Beauty and the beasts!

It was supposed to be just a facial makeover competition, what followed…

was anything but. The contestants started at 12:20 in the classroom as their classmates eagerly dressed them up. At 12:45 it kicked off with a “walk off” as the contestants went up and down the cat walk. Next the contestants were asked some question as they were judged for their looks and ended with a “dance off”. First place was shared between Cinderella and Geraldine! Best class effort went to Elementary B.

One thought on “Beauty and the beasts!

  1. Guys (or should I say ladies?) this was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Thank you to Uta and Sabrina for organising it. I think the judges were bribed though, my favourite was ‘Tank’ for sure. 🙂 Becky

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