had time to try all the cafes yet.
H: Yes and Sunshine Beach is our favourite beach.

What do you most enjoy about studying at GV Noosa?

H: It’s a very good school. We are taken care of and looked after. The staff are always happy to help and want the best for their students.
C: Teachers seem happy to work here, the atmosphere is great, and it’s all about learning and having fun! They always have new methods to make sure we don’t get bored; it’s a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team! 

Friday Jobs!

Need a job? Here are today’s new job listings.

Barista –Experience required. Min 10 hours per week. Required Sunday and Wednesday mornings. Must have own transport. Call 0421 426 053.

Coffee Club Coolum – Customer service staff required. Flexible hours. Please phone 0416 197 616.

Cleaner – Award Rates. Experienced. Short hours. Morning only. Please phone 5447 5800 after 2:30pm today.

Yard & House cleaner – Required for 1-2 days per week. Please call Cait on 0418 552 230.

Cleaners – Expirenced resort cleaers required for Noosa resorts. Excellant Conditions. Please call 5474 1089 or 0417 648 316.

Kondallila Falls Day Out!!

Last Friday, students enjoyed an excursion to one of the Sunshine Coast’s most beautiful natural destinations. Kondallila Falls National park!!!

This week’s activity students will visit the cinema to see the new realease movie “Watchmen”.

GV Noosa Teacher Feature

As part of our regular feature about some of the great teachers we are lucky enough to have here at GV Noosa, this week we speak to Dionne, who is currently teaching one of our upper-intermediate classes.

Dionne (centre, in white) and her class enjoy Mexican food in the student common room

Dionne (centre, in white) and her class enjoy Mexican food in the student common room

How long have you been teaching at GV Noosa and what did you do before you worked here?

Well, I’ve been to three Christmas Parties at school so I guess I’ve been teaching here for at least 3 years! Before that I was a primary school teacher in Victoria for 15 years.

Do you speak another language and what has been your biggest challenge when learning it?

I don’t, but I’m trying to teach myself Spanish. I’ve got Spanish lessons on my iPod and I have bought text books from Amazon. I also watch Spanish movies and use an internet program. I started last year with lessons from one of my students. The biggest challenge, though, is not being immersed in an environment where I can practise.

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

I’m teaching one of our upper-intermediate classes. My students are fantastic, outgoing, motivated and have a great sense of humour. They all participate fully, it’s a great group!

Please tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…

I can’t really answer this question as we have only been together for a week. They are so motivated to learn anyway that they will all be successful!

What do enjoy most about teaching at GV Noosa?

So many things! I love meeting people from all over the world. it’s also really nie to teach students who want to learn and are not obliged to, like at school. My colleagues are really nice too, we’re real friends, everybody is always happy – it’s a great dose of laughter!

If you weren’t a teacher, what job do you think you would be doing now?

Hmmm…I can’t imagine not being a teacher. If I wasn’t, I’d like to be a children’s TV host, like a Wiggle or something like that. It looks fun, it’s colourful and bright!

What do you like most about living on the Sunshine Coast?

The relaxed atmosphere, the beach and the opportunities it provides to my kids. They go surfing and can play all kinds of sports. Actually, I also enjoy the unpretentiousness of the people living here…

What is your favourite cafe, restaurant, shop or place in Noosa?

My favourite cafe is Fratellini in Sunshine Beach ( http://www.yourrestaurants.com.au/guide/fratellini/) and my favourite restaurant is definitely Bistro C (http://www.bistroc.com.au)

My favourite places are all the beaches around the National Park and as for my favourite place to shop, well…I hate shopping!

Mother and Daughters Study Together

Last week we welcomed Dorice Boudereault and her two daughters, Ariane and Christine Lareau from Canada.


They say they are having a wonderful time at GV Noosa and enjoy travelling together. They have left the men, (father and two brothers) in Canada and are having a ‘girls time together’. However, they did request to be in different classes. Mum, Dorice is with Sonia in Intermediate, Christine is with Dionne in the Upper Intermediate class and Ariane is with Kimm in the Advanced.  Make sure you say hi to them…… in English 🙂

Friday Jobs!!

