GV Noosa Teacher Feature

As part of our regular focus on some of the great teachers we have here at GV Noosa, this week we speak to the only one who owns a pet pig named Hamlet, Cambridge Advanced / Proficiency teacher Wendy.

Wendy and her CAE class (Lara is standing to the right of Wendy in the white top)

Wendy and her CAE class (Lara is standing to the right of Wendy in the white top)

How long have you been teaching at GV Noosa and what did you do before you worked here?

I’ve been teaching at GV Noosa for over three years now. Before that, I used to run my own antique business.

Do you speak another language and what was your biggest challenge when learning it?

Yes I do, French, very badly! I struggled a lot with conjugating verbs and learning verb forms. It’s always been a challenge learning this language in Australia and not in France, which proves to me the value of studying overseas.

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

CAE as usual! In March, I will start teaching our very first CPE class, which I am really looking forward to. I’m now keener on teaching high levels. I really enjoy those courses because we have a goal to achieve all together. It’s like being on a journey with my students.

Please tell us about a student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress…

I can’t answer this question as they are all different. However, I have to say that Lara, from Switzerland, who was in upper intermediate last year, was so keen on joining the CAE class this term that she stayed at school studying during the school holidays. She was so motivated that she is now a member of my new CAE class.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at GV Noosa?

My colleagues! That’s very important and we’re a great team. Apart from that, I really enjoy meeting overseas students because I learn more about their country and culture than travelling overseas. When you do, you visit the country and visit the sights but you hardly ever meet locals and really understand their way of life.

If you weren’t a teacher, what job do you think you would be doing now?

I would definitely be writing! I’d be at home, writing a book and playing with Hamlet, my pig! I would probably write about growing up and living in the 70’s, the most exciting times…

What do you like most about living on the Sunshine Coast?

I just like the relaxed lifestyle. I’ve only been here for four years but I know I can’t cope with the city life anymore.

What is your favourite cafe, restaurant, shop or place in Noosa?

It’s actually in Eumundi, which is about a 15 minute drive from Noosa. The best restaurant in the universe is the “Modern Primitive”. The chef is a genius and is so creative. The dishes are full of flavours and amazing ingredients. The food is just great!

Read more about Wendy’s favourite restaurant here: http://www.modernprimitive.info

Father and Son Study Together

We welcomed Professor Arnaldo Alves Cardosa this week when he joined his son Renan to study English at GV Noosa.

Renan Cardosa and his Father Arnaldo

Renan Cardosa and his Father Arnaldo

Renan was all smiles when his father arrived to join him at GV Noosa. Arnaldo is taking time off from his job at the University Estadual Paulista and says he is enjoying the experience of being a student again.

Goodbye….and thanks

GV on the Sunshine Coast farewells one the family this week, with Andy leaving his position at GV Caloundra to travel around the world with his family.










Andy has been with GV since 2005. In that time, he has worked as an teacher and A-DOS in Noosa, in group tours and finally as the manager of our new Caloundra Campus.  With Andy, we’ve also been lucky enough to have Lynda Tuttle working with us in both teaching and administration roles.

Andy and Lynda are planning on catching up with former students and teachers in various countries around the world over the next year or so.

Both members of the Tuttle family have been integral to the growth of GV on the Sunshine Coast over the last 4 years, and they will be very sincerely missed.

I hope we can see you back soon, Andy!

Goodbye to Anna

Anna Karaseva said goodbye to her friends today as she is returning to Russia.

anna1Anna Karaseva enjoyed her classes so much during her first course that she returned for a second course. Starting as an elementary student, she leaves with an Intermediate Certificate  and a bunch of friends from all around the world.  Good luck Anna, we will miss you.

Student Party Week!

For those of you who have viewed the student noticeboard recently, you would have noticed that it is well and truly a party week for Global Village Noosa Students!

Parties include;

Tanks Party –  Thursday 22nd Jan at 6pm. All welcome to the Noosa Lions Park.