Today’s new job listings.

Letterbox delivery – A local company requires letterbox delivery staff. You will get fit while being paid. Call 1300 367 384. If you would like extra information go to www.bepaidtowalk.com.au

Barista – Experience essential. Minimum 10 hours per week. Must have own transport. Please call 0421 426 053.

Customer Service – French Patisserie Peregian Beach – Casual staff member required for 20hrs per week. Must speak fluent French. Call Kate 0407 908 014

Cambridge FCE Speaking Tests Today

The teachers were there to calm nerves and give last minute advice for the students waiting for their speaking exams


Everyone agreed that it is nice to have the exams here in the school and that the examiners were not nearly as scary as they thought they would be.


Thank you to all the students for being nice and quiet around the exam area. Don’t forget, on Monday it is the turn of the Cambridge advanced students.






Cambridge Entry Testing This Friday

Don’t forget to sign up on the notice board if you want to enrol for the next round of Cambridge courses. The  entry tests are this Friday.

The Course runs from March 23rd to June 12th. They are closed classes which means that you need to enrol for the entire course and be registered for the exams. Places are very limited for FCE and CAE.

Cambridge Proficiency Exam          Highest level

Class 1 with Wendy Ward and Kimm Woodford

Cambridge Advanced Exam       For Upper Intermediate + students

Class 1 with Geraldine Pettit and Louise Ryan

Class 2 with Rachel Barus

First Certificate Exam           For Intermediate + students

Class 1 with Alisa Gregory

Class 2 with Dionne O’Dwyer and Louise Ryan

Business English Certificate Vantage       For Intermediate  students

Class 1 with Mike Mooney

Global Village Noosa Teacher Feature

As part of our regular feature about some of the great teachers we are lucky enough to have here at GV Noosa, this week we hear from Lucy, who is currently teaching our pre-intermediate class.

Lucy (centre-left, wearing red and white) with her class, Sergio is in the back row (green t-shirt)

Lucy (centre-left, wearing red and white) with her class, Sergio is in the back row (green t-shirt)

How long have you been teaching at GV Noosa and what did you do before you worked here?

I started teaching here in September last year but qualified in 1995, so have been an English teacher all my working life.

Do you speak another language and what was your biggest challenge when learning it?

I have very basic Spanish and French. I can ask where the toilets are or reserve a room with a shower! The hardest thing was not being able to write things down. I am a visual learner and teacher. I’m conscious of how hard it is to learn if you are not an auditory learner and that’s the reason why I always try to write things up on the board.

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

I’m teaching Pre-Intermediate A. We’ve only been together for two weeks so we’re still doing activities to get to know eachother. We’re a great team, they’re all gorgeous!

Please tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…

Sergio, from Colombia, was in my elementary class last year and has made amazing efforts to reach his current level. He’s a really nice guy too!

What do you enjoy most about teaching at GV Noosa?

Everything, really, everything! Especially the students, of course. They are a lot of fun and we have a great time together, it’s as simple as that!

If you weren’t a teacher, what job do you think you would be doing now?

That’s a good question…nothing! I’m a born teacher and can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

What do you like most about living on the Sunshine Coast?

The weather and the lifestyle. My favourite spot is Noosa River – it has a relaxed ambiance and I love spending time there with my family.

What is your favourite cafe, restaurant, shop or place in Noosa?

My favourite restaurant is called Alegria, a wonderful Spanish tapas place in Sunshine Beach.


Class Give Manaf a Big Send Off

Teacher Dionne O’Dwyer has posted this photo of the upper intermediate class saying goodbye to Saudi student Manaf Altayar


Juan Arango from Columbia cooked a special meal, Mauro from Italy provided ice cream and the rest of this international class sang a farewell song especially adapted for Manaf (seated front centre left). Manaf arrived with very little English and left this week to join an EAP class at GV Sydney.