Koala Bar – Student night. Thursday 22nd Jan from 8:00pm.

The “Boat Party”  departs Noosa River at 2:30pm on Saturday 24th of Jan. This is a 3 hour, none stop party cruise along Noosa River. Tickets are $15. Please see Fabio or Franck (room 13) to sign up for this event.

For a list of all other activities, please check the student notice board.

Learn French at GV Noosa

Although GV Noosa is best known for teaching English, we also offer a French language course on Monday and Tuesday evenings for anyone who might be interested.


Whether you are planning that overseas trip of a lifetime to Paris or the Cote d’Azur, you want to understand the menu at your favourite bistro or the plot of the latest French art-house film, our French language class at Global Village Francais offers students on the Sunshine Coast the chance to learn in a structured yet fun learning environment in the heart of Noosa Junction.

Details can be found by clicking on the link to the advertisement below or from our Registrar, Lindsay Ford, on 5447 4448 or by e-mail at lford@gvenglish.com

Global Village Francais

What Are You Doing Now?

We love hearing from our students.

Crystel in Queensland 2004
Crystel in Queensland 2004







How’s it going?

As you can see me and the other students from 2004’s two FCE classes are still in touch. I miss the good times we had at school and I hope I can come back soon for a visit.

Since I’ve been in Noosa I continued my travels all over the world. I’ve been to Hawaii, Sweden, England, Spain, Italy and Germany. But my favourite country is still Australia. 😉

Now I work in a big pharmacy in the city where I grew up and since october I live in my first own appartement, only a couple of minutes away from work and the city center.    I have a wonderful boyfriend and I love him very much.

Take care, Lovely greets


Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge!!!

Australians all let us wear thongs, for we are young and free…..


There will be no better day to soak it up at Noosa than Monday, 26th January when hundreds descend to take part in the ‘2009 Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge’.  

For just $30.00 ($25.00 if you register online at the operator’s website) you will be registered to join the fun.  As part of your registration you will receive a Giant Inflatable Havaiana Thong (valued at $49.95) and Havaianas will donate $10.00 from every registration to the Starlight Children’s Foundation and $5.00 to the nippers programs of the participating Surf Life Saving Clubs.

Not only will you be part of the greatest Australia Day event, you will also be supporting a couple of great charities!  Bring some mates and don’t forget your Australia Day spirit!!!  Be part of the ultimate Australia Day beach event, cruise around the water on an inflatable Havaianas thong, lap up the sunshine and hang out with your nearest and dearest.

Date: 26th January, 2009
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, in the water at 1:00 pm.

Staying for a while? Check out these coming events!

If you’re staying with us for a while, or if you’re a Working Holiday student looking to continue on here in Noosa after your study, check out these highlights on the Noosa calender…






March 15-22  Noosa Festival of Surfing – http://www.noosafestivalofsurfing.com/  

If you’re a surfer, don’t miss this one!  The Noosa Festival of Surfing is a mix of competition (both professional and amateur), films, live music and parties. 

May 17th – Noosa BlueWater Swim – http://www.usmevents.com.au/noosablue/index.html 

Spent some time in the water while you’ve been in Noosa and fancy yourself as a swimmer?  Time to test yourself against the best!  The Noosa BlueWater Swim has two races, either 1km or 2km of ocean swimming.  Entries open on February 2nd, so sign up and start training!

May – May Fiesta – http://www.visitnoosa.com.au/mayfiesta/events.cfm  

May is a big month in Noosa!  the May Fiesta is a series of events lasting for the whole of the month.  It includes music festivals (http://www.ripenoosa.com/) , river festivals and various cultural experiences.  May is a great month to really get involved in the local community.

June 19th-28th – Noosa LongWeekend – http://www.noosalongweekend.com/ 

If you like your food, this is the one not to miss!  The Noosa LongWeekend is a 10 day festival of food, culture, arts and sunshine!  More details as we get closer.

Friday’s activity…. NOOSA BEACH!!

The weather was absolutely perfect for a fun filled afternoon of beach activities!! Students enjoyed  beach rescue skills with the Noosa Heads life saving club and a variety of beach sports with the great team from F.A.M.E!

Stay tuned for updates on next weeks activity…Cambridge Students – Surfing. General English – Kayaking and Sailing!!!!

Friday Jobs!

Looking for a job? Below is a list of available positions.





Bistro C (Hastings St) – 2 Dishwashers required. Please hand deliver your resume to either Dale or Simon.

Noosa Water Front RestaurantStaff required to join a fun team. Call 0406 427 221

Wait staff required for evening work. 5 nights per week. 20-25 hrs per week. Experience required. Call 0413 777 360

Bakery Sales Assistant. Weekend and early morning work. Phone 0412 180 507.

Cleaner Required – Noosaville. Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6am – 8am. 0401 425 976.

Coco Beach – Experienced Retail Assistant.  2 – 3 days per week. Call Sandra 0411 630 097 

Please see Cassie if you need help with your resume.

Student house vacancies

It’s still quite busy in our student houses, but check out the list below for vacancies…

Challenge Crt Twin Ensuite Male or Female 24/01/2009 2/03/2009  $      130
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male/Female 2/02/2009 15/02/2009  $      130
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male/Female 2/02/2009 15/02/2009  $      130
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male or Female 2/02/2009 7/02/2009  $      130
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male or Female 2/02/2009 15/02/2009  $      130
Sarena Twin Ensuite Male 14/02/2009 22/02/2009  $      130
Challenge Crt Twin Male /Female 1/03/2009 25/04/2009  $      120
Belfa Twin Ensuite Female 7/03/2009 15/03/2009  $      130
Challenge Crt Twin Ensuite Female 9/03/2009 16/03/2009  $      130
Belfa Twin Ensuite Female 14/03/2009 21/03/2009  $      130
Belfa Twin Ensuite Male 14/03/2009 9/05/2009  $      130
Tarina Twin Ensuite Male or Female 15/03/2009 4/04/2009  $      130
Tarina Small Single Male or Female 15/03/2009 3/04/2009  $      120
Tarina Twin Ensuite Female 21/03/2009 31/03/2009  $      130
Sarena Twin Ensuite Male 22/03/2009 5/04/2009  $      130
Tarina Twin Ensuite Male/Female 26/03/2009 4/04/2009  $      130
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male or Female 29/03/2009 Onwards  $      130
Sarena Small Single Male/Female/Couples 29/03/2009 Onwards  $      160
Challenge Crt Twin Male 4/04/2009 26/04/2009  $      120
Sarena Twin Male 4/04/2009 10/05/2009  $      120
Southern Cross Twin Male 6/04/2009 10/04/2009  $      120
Belfa Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 11/04/2009 18/04/2009  $      160
Belfa Twin Ensuite Female 18/04/2009 2/05/2009  $      130
Tarina Twin  Female 21/04/2009 26/04/2009  $      120
Tarina Small Single Male or Female 1/05/2009 Onwards  $      120
Southern Cross Twin Male or Female 8/05/2009 Onwards  $      120
Belfa Twin Ensuite Male or Female 10/05/2009 Onwards  $      130
Challenge Crt Twin Ensuite Male or Female 11/05/2009 Onwards  $      130
Challenge Crt Twin Male/Female 24/05/2009 Onwards  $      120
Tarina Twin  Female 24/05/2009 29/05/2009  $      120
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male or Female 30/05/2009 Onwards  $      130
Tarina Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 30/05/2009 Onwards  $      160
Southern Cross Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 1/06/2009 Onwards  $      160
Sarena Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 2/06/2009 Onwards  $      160
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male/Female 7/06/2009 Onwards  $      130
Sarena Twin Male/Female 7/06/2009 Onwards  $      120
Belfa Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 13/06/2009 10/10/2009  $      160
Advance Place  Twin Ensuite Male/Female 20/06/2009 Onwards  $      130
Belfa Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 20/06/2009 10/10/2009  $      160
Challenge Crt Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 20/06/2009 Onwards  $      160
Tarina Twin Male or Female 20/06/2009 Onwards  $        90
Tarina Double Bed  Male/Female/Couples 20/06/2009 Onwards  $      160
Belfa Twin Ensuite Female/Male 27/06/2009 Onwards  $      130
Challenge Crt Twin Male/Female 27/06/2009 Onwards  $      120
Challenge Crt Twin Male or Female 27/06/2009 Onwards  $      120
Challenge Crt Twin Male/Female 28/06/2009 Onwards  $      120
Challenge Crt Twin Ensuite Male or Female 6/07/2009 Onwards  $      130
Sarena Twin Male/Female 26/07/2009 Onwards  $      120
Sarena Twin Ensuite Male or Female 26/07/2009 Onwards  $      130
Sarena Twin Ensuite Male or Female 26/07/2009 Onwards  $      130
Tarina Twin Ensuite Male or Female 26/07/2009 Onwards  $      130
Tarina Twin Ensuite Male or Female 26/07/2009 Onwards  $      130
Southern Cross Twin  Male or Female 3/08/2009 Onwards  $      120

 You can see more photos at http://flickr.com/photos/gvqueensland/sets/72157608219650450/ .  Drop in and check with the Accommodation Office if you need more information.

Up and coming Event..Gold Coast!!

Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for the GOLD COAST weekend away on Feb 7th & 8th.

Australia’s Gold Coast is a fun and diverse city, offering an explosion of action packed days and fun filled nights enjoyed by more than 10.5 million visitors every year.  Featuring 70 kilometeres of sun, sand and surf at your doorstep Amp up the adrenaline with an early morning surf or a visit to one of the many theme parks. Nightlife options abound with chic bars and dance clubs fully complementing an exhilarating evening of entertainment.



Departing Global Village Noosa at 7:15am. Students will travel down to “Dream world” to enjoy a fun filled day in Australia’s favourite theme park!!!  Students will then be transported to their accommodation and have time for dinner and to prepare for the Gold Coast’s famous “Backpackers BIG night out”. This includes entry and drinks into the Gold Coast’s most popular nightclubs!! 

 Please see Cassie if you would like to book your seat on this sure to be crazy weekend away!!!

GV Noosa Facebook Page

Stay in touch!  Appear slightly more popular to your friends!….Join our Facebook page!






GV Noosa Facebook Page

If you have any photos that you’d like to include, please go ahead and load them up!

Friday Jobs!

Finished with the holiday period and ready to get into some work?  Check out the following vacancies!






Pool cleaning / lawnmowing – Mature, fit person.  4 days per week.  0421 969 265

Cook – 4 days per week, will train if you are interested.  Small cafe in Noosa Junction.  5447 5188

Front of house – Exp staff required for busy Noosa cafe.  Weekends a must, no split shifts or weekends. Call Nicole on 0423 015 716

Cafe Assistant – Experienced person for counter and kitchen duties in Noosaville cafe and sandwich bar.  Approximately 20 hours per week.  Call 5474 9549

Junior Kitchen Hand – Gusto Restaurant 5449 7144

Barista and Counter Staff – Coffee Club Coolum. Up to 35 hours per week. 0416 197 616

Bread Packer/Deliver Driver – Casual position, afternoon/evening work.  Approximately 20 hours per week.  Phone Essential Grain Bakery on 5455 6266

Bakery Sales Assistant – Weekend and morning work, Noosaville area.  Phone 0412 180 507

Domestic Cook – Family home in Sunrise Beach.  One or two nights per week. 3.30pm – 7.30pm, drivers license essential.  Call Debbie/Rita on 54480771

Gardening – General assistant to help owner with gardening and general maintenance.  4 hours per week, negotiable.  $15/hour.  Call John on 54490028

There’s also a couple of jobs on the notice board – don’t forget to check those out!  As always, ask Cassie if you need help with resumes etc.

Hip Hop & Percussion Workshop!!

Activity student’s musical skills were tested, when they participated in the Woodford Wind down Hip Hop and Percussion workshops last Friday. Local Hip Hop boys from Kleenbeats, showed students how to produce their very own Hip Hop music. This was then followed by a Percussion workshop, with Jamaican born Musician “Chicken George”. The afternoon turned out to be alot of  fun and very LOUD!

Don’t miss Fraser Island!

Noosa is on the doorstep of one of Australia’s great wilderness attractions, Fraser Island. If you only go on one trip while studying at GV Noosa, make sure it’s to Fraser!

Fraser Island stretches over 120 kilometers in length, and is 22 kilometers wide.  It is the largest sand island in the world.

The island is remarkable in many ways.  First among these is it’s natural beauty, with long white sand beaches, freshwater lakes (over 100 of them!), multi-coloured cliffs and ancient rainforests.

The most famous of the freshwater lakes is Lake McKenzie, which has absolutely crystal clear warm water and is wonderfully refreshing for swimming. 

Fraser is also famous for its population of dingoes.  the dingo is Australia’s native wild dog, and the population on Fraser is recognised as being pure-bred.  Be careful of the dingoes when you are on the island – they are not pets!

There are various accommodation options on the island, from luxury resort style to cheap-and-cheerful backpackers.  There are also options for camping.

You can read more about Fraser at these websites – http://www.fraserisland.net/ and http://www.epa.qld.gov.au/projects/park/index.cgi?parkid=1 .

Cassie has arranged a trip across to Fraser for the weekend of the 24th – 26th.  The trip is a two night stay, and covers all the major sites and attractions on the island.  Speak to Cass for more information!

Matthew Sad to Say Goodbye

After 24 weeks at GV Noosa Matthew Kim says it is too hard to leave.


“This school is so nice for me. The teachers are gorgeous, the students really funny and I love it because I could meet many foreign students and it was very good for my English. I love the Noosa weather and I could enjoy swimming and surfing because everyday is sunny. It was my first time abroad. I can’t forget this place.”

Dos Becky says, “Cool cat Matt in the hat gets the girls”. Goodbye Matthew we will miss your big smile”.

Welcome to our new Cambridge Students.

This Monday saw the start of our new Cambridge BEC, FCE and CAE courses, with lots of new students arriving from all over the world. We caught up with some of them enjoying the summer sunshine in the courtyard at morning break today. Look out for the Cambridge Welcome Barbecue this Friday afternoon – lots of great food, drinks and games, not to be missed!

Goodbye and Good Luck.

It is always hard to say goodbye to good friends!! Last Friday, unfortunately meant the last day for some Global Village Noosa Students.  While many students returned home, several students extended their Australian experience. They began the “work your way around Australia” program. This amazing program offers students the chance to gain employment, by working on farms around Australia. It is a great opportunity and we wish them a fantastic time.

cass-0031                                                      Patrick, Claude, Emi, Anna, Cass & Natasha.

Volleyball on Noosa Main Beach

In the week leading up to Christmas students took advantage of the perfect Noosa weather to enjoy a game of beach volleyball down on Noosa Main Beach, which is just a short walk away from school and one of the most popular spots in town for all sorts of beach and water sports.

Volleyball on Noosa Main Beach

Volleyball on Noosa Main Beach

A perfect day in Noosa

A perfect day in Noosa

How did you spend New Years Eve?

Many students travelled to Sydney, however there was lots of fun around Noosa and Brisbane also.

Remy, Francisco, teacher Suzy, Pearl and Steve
Remy, Francisco, teacher Suzy, Pearl and Steve









Remy went to Brisbane and watched the fireworks over the river. Francisco had a busy evening working in an icecream shop at Noosaville and then went down to the Noosa River to watch the fireworks and party with his friends. Pearl had a special dinner with her friends in the student house and Steve had a party with his friends and then watched the sun rise over the ocean at Sunrise Beach.